Features of Event Apps That Will Help You Increase the ROI of Your Event in 2023

It is a common misconception among marketers and event planners that everything has to be flawlessly planned and performed on the day of the event.

That is partly accurate.

Beginning on the first day of the marketing campaign, your visitors and stakeholders are fully committed to the event. They are closely monitoring the smoothness of the onboarding procedure and the level of communication that exists before the event. After all, how well your event is received will depend on how it begins.

After all, first impressions matter, and these capabilities of the Eventify app enable you to make the best possible ones.

1. Tickets for events

All of your ticketing requirements are met by Eventify’s event ticketing solution.

Using the dashboard, you may make waitlists and produce tickets based on guest confirmation. This automates the guest list import and saves time and resources from having to manually track confirmations and cancellations.

You may add your own custom domain and brand assets, such as logos and taglines, to the tickets using Eventify’s event ticketing app functionality. Furthermore, you may use the dashboard to onboard exhibitors in addition to guests. Eventify has created separate exhibitor portals with virtual mapping capabilities just for exhibitors.

Consider it to be pricey? Rethink it. All significant overhead expenses are eliminated with the Eventify event ticketing platform. Ticketing is always more economical as a result of this cost decrease.

It is possible to incorporate additional savings, promo codes, and deals prior to selling your tickets straight through the platform.

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