SpotMe and Wordly AI collaborate to bring live translations to events

SpotMe, the audience-favorite enterprise event platform, is happy to announce a new partnership with Wordly AI, the largest AI translation solution for meetings and a leading AI-powered live translation and captioning tool for any event format.

“We are eager to begin working with SpotMe and help make events more inclusive and interesting for everyone. A mix of strong event management tools and simple collaboration alternatives is the key to enabling cross-border collaboration that is effective for global enterprises. SpotMe + Wordly offers a fantastic solution to address both issues, according to Dave Deasy, CMO at Wordly.

“This partnership will enable our customers to design truly international events that appeal to a variety of audiences. SpotMe now offers real-time captions and audio translations in over 30 languages by utilizing Wordly’s cutting-edge AI technology. According to Wojciech Krawiec, VP Product at SpotMe, “Our relationship with Wordly further confirms our dedication to overcoming language barriers and building meaningful connections in the events business.

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