Mistakes To Avoid With Hybrid Events In 2023

The best of both the actual and virtual worlds are combined in hybrid events, which have become the new standard. However, holding a hybrid event in the same manner as a live or virtual event might have a negative effect on your business and low participant satisfaction.

To help you create a great event, we’ve highlighted the top 9 hybrid event blunders that savvy event planners avoid in this post.

preceding the event
Not providing a compelling reason for potential online attendees to attend
The newest innovation in the world of corporate events is hybrid events. Both the event planners and guests are unfamiliar with it. So it makes sense that prospective virtual participants would be wary of it.

Give them clear directions on how to participate, discuss the advantages of attending the event electronically, and demonstrate how they will receive the same benefits as participants who are in person to persuade them.

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