The 3 Greatest Hybrid Event Practices We Discovered During COVID

COVID- Operations were hampered by 19, and live events were hardly an exception. University, FinTech, and non-profit board meeting organisers have to immediately stop in-person meetings and look for alternatives. They quickly mastered the art of modifying already-in-use virtual platforms and communication resources to set up online gatherings that keep participants linked.

The comeback of in-person events has now combined with the virtual strategy, establishing hybrid events across all verticals. Organizations may offer an engaging experience that is unrivalled by conventional in-person events by using hybrid events to reach wider audiences.

Event planners learnt crucial insights as they experimented out virtual meetings in the industry and later conducted hybrid events after the pandemic subsided. We have put together best practises for managing next-level hybrid events to assist you in providing engaging experiences regardless of where your attendees are located.

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