Augmented Reality

Today, no event can be imagined without a storyboard, whether it is a virtual or a live event. Especially in virtual events, storyboards have become a key driver for successful events. 

 Storyboards for virtual events are substantially different from the plan of onsite physical events.  Virtual events have certain limitations but also tremendous opportunities that were more difficult in physical events. 3 brief examples are below:

  • Content Co-creation: Give thousands of participants access to joint working-rooms, canvases
  • Data-based Networking: With a longer data footprint of users in a digital platform, networking recommendations become more relevant
  • Integration of live and On-demand Content: Curate engaging content with a more or less unlimited spectrum and depth around key themes

The key question is how to integrate a continuous journey through content, community, and commercialization. To plan successful storyboards in Events.Studio, please contact us. 

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