Tascam SERIES 102i 10 IN/2 OUT USB Audio/MIDI Interface

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Brand Tascam
Connectivity Technology USB
Number of Channels 8
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.3 x 6.3 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight 3 Pounds

  • Two transparent, natural-sounding, ultra-low noise Tascam Ultra-HDDA mic Preamplifiers
  • One Optical S/MUX expansion port that accepts up to 8 channels of audio input (10 total inputs)
  • 2 ¼-inch analog outputs and dual headphone outputs for versatile monitoring
  • Built-in effects: reverb, compressor, 4-band EQ
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Expandability, both internal and bundled effects processing, internal mixing, external software control, and more for studio, home, and live recording. With a new look, including an angled tabletop design and large, easy-to-grab knobs, Tascam sets a new standard for mid-grade audio interfaces.

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  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k / 192k Hz
  • Quantization Bit Rate: 16 / 24-bit
  • Power: DC 12V (AC Adapter PS-P1220E included)
  • Power Consumption: 7.2 W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.32″ × 2.56″ × 6.30″
  • Weight: 2.43 lbs


10 IN/2 Out USB Audio/MIDI Interface

The TASCAM SERIES audio interface family provides professional quality. Expandability, both internal and bundled effects processing, internal mixing, external software control, and more for studio, home, and live recording. With a new look, including an angled tabletop design and large, easy-to-grab knobs, TASCAM sets a new standard for mid-grade audio interfaces.

  • Two XLR/TRS combo mic/line/instrument inputs
  • Two transparent, natural-sounding, ultra-low noise TASCAM Ultra-HDDA mic preamplifiers
  • One optical S/MUX expansion port that accepts up to 8 channels of audio input (10 total inputs)
  • 2 ¼-inch analog outputs and dual headphone outputs for versatile monitoring
  • Built-in effects: reverb, compressor, 4-band EQ
  • Includes Steinberg DAW software and IK Multimedia world-class guitar effects/modeling and mastering software
  • USB 2.0 connection and custom USB driver with high stability





Supreme Audio Fidelity

It all starts with the best sound: TEAC and TASCAM have more than 60 years of high grade audio design experience. TASCAM Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Amplifier) mic preamp circuitry ensures transparent natural tone with ultra-low noise.

24-bit/192 kHz

A new-generation TASCAM audio interface engine delivers high-definition, 24-bit/192 kHz recording and solid stability.

Expandable input capability to grow into

Easily add more input channels to accommodate future growth by using external microphone preamplifiers with S/MUX optical inputs to record drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals, and more. Each S/MUX optical port can accept up to 8 channels of audio input from an ADAT- or S/MUX-compatible device.

Well-designed interface for quick production

TASCAM SERIES audio interfaces feature a large, easy-to-grab Monitor control knob that ensures you can quickly adjust the monitor output level. Their angled tabletop design offers easy access to all front-panel controls. A handy Monitor Balance control enables mixing live input with computer playback for zero-latency monitoring. Each analog input channel is served by an individually switched +48 volt phantom power supply for condenser microphones.



For more than 30 years, TASCAM has developed products for every segment of the sound and music industry. From the high-end audio professional in a major post-production studio to the novice or hobbyist at home, TASCAM is everywhere. We are a company committed to providing our customers audio/video solutions that enable breakthroughs by using sound in ways that are as exciting as they are accessible. In short, we provide tools that let people translate their creativity into reality.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 7.3 × 6.3 × 2.6 cm
Item Weight

3 pounds

Product Dimensions

7.3 x 6.3 x 2.6 inches

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Date First Available

January 24, 2019

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10 reviews for Tascam SERIES 102i 10 IN/2 OUT USB Audio/MIDI Interface

  1. Matthew Rogofsky

    iPad Air 4th Generation Audio InterfaceHonestly this sat stored away for couple of years until I finally broke it out and tried to get it working again,I was having major latency issues,it wasn’t the Tascam it was my many DAW’S and apps on my iPad,see there is no single switch that globally changes buffer settings,you have to go to every app and change it manually,sometime several times because one app may be controlling another,but now it works and I couldn’t be more pleased!

  2. Carlos

    Mejor de lo que esperabaLa calidad del producto es inigualable, además que es sólido de verdad. Se siente muy profesional para ser de sólo dos entradas. Nada que ver con la competencia ni de cerca. El rango dinámico es superior también.

  3. j.hexx

    Comes with alot of featuresI recieved this item in top shape overnight. After opening the box i found set up to be easy and straight forward, and was up and running in a few minutes. The unit is high quality and has a good weight to it, and the latency is very low at around 5 ms.The quality of the preamps are very clean. Mic pres hit at 58 db. I made a few great recordings with a Akg Perception 220 and it sounds great! I can get a great recording at around 50 to 65 percent mic volume.I would recomend this interface for serious Daw recording, The quality for the cost is impressive!

  4. J. Young

    OutstandingIt’s an outstanding piece of equipment, the nice thing is it has a phantom power switch for each channel. Not everything need phantom power and phantom power can potentially harm a mic that doesn’t require phantom power. It also has dual headphone jacks which is nice, and a monitor volume knob that is large so you can’t accidently turn the wrong knob.

  5. A. Meyer

    Terrible Customer Service from TascamI was having issues with this unit. It would not function, so I called Tascam customer service and was spoken to by one of the most standoffish, impatient, curt and arrogant people ever. Don’t expect to be treated with dignity if you call them for advice. A total tun off, so I now swear off all Tascam products for good. My equipment didn’t work and the manufacturer did nothing to help.

  6. Risolasicr

    Fácil de usar en ipad proDe momento no me ha fallado,no tengo queja alguna en cuestión de segundos conecto al iPad y ya se puede grabar sin configuraciones complicadas. El ruido de fondo es muy bajo y puede que la causa sean los cables que uso,probaré con unos de mejor calidad.

  7. austin

    Easy to set upGreat sound have them connected to some Adam audio T7V sounds amazing and easy to connect to FL studio

  8. Todd Lorenz

    DOABased on a few YouTube reviews, I had high hopes for this interface. It appeared to be a tremendous value. However, the inputs simply didn’t function. I know my microphones and cords work; I made sure by testing them on my old interface after the Tascam failed.Trying their tech support wasn’t an option. Their hours are the same as my job.This was horribly disappointing. Poor quality control, I suppose.

  9. Malu

    Series 102i: Headphone outputs were muffled on right channel, everything else was amazing…The software-hardware is the least-talked about feature in reviews online. A lot of the processing is moved to the unit itself which frees your PC’s resources. This works especially well for live performances of any type (and saves cleaning up audio in post-production). While some people may be skeptical about the unit requiring a dedicated power brick, this is good for laptop and small-board PCs: sending power AND data down a USB cable can mess up audio equipment (pops, crackles, distortion) and in this case the unit can send clean data down via just the single USB cable and take power from the brick (note: the brick’s cable is super short, as it is looped at the tip with a choke, much shorter than the length you think!).The monitor outputs are great (on the back). The dials are all premium feeling. Some users report it is not enough gain to power some mics, but mine (AT2020, PodMic) worked great!All in all this unit would have been great…PLEASE THOROUGHLY TEST AND INSPECT YOUR UNIT!!- My first unit: all of the receptacles/ports were askew or just wrong. Both headphone monitor outputs were louder/clean/crisp on the left channel but horribly muffled and soft on the right channel (tested with 4 different headphones and also measuring with a Y-splitter to split the left and right channels; ended up looking at just over 8dB in difference between the ears!). Left it at 50% for over 12 hours and no amount of “burn-in” helped balance the headphone ear levels.- the back MIDI out port was horribly malformed, like the plastic had melted or been bashed around…- the unit itself came in the retail box (no Amazon cardboard box!) wrapped in a flimsy half-opened plastic bag; also the unit’s retail box has NO seal tape. I have not claimed the bundled software licenses yet, but there is literally nothing stopping someone from just opening the box and stealing the keys or the entire contents of the box! I want to know if this was a cost-saving or environmental choice, or just plain “we don’t care”.I requested an exchange with Amazon and was informed I would be billed for the new unit if I did not ship the first one back. After extensive testing to ensure I was not crazy about the dB differences between the headphone ports, I boxed up the old one (in an actual cardboard box! wow!) and brought it back to a dropoff depot.My replacement unit seems to still be in limbo (unshipped, confirming) and I have no confirmation from Amazon that they have received my defective unit (and therefore I won’t be stuck paying for 2 units).Last note: I confirmed via serial number my unit was indeed manufactured in 2021. With the semiconductor shortage, I am strongly concerned the units produced this year might be made with recycled or inferior parts… Hence why quality control was out the window with this “brand new off the factory line” device was so bad…Hoping my replacement unit is a better one!!

  10. Yves Morissette

    Qu’il fonctionne ça serait un débutLa carte de son est arrivée chez moi il y a 3 semaines et je viens de me rendre compte que la balance pour les moniteurs ne fonctionne pas. Donc je dois la retourner et je suis très très déçu de ne pouvoir parler à quelqu’un en français, ça fait des heures que j’essaie d’avoir une personne et on parle juste en anglais et on raccroche la ligne je veux porter plainte

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