Tascam DP-008EX 8-Track Digital Pocketstudio Multitrack Recorder

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Tascam DP-008EX 8-Track Digital Pocketstudio Multitrack Recorder Gives high quality eight mono tracks recording. With two built-in omni-directional condenser microphones directly in the front, this compact battery-powered multitrack recorder is optimally designed for on-the-spot recording. Input A can connect high-impedance instrument directly to record vocals or acoustic guitar anytime without the need for extra equipment or set-up time. With the analogue feel of dedicated Independent level/pan/reverb send knobs for each track, built-in chromatic tuner and metronome and an ultra lightweight design, this Pocketstudio is one of the simplest to use song writing scratchpad on the market. It has two inputs by phone jack to connect an external microphone, an electric-acoustic guitar or a line-level device like a synthesizer. All song ideas can be transferred via USB 2.0 or SD card readers to and from the unit at any point in the recording process. Basic editing functions are also available.

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26 March 2013



10 reviews for Tascam DP-008EX 8-Track Digital Pocketstudio Multitrack Recorder

  1. mossite

    Einfach genial
    Vielleicht bin ich Old School, aber ich komme mit der Aufnahme über Cubase am Computer nicht klar. Ich hatte viele Jahre einen Boss BR1200 Multitracker, der ist allerdings riesig.Jetzt habe ich dem kleinen Tascam DP008 Ex eine Chance gegeben und bin wirklich begeistert. Brauche in der Regel 2-4 Spuren und dafür ist dieses kleine Kästchen ideal. Wenn man sich in die Bedienung mal reingefuchst hat, dann ist es eigentlich logisch und einfach.Die verbauten Mikrophone sind sehr brauchbar und man kann so überall aufnehmen. Egal wo man ist. Einfach eine Aufnahme starten. Es kann immer nur 1-2 Spur aufgenommen werden. Das ist aber ja auch Sinn des Trackers. Ich könnte also auf die eine Spur den Gesang mit einem Mic legen und auf die andere zb eine Gitarre oder ähnliches.Das ganze kann dann komplett im Gerät abgemischt und gemastert werden. Mir reichen diese Möglichkeiten vollkommen aus. Wer mehr möchte, könnte die einzelnen Tracks dann in eine Software auf dem Computer exportieren und dort alles zusammen mischen.Ich bin bis jetzt absolut zufieden mit dem kleinen Tascam. Für meine Anforderungen reicht er definitiv aus.

  2. roberto v.

    Ottimo registratore : versatile, di ottima qualita’ audio e semplice da utilizzare.
    Ho acquistato il Tascam DP-008EX per avere a disposizione 8 tracce per le registrazioni con il mio Akai EWI (Wind Controller). Ero indeciso tra un’altro prodotto e il Tascam, ma alla fine ho optato per questo registratore per la sua semplicita’ di gestione. Non ho dovuto neppure aprire il manuale (se non per la gestione del Punch IN-OUT) perche’ tutti i menu’ sono intuitivi, cosi’ come le varie funzioni.E’ possibile registrare 8 tracce e per le mie necessita’ sono piu’ che sufficienti. In teoria si potrebbe fare il mixdown da registratore (lo facevo sulla versione 4 tracce) ma la comodissima funzione di esportazione delle tracce in wav consente di portarle su PC per poter fare il mix in maniera piu’ precisa anche con programmi semplici come Audacity. Non uso le funzioni di equalizzazione, reverbero, compressore ecc perche’ il missaggio finale e il mastering lo faccio su PC. Pero’ preferisco ancora registrare su Hardware per evitare problemi di latenza e complicazioni tipiche delle DAW e il Tascam in questo offre tutta la sua versaltilita’ : accendi, crei la song, regoli i livelli evitando il clipping, registri, esporti tutto sul PC e infine fai il mix, l’equalizzazione, eventuale compressione e mastering finale. In poco tempo ti ritrovi il brano finito in qualita’ professionale. Il tutto in uno spazio ridottissimo e con un hardware che si presenta con un aspetto gradevole sia come estetica che come materiali.

  3. Daniel Davinci

    Excellent Portable Studio with Great Output
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     I bought this recorder just for the sake of laying down a guitar bassline, rhythm and lead. In essence, I only needed 3 tracks, or 4 at most but I thought I’d go all out and treat myself to eight to future proof myself. I’m now using it predominantly in my Korg Volca setup in which I record directly to the Tascam in order to compose videos for youtube. It’s a much better solution than simply playing aloud and recording via an ipad or phone.The build quality, although plastic is solid. Very robust, though it wouldn’t resist a drop. The knobs have a pleasing rubber texture to them and they turn very smoothly.This is one of those things where by if you sit down with a cup of coffee and read and take time to enjoy the manual, operation will become a breeze. Before then, the menus might seem a bit intimidating. True to the old adage; ‘It’s easy when you know how’, this case is no exception. There’s several options for inputs and input types and the like which may be confusing at first, but you’ll become accustomed to them. Oddly, as someone who knows their way around this unit now, the biggest mistake I make is the most obvious one – pressing record on the track on which I want to hear sound and record on. So, the menu and menu diving can be a bit cumbersome at first, but you’ll get used to it. The buttons are a good feel and the ‘clicking’ jog wheel is smooth and steady.The onboard reverb is a nice touch and works very well. There’ dedicated knobs for the reverb on each channel. You just need to remember that reverb is added (if a dial is up) if you’ve already got rever applied in your signal chain, though sometimes a double helping of reverb works well. With this in mind, it’s best to have your monitoring gear (monitors or headphones) connected to the Tascam rather than monitoring from a mixer. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting – or close to.The mixdown and mastering features stand as a testament that this is a proper studio recording device. In this regard, what you hear is not what you get. You get better after mastering. It really helps to bring out the sound. You can preview the mastered sound too with the rehearsal function. Once you’ve finished recording, you play / record through the track and you apply any changes in volume / reverb on-the-fly. Most importantly, you can select what tracks are actually playing. Once happy, you enter Master mode and once again it runs through the track and the machine does it’s own magic to make a better, more concise, quality mix.The screen is a bright orange and very legible. It displays clearly the signal in the form of a bar and it shows which channel the signal is coming through. There’s a dedicated bar on the display for each channel and a Left / Right indicator. The counter is big enough to be clear, featuring minutes, seconds and milliseconds.Bonuses include; phantom power for getting juice into microphones, metronome and tuner.I’m really pleased with my purchase and I feel it was well worth the money. If it holds up, I feel this will last me a lifetime (of what’s left) for my needs and potential future needs (a band!?). I’ve got 5 tracks free afterall!Thoroughly recommended!My video is a Korg Volca jam recorded with the Tascam DP-008EX, mixed and mastered!

  4. K.H.

    Das Gerät ist gut für Anfänger und auch für Semiprofi Aufnahmen geeignet.
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     Hallo Musikliebhaber Künstler Bands Liederschreiber Sänger.Möchte hier mal meinen Eindruck (ganz persönlich und nur meine Meinung)überden Tascam DP-008 EX Spur Audio Recorder abgeben.Der Recorder ist nicht schlechtaber auch nicht wirklich gut,er liegt irgendwo in der Mitte.Der Klang ist brauchbarund die Effekte kann man nutzen muß aber nicht.Das Gerät ist gut für Anfängerund auch für Semiprofi Aufnahmen geeignet.Ich selber erstelle hiermit eigeneLieder Ideen und singe oft auch die Texte ein.Das abmischen und exportierenals wav Datei erspare ich mir meistens weil es doch ziemlich umständlich ist.Es geht aber.Ich lass die von mir aufgenommenden Spuren die vorher in den jeweiligenSpur Potis geregelt werden einfach abspielen und regele den Rest mit der MasterLautstärke.Alles wir dann mit dem Boss Micro BR in 24 Bit aufgenommen,danach abauf den Laptop.Spart viel Zeit und Nerven und klingt wirklich gut.Im zweiten Teil gehe ich dann noch ein wenig in die Tiefe der Menüs.Bis dann!Richi.h.artist singer writer composerBremen Germany

  5. Sergio

    4 stelle perchè non esiste un registratore come piace a me
    Come tutti i dispositivi di questo genere e di altre marche, la qualità è ottima, ma la gestione dei menu è imbarazzante. O lo si usa spesso fino a prenderne confidenza, se invece lo si usa occasionalmente , ogni volta si deve stare attenti a cosa si pigia. E’ necessario consultare il manuale di uso. Attrezzo non intuitivo, ma come detto, pari ad altri marchi concorrenti.

  6. roge

    Great device for recording quality demos.
    Great machine. Happy with it for what I want to use it for, recording quality demos, love the internal stereo mics feature, quality is great. But pfaffy transferring stuff over to the computer having to mess about with the processes for the SD card, it could probably do with a small amount of internal memory itself in the machine, and then the option to save to the SD for more space or to transfer. Other than that, pretty good. Not sure if I’d venture to record more complex layering and bouncing down, probably stick to a studio or home recording set up for that on computer.Great as a starter as well though. NB, I always prefer slider than knobs, if am fussy.

  7. Matsu


  8. A. Dalling

    Great for gettin on the fly recordings down
    Does what it says, great little box for recording, ideas , seems to eat through batteries so I’d get rechargeable or a power adapter.



  10. Adrián Rey

    Previos ruidosos
    Necesitaba algo para grabar fuera de casa sin necesidad de llevar un ordenador. El Tascam DP-008DP tiene un tamaño ideal, es un dispositivo muy completo y fácil de usar. Para trabajar con él recomiendo adquirir un adaptador de corriente, porque las pilas duran poco si usas micrófono de condensador. La decepción vino al meter en el ordenador la tarjeta con las tomas vocales registradas con este portastudio. Los previos de micrófono son demasiado ruidosos y el “hiss” de fondo me pareció un motivo más que suficiente para devolver este artículo.

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