SYMA X600W Foldable Drone with 1080P HD FPV Camera for Adults, RC Quadcopter for Kids Beginners, with Headless Mode, Altitude

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Weight 458 kg
Dimensions 27.31 × 5.51 cm


Product Dimensions

‎28.19 x 27.31 x 5.51 cm; 458 Grams


2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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‎Remote Control

Item Weight

‎458 g



Date First Available

3 August 2021



10 reviews for SYMA X600W Foldable Drone with 1080P HD FPV Camera for Adults, RC Quadcopter for Kids Beginners, with Headless Mode, Altitude

  1. Cristal’s Favourite

    Good quality and Value
    If you’re wondering if you should get this drone, YES you should! I love how budget friendly it is as well as the camera quality is clear in comparison to others in its price range. I shot my first video with it on my college campus and all the colors were even more vibrant when replaying the video through their app. Did I mention that this connects to your phones easily! Another reason why I love this brand drone is because it came with a back up battery so when one dies I can easily replace it and keep recording. Shipping was super fast. The drone came with extra blades too so if you get it stuck in a tree (like I did at first) and one gets broken, you can replace it easily.

  2. Misty Barrett

    Easy to fly!
    We enjoy this drone. It’s easy to fly and learn but a little lightweight so it tends to carry itself with the wind. Overall we will enjoy learning to fly it more.

  3. Odean Olinda

    My first successful drone flights ever! So Happy! Its virtually indestructible!
    I absolutely love this one, its bigger than the really small ones I have bought for my grandkids, and easier to use. The learning curve is easy, as there are multiple ways to do the same function. I used what I thought was the easiest for me. I love the hover function, and how easy it is to land. I live on the water, so the second time I flew it, it was probably a little too windy and I should have known better (because my husband told me not so.) but I’m a big kid and I did it anyway. I let the drone get too far away from me and I think the wind took it when I tried to land, I almost made it to shore, except I didn’t. No worries, I did have to jump in the bay to rescue my totally submerged drone…ugh! I turned everything off and took out the battery, at home I rinsed in fresh water (drone not the battery) then took the blow dryer to it. I dried the battery, (it comes with two) and everything works fine, and I didn’t have to tell my husband he was right…even better! Also, this is actually my first ever successful drone flight, we have lost a total of 3 of the smaller ones so far. This one does take a beating, I managed to get it stuck in a tree and I just wanted it down so i kept messing with the propeller function until it fell out of the tree. Amazing nothing was broken, I slammed into several other obstacles, and I was amazed no damage! This is definitely one to learn on. I plan on getting a bigger one I can fly over the ocean to look for sharks on the shoreline. Equipped with camera also you just have to download the app; you can use the remote or your phone to fly. I only used remote for starters, which is fine for this one. but I think the phone is probably the best to use when you upgrade, so this is perfect to learn the phone control functions, apparently, they are all similar.

  4. Amber Sharniece

    This is a super fun Gadget!
    I had so much fun learning how to fly this drone. After landing it in my neighbors yard, lol i finally got the hang of it! It’s a cool little gadget!

  5. AskAuntiePaige

    Fun drone at a great price point for a beginner
    My husband is a licensed professional drone pilot so flying a drone for fun isn’t his idea of “fun”. We live on the Mississippi River and I always want him to take drone shots of the cool things we see. Plus it isn’t always worth the risk to take the drone we use for our business up. I’ve been wishing for a smaller drone that I could play with and use for hobby purposes. The drone looks much higher end than the price point. We have had drones that cost several thousands of dollars so I’m familiar with the higher end stuff and can say that this one has the things I hoped for.This little drone from SYMA was such a great fit for what I needed. I was able to fly it straight out of the box…no seriously I flew it in the house and got chastised by my husband. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the instructional videos are the best way to understand the directions as the written directions are a little confusing.It comes with two batteries which are sufficient for the kind of quick shots I need to get for my personal use and for my blog. I flew it in super cold weather as a test and the batteries did fine!

  6. Sylvia Gaspar

    Fun and easy!
    Bought this for our grandson. He loved it. However, two of the rotors were a bit stiff. I returned it. The return department did a great job-a 5+-in sending us a new one quickly. I had received a pop-up in regard to the satisfaction of their return and shipment of the replacement. I accidentally hit the One Star. It should have been a 5 Star. I do hope the correction is made.

  7. Sean Garison

    An OK drone
    Got this for my son for Christmas this year – he is a teenager. It’s relatively small and works well and he was able to get it flying without any trouble. I’d say this is a very basic model – it’s light so you may have some trouble if it’s breezy. The video is not very good so if you’re getting it for that purpose I’d find something else.

  8. Tracy Jurowicz

    Inexpensive, durable, great camera and easy to use
    This was my first drone. There was minor assembly to do and they gave you the tools to do it. It’s super easy to pair and if you play video games it’s super easy to fly. I don’t do it took me some tries but i got it. It’s very durable for how small it is. They give you extra blades if you need them. So far after i have crashed it tons of times i have not needed it. The camera is very sharp and you can see very well. It has a phone clip so you can clip your phone right on it.

  9. Brian H

    Not worth the money!
    I guess for the price, I shouldn’t have expected more. But this being my first drone, the learning curve was far more than expected and was definitely not helped by the very unhelpful instructions included. I still can’t get the camera to work and can’t figure out how to connect to it. I’ve googled it, watched videos, and poored over the instructions but there is nothing in them about how to connect the camera. Learning to operate the drone itself took several attempts to get it. I also downloaded the app on my IPhone and can’t get it to work in lieu of the remote control. Nor can I get the remote control to do the stunts that the advertisement and instructions talk about. If you just want to fly a drone around (up, down, back and forth) for 10 to 12 minutes without pics, video, or stunts, this is ok. But the fact that I can’t connect to the camera or the IPhone app makes it not worth the price in my estimation. I’m sorry I didn’t spend more to get something that worked better.

  10. R Chambers

    The safety mode didn’t land when it got to far away but this drone got stuck in a tree for 1 month with rain and snow. The wind blew it down one day and I put in a fresh battery and it worked just fine.

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