SYMA Drone with 1080P FPV Camera,Optical Flow Positioning,Tap Fly,Altitude Hold,Headless Mode,3D Flips,2 Batteries 40mins Flying

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SYMA EX300 Remote Control Drone with 1080P HD Camera—Your best travel partner!


HD Camera FPV Transmission: 1080P HD Camera helps to capture high-quality video and clear aerial photos. FPV Wi-Fi Transmission, for the high-quality real-time image transmission, you can share the incredible scenery to friends.

Optical Flow Positioning: Positioning by optical sight, which makes height measurement and positioning, makes aerial images more stable.

Custom Flight Path: Design a flight path on the App page and the drone will fly along the path you set.

APP Control System: You can not only control this FPV drone by remote control but also control it by Syma APP.

Speed Adjustment: 2 speed modes (low/high) make this suitable for beginners and experts. You could even try switching different speed modes when the drone is in flight for more fun.

Headless Mode: Under headless mode, the orientation of the drone is in relation to the pilot you can fly without worry the direction especially when the drone is out of sight. When the drone in low power, the drone will send alert to remind you fly back.

One Key Start / Landing: Take control quickly and easily with one key takeoff and landing, with Altitude Hold, the drone can in the air steadily than similar on the market, perfect for beginners.

Additional information

Weight 730 kg
Dimensions 18.49 × 8.71 cm


Product Dimensions

‎18.49 x 18.49 x 8.71 cm; 730 Grams


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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Mirror Adjustment

‎Remote Control



Item Weight

‎730 g



Date First Available

27 June 2020



10 reviews for SYMA Drone with 1080P FPV Camera,Optical Flow Positioning,Tap Fly,Altitude Hold,Headless Mode,3D Flips,2 Batteries 40mins Flying

  1. Katieg33

    Fun drone, good quality phtos
    Disclaimer: I own a DJI Mavic Pro, and started out with a Holy Stone quadcopter. I’ve flown smaller ones like the DJI Spark, which is similar in size. I would say that for the price, this is a five-star drone. You get a lot for $80.Pros:Small manageable size – the drone is large enough to make it feel like a nice machine, but small enough, especially when folded, to port around, which is nice because it lends itself to easy travel. You can also easily launch it and land it from and on your hand.Robust and reasonably crash proof – The blade guards seemed kind of flimsy, and didn’t stay on well, so I flew without them. The drone handled test crashes well. The propellers held up well, with only some minor scrapes after hitting the ground and nearby trees. The copter simply hit the ground and the arms folded in on impact.Quiet – The drone has a relatively quiet sound, and isn’t too loud. I could talk to those next to me while flying without having to raise my voice while the copter was only a few feet away.Auto-flip function – This is fun. When executed, the drone flips in your specified direction, rolling quickly left, right, forward or backward and returning to hovering once completed. The flip function does not work once the battery drops below a certain percentage.LED lights for battery and connectivity – These are easy to see when on the ground and display info about the battery when charging or low, and connectivity when first powered on. The rear lights are green, and the ones in the front are red, but they can be hard to see in daylight once it gets more than about 30 feet away.Good range. I flew the drone about 70 or 80 feet away laterally without any problems, and about 40 feet up before coming down for fear of wind gusts. It worked fine, with no noticeable latency.Headless Mode – Great function for learning pilots, especially for a drone like this that has no camera feed. However, the instructions are quite confusing on how to engage this and it took me a solid 5 minutes of fiddling with the controls to get it to work. To get this to work, take off, hold the button at the top left of the controller until it starts beeping, and then push the stick forward. The forward-facing direction will remain that relative forward until this function is disengaged.Tuning – This was easy to do, and I liked the tactility of the joystick buttons. I found it worked well.Camera usability- The quality is good, and it is fun to use. However, I’m kind of in the middle on this, which is why the camera is in both the pros and cons. It does provide an accurate view of what the drone sees, and I didn’t have almost any lag. The picture resolution was nice. It’s not super easy to use, but I was able to figure out most of the controls while flying.Battery: This had a nice battery life, with about 22 minutes of battery life to 1.5 hours charging time. I didn’t stream video, which I would imagine uses a bit more battery, bt for my medium intensity flight, I was very happy with the flight time, especially considering that they give you two batteries, which could give you about 45 minutes of flight time.Cons:Unstable/Jerky Camera – Because the camera is hard-mounted to the drone body, the video is very twitchy and jerky as the drone flies around and tilts, particularly when descending. The video became very shaky. I found myself more inclined to use the photo option over the video though, because of how unstable it was. I also found the field of view to be frustratingly narrow, and wanted a more upwards view from the drone.Instructions aren’t very clear – I found myself struggling to engage Headless mode, as well as set up the camera, one of the main selling points with this drone. I’ve found this is a common issue with Syma instructions, and it just makes the products a lot harder to use. There are occasional typos, and the layout is confusing.

  2. NJP

    Excellent first-timers drone
    Bought this drone in order to keep up with my grandson and his remote copter. Drone has worked our excellently. Easy to fly and, with my grandson’s guidance, I was doing flips the first time out.Excellent support from Syma when an issue arose. They were attentive and responsive. Problem was easily remedied and I was flying again in no time.

  3. Julie

    Lots of family fun!
    We love our drone! It even keeps our puppy Diesel busy! Highly recommend!

  4. Sally Smith

    Cheap almost viable drone from China
    It’s cheap. But hey if you are on a tight budget, seeking a camera drone, and don’t mind a lot of hassle this may work for you.What’s it look like? The design at a glance is quite rudimentary with cheap plastic. The battery door is clunky and the remote looks like a Radio Shack throwback. The drone looks like it was designed and built in China, oh wait it is!Does it function? Well, yeah I guess. It just took a lot of time deciphering the poorly translated Chinese to English. I mean, the convoluted directions to launch it didn’t help until I read it a few times and understood what they are trying to say.What about the companion app? OH BOY where do I start. There are a plethora of apps by Syma and no guarantee you’ll get the right one that works for your drone. They tell you to scan a QR code to get the link to the app. The links were all broken when I clicked them so that was a fail by Syma. The web site is a Chinese web site and the English translation is horrific. So finding he right app was trial and error. I ended up trying each of the apps. It took a frustrating 3 days to find the right app that worked on my X300. The correct app as of Jan 2021 is “Syma Fly” But make certain it is NOT “SYMA-FPV”, “SYMA GO+”, “SYMA AIR”, “SYMA FVP+”, “DRONE FPV+”, “My Syma”, “SkyThunder RC FPV”, “:Ultradrone Pro”, “Drone fly T2M”, or “Drone 3D”Did the camera work? You need the app which I mentioned above but there are caveats. The connection setup to the drone via the app is way to convoluted. I’m not sure if all drones work that way but the lack of directions is a HUGE problem. I only found out through reading reviews, deciphering the online Chinese web site, and trying things on my own. I’m not going to write instructions here, that’s what Syma should be doing for their customers. I’ll just say that connecting to the drone’s wifi is very complicated. I also have problems still, you need to make sure you phone doesn’t connect to a different wifi when your phone and drone loses wifi connection. Also, I’m not exactly sure how far the camera works since everyone and their Mom is using 802.11b. So best to use your camera and drone control features in rural or wide open parks.Does it fly well? Errr, um not really, unless…it is dead calm outside (no wind whatsoever). I’m not sure why but a little breeze will make this drone super squirrely. Also, the higher you go the less stable it is. I mean, it wigs out. Maybe it’s losing signal? Or maybe the sensors get confused? Just be very careful because if you go too high you’ll end up with a runaway drone and might never see it again. I chased it down a few blocks away when it ran away and fortunately found it in the middle of the street! I owned a cheaper drone before this one and flew it for years with some problems but not this bad. It sometimes seems like the farther away it goes it develops a mind of its own and starts flying randomly. I would say I haven’t been able to get it more than 30 feet high. I’ll keep trying in case it’s pilot error but this is nothing like high end drones in the hundreds $$$.I won’t elaborate too much on the rest but I do like the folding arms. The phone holder was also reliable.I’d say if you got money to throw around and, a LOT of patience, you might have fun flying this simple drone that actually flies, has a camera, and can even do stunts. Happy droning!

  5. Ash

    Amazing Drone!!!
    I love this drone, it is my 2nd drone from syma, but while the first one broke after a couple months, this one is staying intact! The quality of the plastic could be better, but it is still harder than the other drone. The only complaints I have are that the batteries for this one only last for 40 minutes while my old drones batteries lasted an hour and that the blades are too easy to break. Other than that, the drone is awesome, and even the app is connected, the video and photo quality is amazing! I would definitely recommend buying this awesome drone!

  6. Bimal Gyawali

    Awesome drone and great deal
    This drone is very nice. My kids really liked it. Its very easy to handle and fly. Great deal.

  7. Ashley Bourne

    Great drone!!
    We love this drone for all of our camping adventures. It’s easy to use and generates a clear picture! Definitely recommend!

  8. Sahian Castillo

    Buen producto
    Es pequeño y fácil de guardar porque las elices se mueven & se guardan, tiene para poner tu teléfono & puedes manejarlo también con el, si hay mucho viento ten cuidado la primera vez porque se mueve fácil!

  9. aceproduction

    Great drone at a fantastic price
    The SYMA x300 is an amazing entry level drone a price I was at first skeptical about. After all, you get what you pay for right? Not here….you get way more than you pay for. This drone packs feature that others don’t have at twice the price. The X300 comes with 2 batteries; the battery seems to go much longer than other drones. I think I got around 50 minutes of flying (25 minute per battery). Charge time is 1-2 hours per battery depending on the wattage of your plug. The remote is fantastic that comes with it. You can use it with or without your smart phone as the remote has an attachment arm that cradles your smart device for full screen action mode. The drone hovers at whatever height you set it to and you can take your hands off the control and it will sit stationary at the height the last input you gave it. So if you end up in a panic pilot situation, just let your thumbs off the joystick and it will stop in space. A feature that saves you from avoiding crashes and damage. On windy days, the trim is easy to adjust as well. So if you want to hover and the drone is blowing downwind, just push in the joystick and fly it against the wind for a second and you’re hovering in one spot. It’s that simple to tune it in any conditions. The input and responsiveness are spot on as well. Many drones in this price point will take a second or two to react to inputs instantly making the X300 an incredibly fun flying experience. One of the greatest features is a single button “return to earth feature.” Just hit the button once and the X300 drone descends to earth and pauses millimeters above the ground before a gentle touchdown. I highly recommend this as a trainer drone to stepping into more expensive models when you want to progress into more advanced features which come at a high price tag. Fly this for a couple of weeks and you’ll be glad you have the experience and confidence I gained immediately from my maiden flight. I plan to step up the SYMA X500 that a friend is flying now that I understand the basics of flight control. This will always be in my quiver for flying fun and for teaching new pilots the exciting world of remote drone flying. You won’t find a better drone in that “under $100 price point.”

  10. Derrickwith2rs

    Super compact
    I’ll start with saying this is an honest review and I’m not a professional drone enthusiast.I read all of the reviews before I ever got to operate it. I can tell you that I can’t agree with any of the negative remarks I read. So for starters, in my opinion, the coolest thing about this drone is that you can operate it with your smart phone or tablet. The control interface is overlain on the live feed from the camera. I feel like the phone control works just as well as the controller it comes with. You can actually draw a flight plan OBS the drone will follow it. That part is not so accurate, but it’s really cool. The camera was surprisingly better quality than I expected, but it’s definitely not 4k like you might be used to. I found it extremely easy to download the media I recorded on it and save it to my phone to edit. It seemed to have a decent range, but you have to be careful not to go too high and lose it. I found that it’s not very stable if there’s very much wind, that was a big downfall for me. You get two sets of blades and two batteries, I found that to be exceptional. The battery lasts around 20-25 minutes, so close to an hour of operation time is more than enough to do what you want to do with it. It has a 360 stunt flip mode, which I have never understood why drones have these, it seems a little pointless but it’s cool to see lol. I felt it was more fun to operate without the propeller guards, but they do come in handy until you learn how to operate it at a higher level. It folds up and can be transported very easily. This is a SUPER great gift idea and I’m looking forward to getting the x500.

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