Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth Technology (GTK-XB72) Black

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Brand Sony
Model Name GTKXB72
Speaker Type Corded Electric
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB, NFC
  • Boost your party anthems with extra bass and live sound mode
  • Boost your party with line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe. Power Consumption (in Standby)- 0.5 W
  • Unleash your pop Star with integrated microphone input. In the box: AC cord, operating instructions, Reference guide, quick set up guide, card
  • Set the speaker vertically or horizontally. Use the Xb72 to charge your smartphone or other small devices via USB connection.Tuning Range (FM):87.5-108 MHz/100 kHz
  • Connect more speakers with wireless party chain via Bluetooth. Seamless streaming with NFC and Bluetooth
  • Powered by standard 110V outlet for booming sound that lasts for the entire party. Pair up to three smartphones or tablets simultaneously using Bluetooth


Style:GTK-XB72  |  Color:Black Bring booming bass and powerful sound to the party with the XB72 high-powered one-box stereo system. Extra bass and live sound with vibrant LED lighting keep the party energy flowing. Unleash your inner pop Star with the integrated Mic input, add more speakers with wireless party chain, and charge your phone With the integrated USB port.

From the manufacturer

GTK-XB72, GTKXB72, XB72, GTK-XB72, Extra Bass, XB, Bluetooth, wireless, NFC, Bluetooth speaker,

Bring booming bass and powerful sound to the party.

High Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH Technology

Bring booming bass and powerful sound to the party.

Boost your party anthems with EXTRA BASS

Push the EXTRA BASS button to add some serious low-end power to your music. It works by reinforcing basslines to create deep, punchy bass. Simply press the button to activate the mode and be blown away by resounding bass


Vertical and horizontal setting

A flexible two-way setup gives you great sound, wherever you place the system. Set it up horizontally for a classic boombox feel or flip it upright if you’re short on space. A built-in sensor optimizes how sound is processed to stereo sound, whichever setup you choose.

Seamless streaming with NFC and Bluetooth

Streaming with NFC & Bluetooth

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth technology remove the need for wired connections and complex set-up sequences.

Multi device connection

Multi device connection

Pair up to three smartphones or tablets simultaneously using Bluetooth technology.

Customize your settings with the Sony | Music Center app

Customize your settings

With the Sony | Music Center app you can adjust audio settings, select your favorite playlists from your phone or a USB, and cue the next song.

Fun, easy control via the Fiestable app

Fun, easy control

The Fiestable app puts you in charge of the light colors and lets you activate DJ and karaoke modes. Make changes with a flick of your wrist..

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 17.19 × 16.42 cm
Product Dimensions

27.5 x 17.19 x 16.42 inches

Item Weight

20 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

April 14, 2019



10 reviews for Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth Technology (GTK-XB72) Black

  1. Noah D.

    For under $200 on sale I really can’t see anything beating it.Preface this by saying that I use Tidal for my Bluetooth music streaming and I own an XB-32Pros:-LDAC really does make all of the Sony speakers that utilize it sound better than almost any speaker out there on the optimized quality-Using the RCA Jacks for tv connection is great for everyday entertainment consumption great especially for sports and movies althought the stereo seperation is somewhat lacking for games-The lights are of course great even though I like the LED strip setup on the XB lineup instead of whatever they’re using here-Although I do want more bass out of the speaker with some songs it puts out more than enough for most people and will certainly shake your walls especially if you have it set up against your wall like I do-It’s loud but not to a ridiculous degree like I was expecting at least compared to my XB32. Alternating between the speaker clearly shows the 72 being louder but it is somewhat underwhelming considering just how huge the speaker is-I find the music center app great with some granular settings for me to mess with even though I can see it being annoying for people that prefer just interfacing with the speaker itselfTo sum up the pros, it’s loud bass heavy and very flashy (literally) which is exactly what people are looking for when they buy this speakerCons:-There can definitely be some distortion at higher frequency when blasting it but not to the degree where it would ruin the mood of a party-Live Sound is really just atrocious on this speaker which left me very disappointed after using it on the XB32 where it can sometimes be nice for songs lacking vocals-With how much Sony always advertises LDAC they really should explain to their customers how to actually enable it and probably utilize it. For example when I first paired it up I couldn’t use LDAC I had to go into the Bluetooth settings for the individual speaker and toggle a setting for it (using an S10+). I had to do the same for my XB32 but it completely went over my head and I imagine 90% won’t ever turn it on and actually take advantage of it-Yes it doesn’t have a battery which can be seen as a downside but for me at least I like having a speaker I don’t have to worry about charging not even including that the speaker is way too big to move around with a party. And the fact that the XB5,60,90 and this speaker don’t have any weather resistance doesn’t really set them up with a scenario where they’re going to be used in a setting with no wall outlet.-The USB port didn’t work for audio but I won’t really knock the speaker for it because I believe that’s an Android issue. However the charging speed of the port is so ridiculously slow I see no point in using it for that. My smaller and battery powered XB32 charges faster which is inexcusable.-I really think this speaker is huge just to make it look better than it really is which feels deceiving. I know a larger enclosure generally means louder “boomier” bass but sometimes the bass really is too much and sounds bad.

  2. Jordan

    Perfect for my home gym and my love for EDM. Not so perfect for multiple musical genres.I was looking for the perfect speaker for my home gym and went down the mysterious rabbit hole that surrounds audio technology. Watts, ohms, woofers, tweeters, it can be a little overwhelming if you’re the kind of person that obsessively searches for the perfect thing (guilty).Overall, I’m really happy with this thing. I love EDM and other electronic genres with heavy Bass, especially when working out. And this speaker does a great job with that kind of music. I can imagine most audiophiles out there would be unhappy with this, as it doesn’t have mid range speakers, just extra woofers and tweeters.You can party chain multiple speakers, but I just got a single speaker and I’d say most of the time I’ll leave the volume at 85 to 90 percent max volume. At 100% I feel like my neighbors might hear it, and my floor upstairs vibrates.I got it for $198 and I’d say that’s a pretty fair price. I’d probably still buy it at $250. Above that it starts to not feel worth it.So if you’re looking for a speaker to use for parties or listening to bass heavy music, this does the job in a neat aesthetically pleasing package.If you’re looking for a great all in one solution for multiple musical genres, I’d say keep looking.

  3. Keith G

    Not for everybodyI looked extensively at the other reviews before I purchased this product, and there are consistent comments that ring true. These are indeed high quality speakers, they are relatively large and the electronics work stunningly well, what you would expect from a Sony product. I bought these to use outside when we have events at our family farm ( birthdays, movie nights, sporting events, etc). I have two of them to chain together that actually produce stereo sound. My only complaints are the instructions are too simple (do not go into enough detail on the many uses of these speakers), and, quite frankly, the volume capability. For speakers of this size, perfect for outdoor use, I would have expected more volume. Since they are powered speakers, by adding the second one, I have literally doubled the power output. The saving grace here is that they are quite capable of performing at MAX volume with little to no distortion. There are competing products out there with 15″ woofers, more power, but are limited by reliability issues, or just bad electronics. Also, this product is not waterproof. Bottom line, well built and designed product, in my opinion, under-powered. Worth $200 if on sale, but not the list price of $350.

  4. Diyan

    A speaker for multi useI use this speaker for almost everything. I have it connected in my garage to listen to sports games, music. The Bluetooth feature is so useful for everything. I like that the speaker has a USB charging port, so you can charge your phone while you are listening to music. It has a radio built into it, but it’s not something I use. Yes, it does require to be plugged in, but that’s not a biggie if you want something that you can bring between the house and the garage. Thank you.

  5. D. Grimes

    Wanted these to be great – returned them!I research products extensively before I buy and I knew these would not be perfect but thought they would be good enough. I bought two to link and use by our pool. I used them linked, outdoors in a courtyard, and streaming Spotify. Here’s the low down:These sound pretty good at high volume which is what they are primarily for…party speakers at high volume. They get loud. Good solid bass, after that its all mid range , not much on clear crisp highs, in fact I felt they were missing. At lower volume they suffer greatly. I didn’t expect these to be like high-end high-fidelity speakers but they were not as god as I thought they could be. Occasionally, and I assume this was due to some weird bluetooth connection issue, the music sounded like it was garbled or like it was underwater is the best way I can describe it.An even bigger issue I had with these, aside from the sound, was the bluetooth connection. I can’t tell you how this sucked. I ALMOST could have overlooked the sound issues (not) but this was really bad. They would loose connection to my iphone frequently and loose connection to each other as well. Frequent cut outs from both speakers or one would play and one would not. The Music Center app that runs these seems very unstable and had to be restarted often to reestablish connection. The only other spect to these are the lights that glow and flash. If you’re going to add this feature do it well. These not so much. Anemic at best.I know there are some good reviews on Amazon but I would not recommend these.

  6. Adam T

    Great speaker!First, I got this product from a refurbishment company that was listed in the used part of this page for an unbelievable price. The way they packed it was awful. Definitely one of the worst pack jobs I have seen. That said, this speaker is really heavy duty. The box that it came in was all beat up and without any packing material inside. The speaker managed to arrive with no blemishes or dents. You can’t tell that this was a refurbished product.Second, the sound quality is impressive. Nice and clear. As mentioned above, it’s heavy duty. The material that make up this speaker is NOT cheap. It’s a nice quality speaker that worth every dime. Sony did a nice job with this.

  7. Sweeney

    Really nice sound at $200… a few drawbacks thoFills the house with a fairly luscious sound. I thought light show? Cheesy? Surely I’ll turn that off…. But I love it ! beautiful colors.It has No remote which seems inconvenient though. I have to run it with an ap via Bluetooth. I’m not sure how this will work yet with my external music device ( I’ll be streaming from iPad, plugged into stereo) For that I need an adapter to use with the aux cord. ( arriving Monday )So for Now I’m using my phone via Bluetooth. I find I cannot wander far even within my house or it cuts out. 😐Still …. for the price …. I’m liking itIt really sounds good.I like all genres.

  8. Audrey

    Big Badaboom!loud enough for your house but probably not loud enough for a party. Living in a duplex/apartment its plenty loud to shake and thump the walls and annoy your neighbors. it has VERY good bass and is clear and distortion free at max volume. dont get me wrong its very loud just not club level loud, you will have the police called on you if you play at max volumes if your not in your own tooth connection is good, but kind of short ranged. you can get about 30 feet before the music starts to cut off. the lights are cool but dont play in sync with the music. its a bit bulky so it will need its own space.overall a great speaker.

  9. Ben T

    Loud and sounds great, just wish you could turn the lights completely off.Only took a couple of minutes to get the thing out of the box and connect to bluetooth, quickly found out that this thing can get pretty loud. Sound quality is great all the way from low volume to the absolute max. There isn’t a very noticeable difference when using the extra bass option, but it is pretty good as it is. The only real complaint that I have is that you have to completely unplug the thing to turn off the LED lights, which stay on even when you power it off. Either that, or there must be some hidden button somewhere to turn off the lights which I have not found.

  10. Kevin S.

    Party chain function misleading, READ if you’re using party chain or love bassI purchased this to go alongside an older Sony unit, a GTK-XB5, to use the party chain function. This function allows you to string together units to amplify the total sound output. However for some reason, I could not adjust the audio on both speakers at the same time.I PC’d (party chained) them to each other, and as I adjusted the audio on my phone, only one of the units would change the volume. This is incredibly annoying, because turning the audio up or down manually on either of these units takes a while (or a million taps on the audio down or up button) because Sony didn’t think to include a twisting dial instead of using buttons to adjust the volume.So think about it, you want to change the audio on your chained system? You have to physically get up and move to the slave PC’d units and manually adjust the volume. That’s just dumb, it’s impractical in all settings, and isn’t streamlined at all.Also the sound is BALANCED. To you bassheads out there, look somewhere else. I turned the bass dial to max on this unit and it didn’t make much of a different. The older outdated model, the GTK-XB5, hits harder in the bass department. If this isn’t a concern to you then don’t worry, the sound is balanced. However for anything that needs bass, it’s lackluster and not worth the price whatsoever.I’m returning the unit because the party chain function is sadly misleading. I tried every cable combination in the back as well. Closing the “loop” or leaving the last slave open ended doesn’t make a difference.If you’re just purchasing a single unit, don’t care to party chain, and don’t need big bass, then the unit isn’t bad. The sound is definitely balanced and does have many functions. For me personally though it’s useless and misleading.

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