Sony Bluetooth Stereo Shelf System for Home, HiFi Sound System with USB, FM Radio, Audio in, TV Music Home Stereo System for

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Weight 14.79 kg
Dimensions 49.78 × 37.59 cm




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Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Tablet

Special Features

‎Mega Bass, nfc-enabled

Mounting Hardware


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Display Type


Audio output mode


Output Wattage

50 Watts


50 watts

Power source type


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Connector Type

‎Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB

Compatible media type


Item model number


Package Dimensions

‎69.6 x 49.78 x 37.59 cm; 14.79 Kilograms



Date First Available

1 September 2017



10 reviews for Sony Bluetooth Stereo Shelf System for Home, HiFi Sound System with USB, FM Radio, Audio in, TV Music Home Stereo System for

  1. Jack Stanton

    Pre 1965 Enchufe
    No mencionen en su descripción que tiene enchufe estilo de las sesentas, y sin tierra. Ya tengo que buscar un adaptador o cambiar el enchufe, lo que probablemente anularía la garantía. ¿Este es un artículo para otro país, tal vez? ¿No se da cuenta Japón de que México tiene salidas a tierra modernas? ¿O Japón no tiene salidas a tierra? muy raroBueno, mi error. Cuando fui a tirar el cartón encontró un adaptador (después que compre una mientras!). Pero si llego con las dos, así cambie de dos a cuatro estrellas. Pero deberían poner el adaptador adónde se puede verlo!

  2. Jim Dombrowski

    Gets the job done for a modest bookshelf audio system
    Not a bad little system for a den or office. I was a bit surprised that everything on the receiver was made of plastic including the volume knob. I expected a bit more since it’s a Sony. The sound is above average with a mega bass feature. Speakers sound fairly good and the casing is wood giving it some heft, but on close inspection, the system gives off a discount vibe. Overall, I would recommend, since there aren’t many radio/CD players on the market and the sound is acceptable.

  3. Philo

    Excellent Sound for a Small Room
    I’m using the system for FM radio, CDs (burned and regular), and MP3 playback on my USB drives, and all three modes work fine. I would have given a 5 star rating if not for the fact that the system does not allow you to continue where you left off on either CD or USB playback but forces you to start over again from the beginning or fast forward to where you want to be. It’s very annoying, and if the audio system on my Honda can do it with my USB drives, why can’t Sony?

  4. Jon

    Bass response is not that great.
    I like this thing due to its small footprint. However, there is only one control to regulate the bass response and that control does not do very much. I really with there were a built in equalizer of some sort, but alas, its not to be.Typical Sony product, well designed and nicely put together, but I am pretty much amazed that it lacks such an important feature. While I like it I would not buy it again.

  5. David

    It’s a keeper.
    I read the other reviews before purchasing it.The minuses: It does have a funny plug. I do find myself tapping my fingers waiting for it. Wouldn’t have noticed the noise of the mechanism had it not been brought up. Over $200 might be a bit much. I had to splice speaker wire to adapt to my needs. 50 watt rating seems optimistic.The plus: the sound. The sweet sound handsomely eclipses the minuses, with interest. I bought, and returned, a less expensive player which had terrible sound. This one fixed that problem. I bought this to have a CD player, but the aux input and Bluetooth capabilities really add to it. Love it.

  6. S. Byra

    Fits right it
    I needed a new stereo with Bluetooth so I could stream stuff. And I wanted one with a CD player as I have a ton of those around. And I didn’t want one that took up too much room. This sucker is perfect! It fits all on one shelf, has great sound quality, and let’s me do what I need to do with my music. It does hiccup once in a while by refusing to connect, but if you turn it off and wait about a minute and start over it’ll go for hours without any problems. I think it can’t believe I let it run as much as I do without interacting with it, so maybe it just gets lonely and needs the attention. LOL.

  7. mick valentine

    Sounds good but there is a catch
    This product was manufactured and safety approved in Mexico. So any interface with your TV and this unit will be in Spanish. Also the safety approval for Mexico does not follow the same safety guidelines for the United States and Canada. I wish this product was US/CAN safety approved. But overall I feel the product is generally built well and it sounds GREAT.

  8. R. M. Bauer

    Great sound, but features not easy to understand
    Nice system, one drawback is no AM radio – only FM. Also slow response time to remote. No auto play after loading CD. Need to press play for USB also. Not easy to find a track on USB. Very small information screen.

  9. Kingsley Aldershot

    Decent sound, everything else poor
    Sony was a leader in the field of compact stereos 20 and 30 years ago. In fact, we bought this to replace an old Sony system in our bedroom. The sound of the new system is okay, everything else disappointing.PROS:- Good sound, good speakers, decent separationCONS:- Everything else- The CD player is very slow- Bluetooth does not work (I’ve used about 200 bluetooth devices, so it’s not that I can’t set it up)- Remote is slow- Very short speaker cables, so you won’t be able to put the speakers far from the unitThere are better units for audiophiles (Denon, not available on Amazon) and cheaper units if you just want to play a CD through some speakers. If it’s bluetooth speakers you’re after, again lots of better options.It’s too bad Sony has lost their edge.

  10. Piawithakia

    Nice little system for a private room
    Bought this for my husband who is confined to our room due to not being able to get down the stairs due to heath issues. It is a nice little system, but not a big sound .

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