Rokid Air AR Glasses Augmented Reality Wearable Tech Headsets Smart Glasses for Movie Video Display,Myopia Friendly Portable

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  • 【Expansive Visuals】Access your own wearable cinematic experience from anywhere, with a 120″ HD 1080p OLED display and a 43° field of view. Enjoy stunning 3D AR video through the Rokid Air app.
  • 【Comfort & Convenience】Rokid Air AR glasses weigh just 83 g and can fold up to slip into your pocket or backpack. Memory metal nose pads, flexible hinges, padded temple tips, 0.00 to –5.00D myopia correction for each eye, and a right-angle cable connector ensure comfort and durability.
  • 【Incredible experiences】Enhance the world around you with dazzling visuals and thrilling games powered by AR.
  • 【Extensive compatibility】Rokid Air works with phones, tablets, computers, and consoles. Connect via USB-C over DisplayPort, wireless adapter, or HDMI. (See compatibility list below for details.)
  • 【Powerful versatility】Bust boredom during travel, work ergonomically and efficiently, and upgrade your home entertainment experience.


Product Description

Rokid AR Smart Glasses

43FoV 120“screen FDH

How to choose suitable

ar glass

Direct Connection

vr headsets

Wireless Connection

ar glasses

HDMI Connection

Type C above 3.1

  • Go to to check the USB Type-C adapter mode.

Apple device&Type C below 3.1

  • Support all apple devices.

HDMI for games& laptop

  • Support game consoles with HDMI adapter

  • If it is above 3.1,choose this one.If not,please choose wireless connection

  • Support part of USB Type-C which is below 3.1

  • support laptop & TV & etc. with HDMI adapter

AR Smart Glasses VR headset

AR Smart Glasses VR headset

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 1.32 kg
Dimensions 10.2 × 4.37 × 4.09 cm


Package Dimensions

10.2 x 4.37 x 4.09 inches; 1.32 Pounds



Item model number


Item Weight

1.32 pounds

Country of Origin


Date First Available

December 24, 2021



10 reviews for Rokid Air AR Glasses Augmented Reality Wearable Tech Headsets Smart Glasses for Movie Video Display,Myopia Friendly Portable

  1. Amazonian in Texas

    I love these glasses!Bought these to use while filming & livestreaming youth sports, in lieu of having to view my video thru the 3.5″ screen on the camera. I’d looked at other brands that completely surround your eyes, but these made me VERY uncomfortable while standing up on a ladder or high platform filming, since I couldn’t see my surroundings or where I was stepping. These glasses project a 120″ view of my film, but I still maintain peripheral vision out the sides and bottom so I can see my surroundings. These glasses are GREAT for this use.I’ve also used them to view YouTube videos and some sports livestreams (I’m a college rugby fan), and they work really well. HOWEVER, be advised that the major movie streaming services (Netflix, Prime Video, HBOMax, etc) block the signal from being projected to an external monitor. As a result, you can’t watch movies on these services with these glasses, which would have been oh, so cool. Note that this is coming from the service, not a problem with the glasses.Overall, I love these glasses and they work great for my primary use.

  2. Jonathan Moreno

    To good to be trueFirst of all, I will make this short. After the confusing instructions (Chinese) on how to connect your device then allowing it to use your Wi-Fi in order to view a (lap top size screen 17in from your face) screen in the glasses to appear.Yes, it’s not big picture or I just couldn’t get it to work correctly because the application (EZMIRA) is full of ADs and it not developed properly for its purpose.It’s so sad it had potential and a future however this device is being sent back.Just buy an Oculus or save for the next best verifying device.I bought it with the wireless adapter with again is useless and a headache. It should be just a plug in and play not a figure me out and maybe play.Our brothers and sisters from across the world should consider if selling to the US to make it for US

  3. john lau

    Really like itI use the rokids nearly every day for remote work when I am away from desks I find it hard to believe the image quality can get much betterThey are actually very clear for me and I do work in Remote Desktop with small fonts and screen elements constantly. I do watch quite a few videos on the rokids and use it as my flight last week (longest was 5 hours but with breaks in between to rest my eyes)Video and video game are incredible on rokids airs with none of that gradient banding

  4. Annabel

    VR essential with affordable priceI first tried it at my friend’s house I have to say it I love it immediately. We were playing call of duty and I never tried it this before how they can say is really fantastic .And I’m telling myself I can’t get the same one as well before I even know how much it cost me.After open the box it’s surprised me more with all the warranty came with it so no brainer that’s my best gift for the year love it.

  5. Tomas Temprosa

    ReturnedI really wanted to like this piece. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit my head. It pinches my temples too much. Would’ve been nice to know my head was too large for it. From what I could see past my glasses, the Dex desktop looked pretty good. I’d need a controlled synced to my phone to work the desktop. Didn’t try it with Dex on my desktop via Bluetooth. Maybe someone could try that. As the title states, I had to return it.

  6. Alex younn

    great device for heavy gamermy kids are craying for this for a month. we dont even know what is ut . until he set it up and put it on my head.amazing. new tech totall . i feel in there . can believe that ia so real . he loves it a lot . really thanks for the early holiday gift

  7. ⚡️potter

    Everything is good so farVery satisfied with this VR glass after almost a week of use. I connected it WITH my iPhone 13 Pro,use it watch 3D MOVIE.The screen is bigger than I expected, quality is pretty good when i watch the 3D moive, in addition,sound quality is also fine. just use around one week, i will try more by using this glass, but everything good so far.

  8. Cynthia Leigh Stone Unger

    Stop lying about what works!Before buying, I checked to make sure that my phone was USB-C 3.1 compatible: it is.After a day+ of trying to get these to work with my phone (after a 24 response delay) customer “support” tells me that, no, these won’t work w/ my phone (Google Pixel 6 Pro) w/ out the EXTRA COST wireless adapter–pretty much blaming Google for some kind of odd implementation.Google is weird? K. These won’t work w/ a Google phone w/ out the adapter? K. TELL ME BEFORE (NOT AFTER) PURCHASE.Plugged into PC and it “works,” when it doesn’t pop into double-vision for no discernible reason. Nosepiece is painful (and not adjustable); vision correction knobs don’t correct enough (although, to be fair, my eyes are bad).We used to call software that was advertised but never released “Vaporware.” More and more hardware fits that definition: Sell me something that works; be clear about the circumstances under which it works. How complicated is that?This is not a cheap (or easy) purchase. ENRAGING how poor customer support (before, during, and after sale) is.

  9. zmbaby

    Great choiceI really like these glasses! I connected it to my phone and watched some 3D movies and videos. The video quality and sound quality are super great. It makes everything so much more fun. Really recommend to everyone!

  10. Super-Ikun

    A must-have!Rokid Air glasses worked seamlessly with the Galaxy S20.I use the app for 3d videos. I’ve been super happy since I got AR to work and 3d films look amazing. But the direct connect rokid app drained the battery in 2 hours. a little unhappy.I thought I’d share my thoughts on this device and hopefully this will inspire a few of you to try a few new things.

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