Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier-Multi-Channel 200 Watt Power Amplifier Home Audio Receiver System

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Features: – USB Flash drive & SD Memory Card readers – FM Radio with LED digital display – aux (3. 5mm) input – desktop audio Mini power amplifier – compact home theater-stereo receiver style – built-in Bluetooth for wireless Music Streaming – phono inputs – Optical/coaxial digital signal inputs – multi-channel audio input selection – MP3/WAV audio files support – connect & Stream Audio from external devices – (2) 1/4” Microphone input jacks – (2) pairs RCA (L/R) audio Input connectors – (2) pairs banana plug speaker output connectors – (1) pair RCA (L/R) audio output connectors – (1) 1/4” Headphone output jacks – mic talk-over ability to speak over audio, karaoke style – front panel Audio Control Center – radio station auto-search scan – ‘repeat audio file Functions – treble, Bass, Master & microphone volume adjustable Bluetooth connectivity: – receives wireless signal for audio streaming – Simple & Hassle-Free Pairing setup – integrated antenna for extended wireless range – Works with all of today’s latest devices – (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc. ) – Bluetooth Version: 4. 2 – Bluetooth Network Name: ‘PDA4BU’ – Wireless Range: 40’+ ft. What’s in the box: – desktop stereo amplifier – Remote Control – FM antenna technical Specs: – LED screen size: 3. 3’’ x 1’’ – Remote Control Battery: 3V Lithium cell (CR2025) included – Max power output: 25 Watt (@ 4 Ohm) – RMS Power Output: 20 Watt x 2 (@ 8 Ohm) – tone control: Bass, f=100Hz +/-12dB, treble, f=10 kHz +/-12dB – tone control for mic: bass, f=100Hz +/-8dB, treble, f=10 kHz +/-8dB – Frequency Response: 20hz-20 kHz – frequency adjustment: +/-2dB – Signal to noise ratio: >71dB – T. H. D. : 48dB – power Supply: 115V/230V, switchable – Dimensions (L x w x H): 10. 2” X 9. 8” X 2. 8” -Inches



Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier – Multi-Channel 200 Watt Power Amplifier Home Audio Receiver System

The stereo receiver amplifier for home theater system gives you 25 watt at 4 Ohm max power / 20 Watt x 2 at 8 Ohm RMS for a high quality amplified audio. Perfect for karaoke and home theater acoustic surround sound system.

Pyle Bluetooth stereo amplifier Receiver is compatible with Bluetooth with 40+ ft Wireless range and works with today’s latest devices including smart phone, iPad, tablet, iPhone and laptop W/ hassle free receiver pairing.


Pyle PDA4BU Multi-Channel 200 Watt Power Amplifier Home Audio Receiver System – Desktop Audio Mini Power Amplifier – Compact Home Theater-stereo Receiver Style

Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming – Simple & Hassle-Free Pairing Setup – Integrated Antenna for Extended Wireless Range – Works with All of Todays Latest Devices Desktop Stereo Amplifier

The wireless speaker receiver home stereo amp has a microphone priority ‘talk-over’ function which is great for Karaoke, stage performances, and crowd control. You can also adjust the treble, bass, master and mic volume. This features a front panel button and rotary control center with digital LED display for hassle free operation. Also comes with antenna and remote control for distant audio adjustment.

Technical Specifications

  • LED Screen Size: 3.3’’x1’’
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >71dB
  • Frequency Adjustment: +/-2dB
  • Frequency Response: 20hz-20 kHz
  • RMS Power Output: 20 Watt x 2 (@ 8 Ohm)
  • Remote Control Battery: 3V Lithium cell (CR2025) included




The stereo receiver amplifier for home theater system gives you a high quality amplified audio. Perfect for home theater acoustic sound system.

This home speaker amplifier features a front panel button and rotary control center with digital LED display for hassle free operation.

Stereo amplifier receiver is compatible with 40+ ft Wireless range Bluetooth and works with today’s latest devices.


Additional information

Weight 2.83 kg
Dimensions 24.89 × 7.11 cm




Model Name


Part Number


Tuner Technology


Compatible Devices

‎Smartphone, Tablet, Television, Speaker

Mounting Hardware

‎Quick Start Guide

Number Of Items


Audio Encoding


Audio output mode


Audio Output Type

‎Headphones, Speakers

Output Wattage

‎200 Watts


‎25 watts

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Connector Type


Media Format


Does it contain liquid?


Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎25.91 x 24.89 x 7.11 cm; 2.83 Kilograms



Date First Available

20 November 2019


Pyle, PyleUSA

10 reviews for Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier-Multi-Channel 200 Watt Power Amplifier Home Audio Receiver System

  1. Patrick

    Great audio quality and LOUD!
    It booms, the display is bright and clear, a lil TOO bright in my opinion, if you’re using it for a optical stereo amp for you TV, cause sadly that seems to be a standard on most TVs. It has a lighted ring around the volume display that stays on 24/7 unless you manually turn the power switch off, which is awesome, thumbs up to engineering design team for actually putting a nice, very clicky power switch ON THE FRONT! wish more brands would do this. Definitely rated for it’s wattage with plenty of deep bass, and high high’s , and smooth clean potentiometers for everything. Now the remote control was kinda of a last minute add on, or upgrade to product already in use and just added on, or that’s at least what it seems like to me. The volume knob on the unit doesn’t work the way most do which are like infinite turning knobs, this is a regular old school potentiometer from 0 to 10, with stops on each side, so you kinda of have to set your volume knob on the unit like 1/4 to 1/2 way, then use the remote to set the level after that, but you don’t get the full volume, because the knob isn’t all the way up, but if you turn the knob all the way, the amp turns on at full blast every time, with the start up chime, also you can hear the hum noise from the amp being turned up too far. And the remote is not very user friendly , the volume and mute are right in the middle with no way to “feel” where the important buttons are, so you pretty much have to use a light and look down every time, and precisely put your finger in between the small identical squares. Besides the remote control, it’s a great unit!

  2. E. Swansen

    Most reasonable Optical-to-Speaker option on Amazon
    I don’t know why so few reasonably-priced receivers on Amazon support optical signals but this one did and the price was tolerable since my output power needs were pretty reasonable (4x 4ohm speakers in a 800sqft gym). Please note that it only supports PCM audio on the optical so ensure that your TV can output that. My Samsung TV required changing from “auto” to “PCM” on the optical output to make usable signal.Gripes: IR sent from remote or from a FireTV Cube is a little slow so don’t hit the button too fast. When it power cycles the mode resets back to bluetooth every time and you can’t change that which is a mild issue when my area gets lots of power flickers and I wanted to mount this away from living space. Can only step through the various modes vs having a button and IR signal that says “go to optical”.For the price, finish, size, and power I’m fine with the annoying points and would buy again since the rest of the market doesn’t meet my needs.

  3. Miguel Angel Velazquez

    Buen producto
    Su funcionamiento es bueno, buena potencia… Pero llegó golpeado, por un descuido en el manejo. Espero siga funcionando bien, si no haré uso de la gargantia

  4. DG

    good for the price
    I ordered from Amazon and received the PDA4BU promptly. I hooked it up and it is working. I spent a while getting the Bluetooth to pair with my desktop computer but I think the problem was mostly with the computer. Once up and running it sounds nice and clean. My bluetooth usb chip that transmits from the computer is about 10 ft. from the bluetooth antenna on the back of the PDA4BU.In my 15 X 25 ft Living room it fills the room with sound-I can play it really loud but mostly just wanted a bluetooth receiver with optical input and a small size. It measures 10.25″ wide 10″ deep and 3.25″ high.The remote is not much use.The FM radio is hard to use since it doesn’t have a knob to tune it. In fact it is almost impossible to use the radio.The instruction book is very basic and doesn’t explain much at all. I did try the optical input and it worked great. I have not try the many other inputs. The speaker terminals are screw terminals for bare wire leads but may also work with banana connectors.The 4 rubber feet strangely don’t make the unit sit flat it rocks on the shelf.For the price I still feel good about it. I hope to figure out a better radio antenna- although the port on the back is unusual and it comes with a wire that is 30″. long but can’t tune in much at all.It is not a replacement for my big receiver but the bluetooth updates my stereo system.Update 1: The remote – it won’t turn on receiver if switch on front of receiver is off. It will adjust the volume but only up to the volume on the volume knob of the receiver. It does work in bluetooth mode (for me at least) to switch to the next song.Registration- It seems to complete the registration for the 1 year warranty you have to post a review of the product- which I’ve never seen a company do before. You have to prove that you wrote a review either a screen shot or a URL to the review. I don’t like that- but it does add 3 months to the warranty. I could find a way to avoid the requirement.I am enjoying the receiver I have left it running in bluetooth mode for 8 hours and it worked just fine. I built my desktop computer about 7 years ago so it didn’t have any bluetooth built in I use a usb bluetooth driver (about the size of a nickel) on an extension cable above the computer.The volume- is probably tied to the size/ quality of your speakers. I just built my passive bookshelf speakers which is why I got this item in the first place. I am happy so far.

  5. kim

    Love it for the most part does what I need it to do but somethings don’t work with like my amazon stick plays a scramble fax machine sound. Not sure why guess it can’t convert the signal correctly. But other than that it works great for why I got it. Mostly the Bluetooth with my music for my older style speakers.

  6. Mister D.

    Hi Infidelity – Baby
    Great mini receiver for the cost.Generous on the input side – strong on the output side.A 7.2 channel she’s not, but that is the job of the Sony !If she has the legs she’ll be worth every nickel – Inflation.

  7. Amy Gibbens-garrett

    Great sound!
    This is the second pyle device i’ve had it sounds great for the setup i’m running.

  8. J

    excellent amplifier
    Pyle PDA4BU amplifierJust got it.Pros:Loud enough for it’s power specification.Lot of features (input, output, turntable, individual control for mic, …)Good sound quality.Easy pair Bluetooth.Cons:Volume control with click step up or down, so far one of the click step increase volume range a bit too much (not that smooth).Good quality amplifier which almost can compete with my tube amp. I have to see how long it can last.

  9. Jaime L.

    Probando equipo
    Varía mucho la calidad del producto como lo presentan a como que te llega, además estoy buscando información, por que aun no puedo conectar una Smart TV con cable optico , selecciono la opción en ambos equipos y no se escucha nada en los parlantes qué conecte al amplificador

  10. Joaquin A.

    Excelente equipo
    Muy buena inversión a buen precio.

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