Pyle Bluetooth Hybrid Amplifier Receiver – Home Theater Pre-Amplifier with Wireless Streaming Ability, MP3/USB/SD/AUX/FM Radio

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• home theater audio receiver system
• high-powered Hybrid Preamplifier>• built-in Bluetooth for Wireless music streaming>• digital LCD display with FM radio
• connect & stream Audio from external devices>• MP3 audio file playback Support
• USB flash & SD memory card readers>• Dual USB device Charge ports>• front panel button & rotary controls>• LED backlight illumination with dimmer control
• RCA (L/R) audio Input/output jacks
• dedicated RCA (L/R) subwoofer Output jacks
• screw-type speaker terminal binding posts
• headphone jack, 1/4’’ -inch’s>• aux (3.5mm) Input jack
• (2) 1/4’’ microphone inputs>• microphone volume/tone/echo control
• audio source configuration settings>• built-in cooling fan
• Universal rack mount amplifier design

bluetooth connectivity:
• receives wireless Signal for audio streaming>• works with all of your favorite devices>• (smartphones, tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc.)
• Bluetooth Version: 2.1
• wireless range: 35’+ ft.

what’s in the box:
• Hybrid Preamplifier>• remote Controller>• rack-mount Brackets
• power cable

technical Specs:
• power output: 3000 Watt Max>• 850 Watt @ 2 ohm
• 550 Watt @ 4 ohm
• 300 Watt @ 8 ohm
• Frequency response: 40Hz-15kHz, +/-2db
• S/N ratio: >76db
• T.H.D.: <1%
• radio station memory presets: 30
• tuner: Quartz synthesized radio
• digital media file playback support: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, flac
• USB power: 5V/2A (x2)
• power cord length: 4.9’ ft.
• power supply: 120/240V, Switchable>• unit dimensions (L x w x H): 18.89’’ x 12.04’’ x 3.14’’ -inches>• Sold as: 1
• weight: 15.56 lbs.

About us

In the late 20th century, Pyle established itself as a premium source for replacement speakers and car audio. By the year 2000, Pyle had undergone a massive transformation, expanding into the nascent market spaces of competitive car audio, home audio, marine audio, and professional audio & musical instruments – our Pyle Pro line. As you sit in your car, you are isolated from outside noise and surrounded by speakers. You become enveloped in sound. We have a wide range of speakers, amplifiers, and head units that will enrich your car audio experience. You’d be surprised at how much better your music can sound with an upgrade from the factory speakers and amplifier.

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Additional information

Item Weight

‎13.01 Pounds

Batteries Required


Included Components

‎Hybrid Pre-AmplifierRemote ControlRack-Mount BracketsAM/FM AntennasPower Cable



Date First Available

1 August 2018



10 reviews for Pyle Bluetooth Hybrid Amplifier Receiver – Home Theater Pre-Amplifier with Wireless Streaming Ability, MP3/USB/SD/AUX/FM Radio

  1. Josh Morris

    Great Budget Option
    I have to admit my expectations for this unit were kind of low based on the price and some reviews I had read. Honestly, I am blown away by this amp. The build quality is impressive. This is not a flimsy piece of plastic but a brushed aluminum case with heft and solid components inside. It is heavy. It has all the inputs(including optical) and features galore. Sound quality is not audiophile quality but easily outdoes anything even close in this price range. The unit has a fan that runs constantly while it is powered up. The fan is kind of loud while nothing is playing but I don’t notice it during playback. The supplied rca cable is low quality but who doesn’t have several already laying around? Get a gold plated one and toss the included one. The Bluetooth range is about 25 feet if there is a heavy (or multiple) wall in the way. My only real complaint is the remote. Particularly the volume buttons don’t appear to work in any mode that I have tried so far. Huge bummer!! Lots of people complain because it is listed as 3000 watts. To be clear, that is peak wattage. As far as I can tell the average wattage is at least 300w per channel. I don’t like that marketing style but it is common place in the industry(especially for budget options) so you just have to know how to interpret it. Can’t blame them for how the marketing game works. I Can’t speak for durability so far but I am actually very pleased with my purchase thus far. Let’s be real… I mean for $120 you can’t even *look* at a used namedbrand 20 year old home theater system that matches these features and power.PROS : Price, Build Quality , & FeaturesCONS: Remote Functionality. Ambient NoiseIf you want audiophile sound quality, silent operation, and perfect functionality go spend several thousand dollars. If you don’t want to break the bank and just want a decent unit to put in a cabinet or on a rack to run your media center on then don’t hesitate to get this unit. You won’t find better quality without spending at least $500 dollars in my opinion, and will likely lose features in the process. The remote thing is a huge turnoff for me but I still give 5 stars because this thing is *incredibly* affordable. I have yet to reach out to tech support on that issue, but have workarounds by using other remotes for my devices… Hopefully it can be resolved. I will update review pending that interaction and any durability concerns.

  2. Roger y.fagaragan

    Best for karaoke
    Perfect for my karaoke machine

  3. David Webster

    Great product
    Excellent power and clarity

  4. L.M.N

    Fairly good amplifier for the money.
    The remote control is useless for adjusting volume, power, main settings. The fan is loud but smart engineering. Media Inputs are well thought out, amplifier does have a great bass and treble range. All in all, good amp for the money.

  5. Joseph Learned

    It’s good but could be better
    There is some feed back in the speakers but it’s not heard when actually playing something through it and my power button fell off but have it next to my bed so I think I might have slapped it pretty hard one night it still works and it has a lot of power for not a bad price

  6. Warren

    You Get what you pay for
    The sound is good so far but I had to work for it. It doesn’t come with a way to ground it so there was a killer feedback noise. Buying a Ground absorber attachment solved the problem. Now as far as longevity goes I can’t tell you yet. I’ve only had it a couple of days but at the end of the month I’ll update the review. The Echo knob doesn’t seem to do anything. The Bass and Treble knob work. The jacks seems to work. The equalizer button doesn’t do anything and it displays a message that says “NO DISK Please add disk”. It doesn’t have a disk drive. Now the main question. Is it worth 140 Dollars and so far I’ll say yes. It’s a cheapy but it’s loud and the sound is good. Be mindful of the other reviews though as I probably just got one that happens to work ok. But for 140 bucks it does the intended purpose.

  7. mike b.

    Cool looking
    It rocks need to have good speakers

  8. customer

    Nice product for what i needed.
    Product has a ground loop issue,but maybe with an isolator i can solve it.BUT other then that it,s a good piece of equipment,i,m very pleased with my purchase.

  9. Glenn Y.

    Amplifier receiver
    I used this amplifier to connect my two microphone and it was easy to setup

  10. Amazon Customer

    So far so good
    Good sound controls are easy to use i recommend

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