Pyle 800 Watt Outdoor Portable Wireless PA Loud speaker – 10” Subwoofer Sound System with Charge Dock, Rechargeable Battery,

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Brand Pyle
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12.4 x 13 x 26 inches
Connectivity Technology The PA Amplifier Speaker features a docking station for iPods You can also connect other digital music player with the 35mm cable, listen to radio, listen to music from SD card or USB stick Package includes Beltpack, Wireless Handheld, and Lavalier Mic for karaoke fun See more
Color Black
Compatible Devices MP3 Players, Phones, IPhone

  • 10” Three-Way Speaker With Woofer, Mid-Range, and Tweeter – LCD Card Reader Display For Number of song & Play Time – 1 Audio Input
  • 800 Watts Peak Power – FM Radio With Auto Scan and Presets – Portable Enclosure with Telescoping Handle and Caster Wheels
  • Includes 1 Wireless VHF Handheld Microphone and 1 Wireless Lavalier/Headset Microphone – 3.5mm Retractable Cable for Auxillary Input Compatible With Any Digital Music Player – 35mm Speaker Stand Mount Hole
  • iPod/iPhone Dock Charges Your Device and Plays Music – Stereo RCA Output and 1/4″ Output On Front Panel – RF, Charge, Low Battery, and Power LED Indicators
  • USB/SD Card Reader For Digital Music – 2 Microphone Inputs and 1 Guitar Inputs – 110V/220V Switchable. Input Wired Mic-58dB V600. SPL- 94dB (1W/M)


The PWMA1090UI is a multi-media powerhouse, featuring iPod, SD card, USB, and FM radio support. Comes with wireless microphone, lavalier headset, and remote. Click here for a larger image Dock for iPod lets you play and charge your iPod Classic or Nano models Click here for a larger image Create the perfect sound environment by using the 35mm speaker stand mount to bring your system up to optimal listening levels Multiple power options, in addition to the unit’s rechargeable battery. Click here for a larger image

Ultimate Wireless Portable PA System

The PWMA1090UI is a portable PA/mobile entertainment system on wheels, and it’s packed with all the latest and greatest features. It’s equipped with an iPod dock connector that charges your iPod or iPhone and lets you play your favorite music over the powerful 800 watt speaker. It has four ¼” inputs on the front, each with its own volume control, for a total balance of sound.

You can also connect any other digital music player using the retractable 3.5mm cable, listen to AM/FM radio, and plug in an SD card or USB stick to listen to MP3 and WMA files. And this unit can be totally wireless – it runs on a rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of life and includes a two microphones, a wireless handheld mic and a wireless lavalier microphone.

It all plays through our powerful 10” three-way speaker including a woofer, mid-range, and tweeter for full-range sound. Tweak your sound using the bass and treble controls, and apply an effect with the echo knob. The telescoping handle and caster wheels make transportation simple and easy. Runs on 110 V or 220 V.

Play and Charge Your iPod – Compatible with iPod Nano

Featuring an integrated docking station for iPods, all you have to do is slide the iPod right onto the dock and you’re ready to play your favorite songs. And that’s not all — this unit also charges your iPod while you’re listening to it.

SD Card and USB Support

This unit features SD Card and USB support, so you can enjoy your downloaded music collection through the system’s powerful speakers.

Wireless Microphone and Lavalier Headset for Energetic, Hands-Free Performances

This unit comes with a wireless microphone and lavalier headset that operate at a distance up to 100 feet, giving you the freedom to move around as desired.

FM Radio With Auto Scan and Presets

You can listen to your favorite radio stations right through the system thanks to the unit’s built-in FM receiver. Features Auto Scan for quick station lookup, and presets for saving your stations.

Easy to Take with You Anywhere

The amp has a telescoping handle and castor wheels for easy portability. Since it runs on a rechargeable battery, you don’t need an outlet for your performances.

Gives You Everything You Need for Voice and Audio Output

The PWMA1090UI also has plenty of external inputs – four ¼-inch jack inputs total for two wired microphones, CD or MP3 player, guitar, and any other external audio device.

Built-in Speaker Stand Mount

Features a 35mm speaker stand mount on the bottom of the unit – that way you can enhance the sound of your event by putting the speakers at optimal listening level.

Use Your System All Over the World

This unit can be used in America, Europe, and other compatible countries since it features a switch that lets you change between 110v-60hz and 220v-50hz.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 13 × 26 cm
Product Dimensions

12.4 x 13 x 26 inches

Item Weight

21 pounds



Item model number



4 AA batteries required.

Date First Available

March 3, 2012

Country of Origin



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10 reviews for Pyle 800 Watt Outdoor Portable Wireless PA Loud speaker – 10” Subwoofer Sound System with Charge Dock, Rechargeable Battery,

  1. Adrian Duarte

    Does it’s job, can’t hate on this one.While I think they sort of skimped on the specs, this system pretty much serves its purpose. The “echo” doesn’t exactly add fullness and sustain to vocals nor does it add a “natural” sound as reverb should, it is more like a spring effect. The microphones aren’t bad but you do have to hold the mic closer to your mouth and the battery life for typical AA’s seems to be just under 5 hours before the microphone begins to cut out. I have pretty much replaced the original wireless mic with another that had a small receiver that plugs into the MIC1 jack and have had no issues with it’s sound. While I wouldn’t use this for a “professional/paid” gig, it is perfect for street performers. When I first began using my system, I would plug my iPod into the dock on top but found that it drew a lot of attention from would be thieves and opted to load my backings onto an SD card and let it play from there. I also love the fact that the remote control can toggle from song to song…don’t feel like singing the next song and you’re 6 feet away? No problem, skip ahead with the remote. I’ve never had the battery die on me but I do cycle the charges to keep it as healthy as possible. All in all, I’d say good for little street set ups or home and backyard karaoke but certainly not for a club or wedding gig.

  2. Lakeman

    Pyle Portable PA SystemThis is my 2nd purchase. The first PWMA1090UI is not working and I could not find anyone to repair it. So I purchased this 2nd one (the same) from Amazon in good condition. I need the unit for an event on August 13th.

  3. Dogtrainer

    Well builtI use this for a dog training class of 50 students. It is loud enough so everyone can hear me. The wireless mike has to be right in front of your mouth or it doesn’t pick up well and goes in and out.

  4. Tom O

    Good Beginners AmpThis is decent amp for a beginning guitar player and occasional other uses. However, it will not be adequate for professional use. I’ll tell you why below.Pro’s1. Durable and well built.2. Powerful amp and well matched speakers.3. Low cost.4. It rolls, and has a nice telescoping handle.Con’s1. Poorly designed electronics with cheap components. (I’ve looked inside, and I’m an electrical engineer.)2. Lots of hum due to internal ground issues. (I could explain, but no need.)3. No isolation of inputs; meaning they are all “on” at the same time (not switched). For example, the radio potentiometer does not silence the radio 100%, thus you always have a slight amount of radio audio bleeding into your other outputs. Again, this goes back to the design issues.4. Poor quality accessories, i.e. mic’s, transmitter. These are entry level units for non-professional use. The transmitter introduces about 5 db of noise to the receiver, which quickly becomes annoying.4. No quality checks before shipping; no QC stickers or evidence on the unit. Otherwise, they would have at least fixed this units’ radio bleed-over.5. Warranty is completely unacceptable. You would not know this until you purchased it, but the warranty basically requires you to cover all shipping to and from the factory. You can basically buy another unit for what it would cost you to ship it, so why bother. They know that of course, and that’s why they write it that way. This is a rather old fashioned warranty approach. No major vendors require this today, because they stand behind their products. So, consider this when purchasing.It’s not likely anyone will damage the unit by cranking it up and playing it hard. It’s designed to take that type of use. And, it’s a good price point for a unit in its power class. However, this unit will not provide the type of quality audio you want for professional use or classroom presentations.

  5. Denise Burke

    Great Sound for the priceI run a Girl Scout camp and I need big sound in a portable unit. The Pyle does deliver on sound! This unit amplifies our music to the camp of several hundred kids. The microphone sound is loud too. I’ve used some less expensive units and ended up disappointed with the sound. The only problems I have had with this unit is that the pull cord to attach to the iPod does not work properly. The sound is terrible and we cannot control the volume, so the volume is low. We bypassed this by not using the pull cord and plugging in an iPod cord into the unit….except the catch is that you need a cord with 6.3mm on one end and 3.5mm on the other. You cannot use a regular 3.5mm on both ends because there is not input for it. This is the 3rd Pyle I’ve owned and I keep it around because of the amount of sound I get. The older Pyle’s I had eventually lost sound quality. Hopefully the newer version lasts a bit longer. The microphone on this Pyle broke almost immediately. I always purchase extra microphones and extra cords since they tend to break.

  6. elizabeth

    This PA comes loaded with accessories, is portable and versatile and all we needed for a wedding on the beach!We purchased this to have wireless sound at a beach wedding. They were so expensive to rent and this was less than three hundred dollars and we got to keep it! It was perfect for the wedding. Our pastor that performed the ceremony had a wireless mic just like in church, and the music pastor had a handheld mike plus a place to plug his iphone with his performance tracs and we also were able to put the wedding march on a flash drive and play it all from the same unit. Then, we carried it to our reception venue and used it to play the dance music. It was a small, intimate wedding, and this was an amazing, easy solution that added to the joy of the day. We have two guitar playing singers in the family, so we still enjoy it as a part of our gear. I enjoy putting on the wireless mic and cranking out some tunes and singing along while I do chores! It comes with lots of accessories. It is portable. It has wheels, but it is not too heavy if you have to carry it like we did on the beach to keep the sand out of the wheels. I can easily wheel it around to any room in the house. You can charge it and use it wireless, or use it plugged in. It held up through our wedding and reception and it keeps going quite a while on a charge. Now that the weather is warm again, I am looking forward to taking it outside again.

  7. G. Boodoo

    POSSIBLE ADVERTING MISPRINTPleasant day to you, I bought many products from/through you, and I must say I am very pleased with your products and service.Recently, through your advertisement on an 800 watt PYLE-PRO PA SYSTEM, I was very amazed at the advertised wattage height and its cost, and purchased one of them. It was malfunctioning, so I wrote you on that situation and was very pleased with your quick response, and your thoughtful options available to me.For future reference, the circuit board was cracked, possibly a transport issue.I went ahead and purchased another of the same, mainly because of the 800 wattage advertised. It was very disappointing though, although it is written 800 watts, I can open all its volume in my living room, which is about twenty feet squared, and my 40 watt ROLAND CUBE amplifier has close to the same effect.I cannot understand how this is possible, please explain how an amplifier made FOR OPEN AIR PLAYING AND ADVERTISED 800 WATTS could be totally opened to full volume in such a small space and I must add, the volume was totally and comfortably bearable.I needed an amplifier for playing music on the beach. Through your advert I bought these. Please check and see if the advertised 800 watt was a misprint and it is really 80 watts. Also, please advise me, I am still looking for a suitable amplifier for my outdoor playing.I look forward to your response, GOD BLESS.

  8. Arthur Lopez

    Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced although unit itself is good except for the broken handle flaw..This unit is pretty good for the money. You will be hard press to find something similar to what it does. It has some very serious flaws like the handle that has broken off on all three of my units.The reason for the 1 Star rating is the Customer Service Dept/Service Dept are the worst I have ever encountered.I stopped trying to get a replacement handle from them. I sent a them a copy of my sale receipt, less than 3 months old, and they ask me to take a picture of the broken handle. I said so you think that customers are asking for handles because they are collecting them. I said read all the reviews that say the handle has broken off this unit. And even if they did send it it would have been the same flawed handle on the unit that would break off again anyway.2 hours waiting time to for them to pick up the phone.It has been over a month that I asked a question and still have not gotten a reply.I was interested in getting the more rugged looking unit of there’s PPHP1541WMU It also has blue tooth.I wanted to know if i could still use my wireless mics from the PWMA 1290UI with the new unit I wanted to buy PPHP1541WMU .They could not answer this question. I said don’t you have both units at your place so all you have to do is try it. No response.This is not the only time I have had to deal with them. Each time having to wait hours for them to pick up the phone.I wrote to the head man there :Ben Tzion DavisElectronic Engineering TechnicianTech Support managementProduct Research and DevelopmentNo response, no attempt to help by trying it out for me or just open up the battery compartment.and see if is says the transmitter frequency.You would think this would be in the manual, it is not.

  9. B. Hebert

    Great for the gigs I do!I’m still figuring out all the bells & whistles on this unit. It puts out a good level of sound indoors, but doesn’t seem to be as loud outdoors. I’m not an expert with sound systems, though, so it could just be me. I do love that there are so many ways to hook up things to it, and it to other systems. I hook up an mp3 player and a microphone to it to entertain at the local Veterans Home, and it puts out good sound for the dining room. I’ve tried hooking up my mp3 player through the retractable stereo cord near the iPad/iPod recess on the top, but it doesn’t seem to allow the mp3 player to get as loud as it does when I connect it through the guitar jack. I haven’t tried the echo feature yet, mainly because I sing and talk during my gigs, and since I’m my own sound person, it’s better not to use it, rather than turn it on and off. The USB jack worked great when my mp3 player ran out of battery power, I plugged it in and it lasted the rest of the gig. So far, so good!

  10. Vernon Breakfield

    Headset back don’t workI bought the same unit 3 years ago & new is on a differen frequency. Can use the together. Also the wireless mic that goes over your head does not function well with the pack that it plugs into.

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