Mini Drone with Camera – Drones for Kids Beginners, RC Quadcopter with App FPV Video, Voice Control, Altitude Hold, Headless

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【ATTOP X2W Mini Camera Drone for kids】1. FPV drone for live video & HD picture – our ATTOP mini drone is equipped with a camera which could let you enjoy taking photos and other sights. Just connecting your phone with an app could operate a professional drone with camera. 2. Easy operation and suitable for kids – quadcopter drone could easily operate, just one key take off/landing, and height hold keeps camera drones at a certain height, which makes small drones for kids very easy to control and take photos or videos. And it is a micro hand drone in which kids aged 4 – 12 also can use it easily. Our drone with a camera is a cool gift for kids. 3. Multiple Flight Function Send You More Fun – ATTOP rc drone adopts many different functions like 3D flip, headless mode, AR game mode, voice control and so on. You could use 3D flip to flip forwards, backwards, left and right just take a button. 4. Foldable design and 2 Batteries – Our fpv drone for kids is foldable and you could put it in the controller. We provide 2 batteries for this drone, the camera drone can work for 10 mins. Come and choose us, a cool toy drone for your boys and girls. Our camera drone is a cool gift for boys and girls, and it will connect the relationship between the kids and parents. Choose the toy drone for your kids’ birthday gifts.

Additional information

Weight 298 kg
Dimensions 13.21 × 6.91 cm




Product Dimensions

‎18.11 x 13.21 x 6.91 cm; 298 Grams


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item model number

‎X-pack 2

Manufacturer Part Number


Mirror Adjustment

‎Voice Control


‎Ocean Blue

Item Weight

‎298 g



Date First Available

22 January 2021


‎Guangdong Attop Technology Co Ltd

10 reviews for Mini Drone with Camera – Drones for Kids Beginners, RC Quadcopter with App FPV Video, Voice Control, Altitude Hold, Headless

  1. Bigdogsam

    Two great reasons to buy this drone
    First I live in an area full of airports, public, private, and international. To fly my two larger gps drones I have to travel a long way.Because of this I own 8 at last count mini “kids” drones. They all fly differently. They allow me to fine tune my flying skills legally indoors.Why I am keeping this one.Characteristics:* It is like flying a brick compared to every other drone I own, I have smaller drones, like Holyton HT02, to DJI Mavic.* If the entire drone unfolded will fit on a grown man’s hand, DO NOT THINK ABOUT FLYING IT OUTSIDE!* The fact the drone fits in the controller is a NOVELTY. If your child takes this drone with them they still need the charging cable which will not fit in controller, so chances of that cable getting lost or damaged are high.* Frustration, I do fly this drone, keep in mind after my short 8 minute maybe flight, I can let the battery cool down so I get maximum lifespan out of the battery, then plug it in and change it back up. WHILE I fly my other drones. Flying 8 minutes, stopping for 45 minutes to charge for another 8 minute flight would make me nuts or more likely move on to something else.I could go on, but you get the idea.WHY I’M KEEPING IT AND PRACTICE WITH IT.* I said the drone fitting into the controller is a NOVELTY, I have taken this to a party, take a quick video from the drone, you only have about 5 minutes or so recording and flying. Then show video. Good for about 15 minutes of entertainment flying and showing video. It’s interesting to show the technology to people who have never seen a drone fly up close.MAIN REASON I KEEP AND FLY THIS DRONE, PRACTICE.* You have two “sticks” on a drone controller. The left one controls the “yaw” the rotation of the drone on it’s axis and power, vertical movement up and down. The right one controls “pitch” this causes the drone to go forward, backward, and any direction in-between.* The flight characteristics of this drone are such that the “yaw”, the ability to rotate, is so unresponsive compared to the “pitch” it forces you to make flight corrections using pitch at all different angles to keep from crashing into the wall. On one other of my drones if you are heading for a wall you can quickly rotate, punch the pitch forward and you’re fine. On this drone you’ll try to rotate and smash into the wall. It forces you to use your pitch control in a much more advanced way. I have learned to use my pitch in ways I would never done otherwise.Would I buy this as a first drone – NOWould I buy this for a child – definitely not,* Hard to control compared to any other drone I’ve ever used.* NO PROP GUARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Short battery run time.Would I buy it again, maybe, for the NOVELTY, and learning to fly in new and advanced ways, otherwise no way.

  2. Susan Millan

    Nephew present 🎁
    I got this for my nephew, he was very excited when he received it. However, he lost it on the first day of trying it. It seems the drone flew away 🥲

  3. shanniece Jones

    Flight time is only 5 minutes and take 30 to charge
    I was a little disappointed in the size after opening it but it’s actually nice and pretty easy to fly around the house once your comfortable with the controls. I got this for my son for his birthday because he had been asking for a drone for some time now. Great gift but biggest downfall is the fly time is only 5-6 minutes and charge time takes 30 min. I would not recommend this product based on the flight time. It’s frustrating trying to learn and then five minutes later you have to put it back on the charger. Hopefully I can get my money back and find a drone with more flight time.

  4. heidi

    Good for kids
    My son is 7 and he loves it

  5. Ronni Potts

    Very small. Excepted it to be bigger!

  6. Perfectionist

    Anything for Braden
    This is what my grandson likes. If it makes this 8 year old happy, then I get it for him🤗

  7. Twins Mom

    Worked for maybe 1 month before it broke
    I bought this for my son last year for Christmas. He loved it and had so much fun flying it until one of the propellers broke off and it stopped working after only 1 month. I was able to get the propeller back on but it won’t spin or fly. Also we were never able to actually view the video while flying. It just had the same screen the whole time and the button to view video on the app wouldn’t allow us to click on it. It was fun while it lasted, even without video, but for the price I would hope it would last longer than 1 month! Now for the last 11 months it’s just been sitting in a box in our living room. I’ve tried multiple times to try and fix it to no avail. Very disappointed as my son loved this!

  8. JMelt710

    Buyer beware the device does not always respond to remote!!!
    We were hoping to love this! My daughter has been begging for a drone and after reading numerous reviews, I decided to buy this one to surprise her on her birthday. Unfortunately we were already past the return window once the gift was given. But first flight was somewhat successful so I breathed a sigh of relief. Second flight, she ran off screaming because it was not responding to her cues via the remote so she was frustrated and I had to land it and put it up for the day. The next day we decided to try it with the camera because that was one of the main features she was hoping for in a drone. It had an amazing picture from the tiny little camera but within a minute it took off on its own and would not respond to anything we tried to do with the remote, it was almost like someone else was controlling it.We went on vacation to the mountains and decided to set it at home instead of chancing loosing it in the woods but once we returned we went to grandmas that has a giant, wide open yard and tried to show her our new drone. It took off high in the sky within minutes of flight and buzzed off as fast as can be and disappeared into the abyss while not responding to the remote one iota. So we are out an expensive toy and have a very sad little girl. I’d suggest finding a drone that communicates well with its receiver to avoid the headache/heartache!!We had 10+ people between two houses looking for this thing and looked for multiple days in a row. Once it rained heavy for 4 days straight, we gave up.

  9. cynthia halpern

    Attop did not respond to a complaint I had
    The drone was a lot of fun for less than 5 hours. I had given my granddaughter this drone for her birthday as she has been asking for a drone for so long. She was so disappointed when it stopped working the first day she used it. Attop did not reply to my complaint that even though it was purchased earlier than her birthday, May 21, it was only used that one time( with adult help and supervision). Their 30 day warranty was over by just a few days. I am going to purchase it one more time for my granddaughter but not again. Buyer beware.

  10. BNG

    Tiny but fun!
    It’s simple and easy to use, but fully charged it only lasts about 10-15 minutes really wish there was more airtime. It’s tiny + fits in the palm of my hand. Simple to use. Yet for this price, I would invest in one that holds a longer charge and is a bit larger.

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