Meike 85mm f1.8 Large Aperture Full Frame Auto Focus Telephoto Lens for Canon EOS EF Mount Digital SLR Camera Compatible with

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Meike 85mm f/1.8 Performance

Sharpness: very good level at f/1.8 and f/2.8, rising to excellent from f/4 to f/8.

Sharpness is still very good at f/11 and f/16, only falling off to fair levels at f/22.

Edge sharpness is quite poor at f/1.8, fair at f/2.8 but then perks up to being very good at f/4 and excellent at f/5.6 to f/8.

It is still very good at f/11 and f/16, falling off to being only fair at f/22.

CA (Chromatic Aberration) is remarkably well controlled throughout the aperture range. It is very unlikely that CA will be seen

as a problem and if further correction is ever needed we can of course look to software solutions.

Vignetting at open aperture is quite obvious at -1.5 stops, although this does have a useful side effect in that corners of an image

are often darkened inpost processing to concentrate our eyes on the centre of the image.

Here we have a natural effect, more often seen in wide angle designs. At f/2.8 darkening has reduced to around two thirds of a stop

and this has reduced to about one third of a stop by f/4. It doesn’t really get any better than this, the mild -0.3 stop vignetting continuing

right through the aperture range.

The lens shows +0.63% pincushion distortion, which again is an excellent performance. Further correction could be made in software if the need arose, but for most purposes this would not be necessary. Performance against the light is excellent as well, and flare was not observed in any of the conditions found throughout the test period.

Meike 85mm F/1.8 Manual Focus Telephoto Fixed Prime Lens Sample Images

meike 85 1.8 sony


Aperture Range: f/1.8 – f/22

Lens Construction: 6 Groups 9 Elements

Filter Thread Size: 67mm

Angle of View: 28.5°

Minimum Focus Distance: 0.85m

Size: 79 * 75 mm

Weight: 420g

Meike 85mm F/1.8 Manual Focus Telephoto Fixed Prime Lens Sample Images

meike 8518 canon

Meike 85mm f/1.8 Pros

Excellent sharpness

Low CA

Low distortion

Meike 85mm f/1.8 Cons

AF noisy and slow

No weather resistance

Edge softness wide open

Meike 85mm F/1.8 Manual Focus Telephoto Fixed Prime Lens Sample Images

meike 8518 sony


1*MK-85MM F/1.8 Lens

2*Lens Cap(front and rear)

1*Lens hood

1*Lens bag

1*Lens Cleaning Cloth


Meike 85mm F/1.8 Manual Focus Telephoto Fixed Prime Lens Sample Images

meike 85mm 1.8 ef

Photographer: Joshua Waller

Additional information

Weight 615 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 12.2 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 15.4 x 12.7 x 12.2 cm; 615 Grams

Date First Available

‎ 24 August 2018



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10 reviews for Meike 85mm f1.8 Large Aperture Full Frame Auto Focus Telephoto Lens for Canon EOS EF Mount Digital SLR Camera Compatible with

  1. Gustavo Altamar

    Great lens?
    I did photography many years ago as a hobby and recently got back to taking pictures. I was looking for a portrait lens. And I have to say for the price. This is worth it.Using this lens for a cannon 60D.Not full frame Camera, but it works.

  2. Christian Javier Morales Báez

    Para aficionados excelente
    El lente es excelente, supongo que los que tienen lentes Sigma (o marcas premium) le encontrarán varios defectos, sin embargo, para los que somos aficionados o vamos empezando en la fotografía es una excelente opción, el bokeh en 1.8 se ve excelente, tiene un ruido de enfoque un poco alto, pero nada que afecte al momento de tomas las fotos, repito, aquellos que tienen más experiencia o mejores lentes le encontrarán defectos cuando los comparan, pero en sí no me arrepiento de la compra, es el lente que uso para todo, incluso he tomado fotos de paisajes con este lente (obviamente no es lo ideal pero para aislar partes de ti paisaje funciona de maravilla) en retrato es excelente, lo recomiendo ampliamente para quienes van comenzando o si no te alcanza para el original de Canon.

  3. Tim M

    For the price point, it’s a great lens.
    I bought this lens for my crop sensor Canon DSLR. Since it’s a crop sensor camera, this 85mm lens equates to about a 135mm lens. I have a 50mm f1.8 lens which equates to about an 80mm lens, so I bought this one for something a bit longer. I didn’t want to spend a lot on it since I won’t use it that much, but it would be nice to have in the kit with such a low f-stop when needed.For the money, literally hundreds less than name brand 85mm lenses, this lens is a keeper. I have a couple minor complaints, but then again, I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect for the price, and it worked out better that I ever expected. All the attached photos were taken the day I got the lens. They were all shot between about 11pm and 11:30pm, at ISO 400 or 1600, f1.8, handheld, between 1/25 and 1/125 of a second.First off, this lens does not have image stabilization. So, since it acts like a mid-range telephoto lens, shooting skill or use of a mono or tripod may be needed at slower shutter speeds to minimize blur. Second, the autofocus is loud. Not real loud, but definitely more noisy than any Canon or Sigma lens I own. Noticeably louder. If using this lens shooting a wedding, it would be heard, unlike my Canon or Sigma lenses. Third, at f1.8, with high contract objects, like light bulbs against a night sky, or tree leaves against a bright sky, there is noticeable purple fringing. At f2.0, it’s barely perceptible, and at f2.8 and above, it’s gone.This purple fringing is not uncommon for many lenses when they are used wide open. It is also very fixable in photo editing programs. Most have a “de-fringe” kind of setting that when checked, removed it. All the light bulbs in the attached photos had some purple fringing, but my software removed it with just the click of a checkbox in the program.The images are a bit soft wide open at f1.8 (not a bad thing actually), noticeably improved at f2.0, and at f2.8, I’d rate it excellent for sharpness. At f4.0 to f11, the photos are stunning. A bit of chromatic aberration starts to be noticeable if you look for it, but it won’t jump out at you. At f16 and f22, it is more notable, but again, it’s not that uncommon for many lenses at those really small apertures. I didn’t include any daytime shots, because if you like the night shots I uploaded at f1.8, you’re going to love your photos in daylight.The lens seems solidly built. It is a plastic lens rather than metal, so it’s not one you would want to treat poorly, but the mount is a metal ring and connects solidly. I don’t know what the longevity will be. At this price, some corners obviously need to be cut. Time will tell, and I’ll update if there is something new to report. I have no idea how photos from this lens would look on a full frame sensor camera, but on my crop sensor, they’re better and more than I was expecting for the price. For me, it’s a worthwhile addition to my kit at this price, for the occasional times I need this focal length.


    This lens is grate.
    This lens needs setting up my lens was back folkising. canon 5D m2 set up in camera. PERFECT.

  5. Garandguy76

    An excellent lens for students and amateurs
    As long as you understand what you’re buying, when you buy this lens, you’ll love it.I consider myself to be an amateur, with a few years of Photography under my belt. I’ve never owned an 85mm lens, have read that they’re great for portraits, and can be expensive. I decided, for the price, this would be a great way to get into more portraits and storytelling style photos.This is an excellent teaching lens, it’s forgiving, and doesn’t include the Image Stabilization of your more expensive lenses, so it is recommended that you use a tripod, or develop solid posture with your camera. A nice feature is the Auto Focus, as well as the manual focus. This lens doesn’t zoom, it’s fixed at 85mm, so you will have to work to get your photos just the way you want them, but at this price point, it’s certainly worth it. I’m also learning how to improve my manual focus, so again, an excellent teaching lens. You really need to plan your shots to some degree to benefit from any 85mm lens, so please try to remember, this is more than a “point and shoot” lens.The auto focus is not silent, especially if you’re reading reviews from Photogs who use $800+ lenses, to them, it sounds like a 747 parking next to their bed at midnight. Trust me, it’s not that loud, nowhere close to it. I’ve enclosed my most recent work, a panoramic consisting of 3 photos, all taken with this lens, digitally merged. If you look carefully at the photo, you’ll hear the noise the lens made when I took the pictures……The lens comes with the ability to update the firmware, but I have yet to figure out the procedure. The included documentation doesn’t make it easy to find. A simple and easy to understand solution needs to be provided by the manufacturer, soon.Overall, I’m very happy with this lens, the money I’ve saved, and the photos I’ve taken. Again, as long as you understand what you’re buying, vs what your expectations are, your experience with this lens should be a great one.

  6. Derek Fritts

    Amazing lens for the price, but it is LOUD!
    As a photo lens this might be the best bang for buck available. If your camera has a good auto focus system it’ll be great for video as well……as long as it’s B-roll. If you need the audio from your video… DO NOT USE THIS LENS! Again, for the price this lens is AMAZING…but the auto focus motor is insanely loud.

  7. jeremy ritch

    Good for the price
    Lens is a great budget options for portraits autofocus is tricky, but it does the job. A little loud for video but for portrait work, I think it’s a nice cheap 85mm to have in the bag.

  8. tchasman

    Should work well at Conferences
    It should prove helpful at conferences. Autofocus works well. Durable lens. Works on my Cannon 2000D.

  9. Diego Ledesma

    Lento al enfocar
    Muy lento e impreciso al enfocar objetos en movimiento (en una Canon 6D mark ii). Lo usé para tomar fotos en una boda al civil y le cuesta trabajo enfocar a la gente aunque no se estén moviendo muy rápido. No lo recomiendo para un escenario como ese. Está bien para retratos o para objetos estáticos.

  10. Caitlin S.

    This is a great lens I have a cannon rebel t7 and it fits great and the images are beautiful it is the tiniest bit loud while trying to focus but I love it over all!

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