M-Game RGB Dual USB Audio Interface Mixer for Streaming and Gaming with XLR Microphone in, Optical in, Voice FX, Sampler, RGB

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Brand M-GAME
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Supported Software M-Game Software
Connectivity Technology Usb
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.5 x 10.8 x 2.8 inches

  • Make Streaming Easy – Control and mix your audio with intuitive and easy-to-use controls. Focus on your audience, stream and game. Spend less time worrying about audio complications
  • Personalize your Streaming Experience – Import, create, edit and assign images to your samples and voice FX. Tailor your sound with virtual mix controls with the included M-Game Software
  • Dual USB and Console Connection – No more buzzing, hum, or strange cable setups. Dual USB connections allow for a gaming PC and streaming PC to be connected simultaneously
  • Crystal Clear Mic Technology – Enhance microphone quality by configuring Gate, Compressor, EQ, High-Pass Filter, Phantom Power, Mic-Booster, and De-esser FX. Get the professional sound you are looking for
  • Creative Voice FX – Use the built-in FX or create your own with pitch, harmony, distortion, reverb, and more. Censor button allows you to censor with assignable sound FX and editable Mic Mute button
  • Real-Time Control – The Headphone, Main Control Knob and 5 Individual Faders allow you to control your speakers, samples, microphone, game, chat, headphones, and more
  • Customizable Lighting – Match your game room aesthetic perfectly by customizing all elements of the top surface using RGB solid colors, gradients, pulsing, chasing and rainbow LED effects
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The M-Game RGB Dual is a dual-USB streaming audio mixer with customizable RGB LED lighting, sampler, and voice shaping and FX combined with a professional audio interface and physical mixing control surface. With the RGB Dual you can easily create an entertaining and customizable live streaming set-up with tools at your fingertips that will enhance your gaming experience and wow your audience. The M-Game RGB Dual streaming mixer and the powerful M-Game software combine to give you an audio interface and powerful live streaming mixer that provides you with ultimate control of your live stream. Customize your output levels for music, mic, chat, games, sampler and more. Instantly capture sound bites and save them on your hard drive. As the most versatile live streaming mixer on the market, M-Game RGB Dual offers connections for all your equipment and ultimate mix control of your live stream. Connect any microphone to our M-Audio Crystal mic preamp circuitry for broadcast level quality of your voice. Dual USB connections allow for a gaming PC and streaming PC to be connected simultaneously. An additional optical game console input and 1/8” stereo input is available for any additional audio devices such as phones and tablets. Plus, a footswitch can be used for additional control of M-Game controls or your favorite software shortcuts and hotkeys. Use the 5 physical faders for real-time mixing of your voice, chat, game, PC Audio, and sampler right to your stream. The large center control knob provides instant control of your headphones, headset, speakers, and voice effect parameters. Take full control over your gaming experience and provide maximum entertainment to your audience.

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All specifications are measured at 20 kHz bandwidth

Minimum system requirements: Mac OS 10.15 and Windows 10
Dimensions (w/d/h): 10.74” x 6.6” x 2.64”
Main or Headphone Outputs: unbalanced 1/8” TRS
Power Output: 42 mW RMS (per channel into 32 Ω)
Dynamic Range: 113 dB (A-weighted)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+0.1/-0.2 dB)
THD+N: 0.005%, 1 kHz, 10mW (per channel into 32 Ω)
Max Output Level: +6.0 dBu (unloaded)
Output Impedance: 10 Ω
Mic Input: (balanced XLR)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 109 dB (1 kHz, +4 dBu, A-weighted)
Dynamic Range: 110 dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: 0.0015% (1 kHz, +4 dBu, -1 dBFS)
Max Input Level: +5 dBu
Sensitivity: -54 dBu
Preamp EIN: -130 dBu

Additional information

Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 10.8 × 2.8 cm
Item Weight

1.54 pounds

Product Dimensions

6.5 x 10.8 x 2.8 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number

RGB Dual

Date First Available

September 8, 2022

Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Supported Software

M-Game Software

Operating System




10 reviews for M-Game RGB Dual USB Audio Interface Mixer for Streaming and Gaming with XLR Microphone in, Optical in, Voice FX, Sampler, RGB

  1. Rodor

    It’s a Solid GoXLR Competitor, but I’ts not perfectI did just get the device, and first impressions. The included cables are far to short, It has to centered on my desk under my mic arm, both the USB and power cables are stretched to their limits and forget about setting up a dual PC setup. I would say the USB cables are about 2 and half to 3 feet in length.Now I get it situated in place the wires allow and we’re off to the races, I use the a Blue Sona (requires phantom power) as my mic with guerilla audio cable. First the software, It’s very basic and feel a little under developed, and the routing table may take a little time to grasp, then on the windows Routing side it’s just as confusing. I will be honest and say I’m not using the routing table though, I’m using the wavelink and streamdeck+ to mix all my other audio. One big reason for this is that I like to run my audio between my speakers and my wireless headphones when streaming, I can’t find anyway other than running a mix to the wavelink (or voicemeter) to hear it in my wireless headphones.The headphone out though is very low latency and maybe it was my headphone or the wire I had but the quality was lacking, but to monitor it’s just fine. The voice changer is “Okay” I’m coming from voicemod and this on board voice changer leaves alot to be desired, but it’s just fine for my main needs. The Sound effects though, I don’t care for most of the ones that come on-board, but you can add you own or record in the moment, they can all be adjusted in length and volume. The RGB, it’s RGB but decently customizable.Now for me and my mic and cable when connected sounds fine I have the gain dial just over the half way mark, now for the digital interface that adjust the EQ, Compressor, De-esser, Noise gate, and High Pass Filter. I hate this part of the software, after the beacn mic was super nice on this front, and the VST U.I. for things in wavelink, I feel that just a couple of knobs with numbers (I can barely read since the software window has very little change in size adjustment) it’s hard to tell what I need to change or even what I’m changing. Also if it matters to you, there is no VST support, so you cant add any A.I. noise removal.I would say for the price this can be a alternitive to the GoXLR or Nexus, but I say do some research and look at feature you do and don’t need.I did just get the device, but after I have some more time with it I’ll edit this review to reflect my knowledge (and potential software updates) of the device

  2. Alex

    Sounds Good, Software could use some work.The M Game Solo is pretty good, it has the ability to hear both PC and console at the same time which is exactly what I was looking for. (via usb for PC and via optical for console, but you need an HDMI audio extractor with optical out for PS5 though). The XLR Mic input does seem to have a bit of noise if you max out the gain, but if you lower it a bit then it sounds fine. There are better options for that though. The audio coming to my headphones sounds perfect, no complaints (32Bit 48Khz on PC). The sliders on the unit could be a bit smoother, but it’s not really an issue for me. The only complaint about the physical unit I have is that certain things don’t have an LED, so I have to turn on a light to see what I’m touching sometimes. The software is kind of buggy, some settings wouldn’t save and required a restart of the software. To even be able to download the software (and get the driver required, you have to register the device on the product site which is absolutely terrible. Overall, I’d say it’s probably worth the ~$70 price tag it was on sale for, as other alternatives are easily double or triple the price, but those units probably also work better. This is a decent budget option. Another issue I had, which has nothing to do with the product, is that the first time I bought this, it never got delivered. Idk if it got stolen or just delivered to the wrong address, but it never showed up. Regardless, Amazon got it sorted out for me and I eventually got it.

  3. Nick Woodruff

    Good goXLR alternativeFirst I would like to start by saying I consider myself to be an audiophile. This product is great. Works exactly as advertised and is a good alternative for more expensive sound interfaces like the goxlr. I run a dual pc set up and I was able to use this without issues (I send my audio over network between the PCs within obs but I use one of the outputs from here into a sound card on my streaming pc as a backup). Having the ability to have different apps as difference sources that I can mute is awesome and adjust the volume to is awesome.However the software is really what holds this back from a 5 star review. It works but it feels very clunky. The interface is not super friendly and the window can’t really be resized and whenever I put it on my 2nd monitor it zooms in like 30 times really makes no sense. I wish there was more than one voice effect button. I think it could be a little more customizable as far as what the buttons do and so on. I would like a little more control from within this app or maybe just a new app that doesn’t suck. Bottom line is if you have the extra money spend it and get the more reputable brand. If you are on a budget go with this you won’t be upset. Just a little confused at first. But then again I didn’t read any of the stuff that came with it.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Decent Budget Mixer/InterfaceDecent budget mixer/interface if you can figure out the settings. Software is a little confusing to use but if you can figure it out, it’s good for it’s price. Got it for ~$90 (Solo version) and they lowered the price to $69 the next day. Kinda bummed about that but for $69-$100 i recommend this for those who want a budget goxlr and don’t mind messing with the settings. If you want convenience though, I don’t recommend this. Also if you turn it off, your PC lags and basically crashes. I have a 10700k and 2080 so I’m thinking it’s just a software problem or my PC specs just can’t handle when the M-Game turns off. Noise-gate in the software of the product produces a cracking/crackling noise so I can’t increase the gain too much/use mic boost (lots of background noise since I can’t use noise gate). Not sure if others can hear it or just me through mic monitoring but it’s annoying either way. Might just get a cloudlifter to get some clean gain. Their setup instructions for OBS is to basically make “System” as your device for Mic/Aux. The issue with this is I can’t add noise suppression OBS filter for my mic because it’ll apply it to my system sounds, chat, game, music, etc. So if you want to add OBS filters to your mic only, you need to figure out a way to separate the audio channels.Overall, confusing software. No dedicated mic channel. Noise gate produces crackling noise. Wouldn’t recommend for people who want convenience but would recommend for those wanting a budget goxlr and don’t mind messing with the settings. Just make sure you don’t turn off the product itself or your pc might freeze.

  5. Tasoli

    Electric hissingI want to like this product, but as it stands I’m sending it back and hoping the replacement doesn’t suffer the same flaws. The unit I got emits a constant pulsing of electronic noise, no matter the situation. I know audio devices can be finnicky so I made sure to keep all the levels down, gain down, everything at 0. I plugged my headphones into the HP OUT and the MAIN OUT and both emit the same pulsing electronic background noise. I then plugged in a pair of speakers, and the same noise was present. Finally, I ran the mixer off a battery that has an AC plug-in to see if the unfortunate noise was coming from my electrical grid – no luck, the noise was present even when running the mixer off a portable battery not connected to the power grid. I even updated the software and hoped that a firmware update may fix it, but that proved fruitless as well.The mixer itself seems decent, and at the reduced price of $70 I’d be happy to pay it if the replacement unit I’m getting doesn’t have the odd electric pulsing noise present in my first unit. It feels well-built, the sliders and large main dial feel good to use and not of cheap quality. I would much rather use my computer’s soundcard and utilize the M-GAME as an external volume controller only, however this doesn’t seem possible based on my initial explorations. Additionally, those who use wireless headphones or microphones should look elsewhere, as I don’t see a way to route those through the M-GAME either. Basically the M-GAME can apparently only take audio from a program running on a computer (or through 3.5mm input / optical input) and then output that audio through a 3.5mm jack on the unit itself. Despite using a USB connection, I see no way to take audio from the M-GAME and route it into my computer. After downloading the M-GAME software I’m not even able to control the M-GAME software input/output using Windows’ app volume preferences – the app doesn’t show up at all.

  6. Davis Hernandez

    This is so perfectPerfect, and the price is just awesome.You will have 4 interfaces in windows allowing you to control the volume of the chat, the game, the system…. as you want, and not just that, you can decide what devices go on each volume, you can also connect speakers and route the sound to the speakers when needed. Quality is good, software needs more enhancement but it’s not bad. Also, new features can be added to the software to make it works even better. support will be happy to get ideas and advice on enhancements. The best part is the price, not as crazy as others and does the same and even more.

  7. Joey

    this is just like the GOXLRif your looking for a good mixer for streaming or gaming the software that comes with this is easy to use unlike the GOXLR Software which breaks every time you use it with the Solo you can have 6 sound fx and 1 voice fx with the dual RGB you can have 10 sound fx and 4 voice fx overall I think this is a good mixer and I’ll say if you have a dynamic Microphone open the software and turn off the phantom power or else you’ll break your Mic

  8. Alejandro Lopez

    Looks cool to bad it doesn’t work!!!I purchased and was excited to use it only had it a week or so it never really worked anytime I would get in a discord call it would turn off and restart messing up all my settings and crashing discord. Don’t get me started on playing games I played valorant and it would constantly crash and restart every min or so do not buy this save up a little more and get a Goxlr!!!

  9. Sam

    The best and must have interface for a dual PC setupI run a dual PC streaming/gaming setup. This is the first product I’ve found that connects to both and allows you to send/receive audio across devices flawlessly. One XLR mic that hits both PCs, mute button allows you to mute Discord while still talking to chat. Choose what your faders control for your own volume. Voice FXs, mute button, option to add foot pedals. The software is comprehensive and the walk through videos give you everything you need. Also, my setup is Tower and Laptop…. I only mention because the laptop sometimes has issues versus the tower when it comes to this stuff.Seriously, if you’re looking for a goXLR but for two PCs…. get this. You won’t regret it.

  10. Edward S

    Me gustóCumple con todas las funciones que buscaba. Lo único que resalto es que los efectos no funcionan a menos que tengas abierto su programa en la computadora.

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