Jennov POE Security Camera 5MP(2592×1944) HD IP PTZ Security Camera CCTV Home Video & Audio Surveillance Outdoor Pan Tilt & 5X

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Brand Jennov
Model Name 5MP POE PTZ Camera Outdoor
Connectivity Technology Wired
Special Feature POE ptz camera
  • ★5MP Super HD POE Camera★ With a high resolution of 5 megapixels (2592×1944), this 5MP HD IP surveillance camera is able to capture videos in HD quality,high chroma fidelity. It is a huge advancement compared to 720p HD or 1080p Full HD. IR-CUT switchs over day and night automatically: you never miss a single detail of your loved ones with this high definetion POE(power over Ethernet) bullet camera.
  • ★PTZ Outdoor Camera with Audio★ You can control the rotation(Horizontal 0- 260°,Vertical -5-60°) and 5x Zoom through mobilephone ,tablet or PC, with this PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) CCTV Surveillance IP security camera optical zoom lens(2.8-12mm). Built-in microphone brings you real-time high quality one-way audio(it only supports audio recording,no intercom function).
  • ★Power Over Ethernet★ The 5MP PTZ camera is PoE Camera Outdoor and Indoor: PoE security camera wired with only one Ethernet cable (up to 330ft), plug and play easy setup for optional PoE switch or injector, no extra power adapter needed. This waterproof PoE bullet camera fit for indoor and outdoor, residential areas, retail store, business use.
  • ★Email Alert, Motion Notification and Remote View★ You can set your camera for instant email alerts and push notifications to your smart device whenever significant motion is detected. And you can crop areas and select times for motion detection. Receive instant mobile alerts when visitors approach any of your surveillance cameras and check what is happening remotely.
  • ★Support & Warranty★ To ensure the Sustainability and Stability we suggest to connect this camera to POE NVR system although it can be for standalone use.Please contact Seller for any question(we know more about it) or contact Customer Support email in the manual. Tel: (323)902-1978. If no answer from the phone, please send us email with your phone number. We can call you back as soon as possible.


From the brand

Product Description

5MP POE PTZ Camera, Support Audio Recording, IP66 Waterproof, Night Vision, Free App Remote Access

5MP POE ptz camera outdoor

Jennov 5MP High Definition POE PTZ IP Security camera supports Pan, Tilt & Zoom, IR Cut automatically switch with Great Night Vision & Motion Detection, which can be used Outdoor & Indoor with Remote access function by phone App.


  • POE Standard: 802.3af, 48V. NOT Wifi Camera; NO BNC connecting.
  • Free Software: Danale App(for phone); LMS software(for PC) If any problem, please contact JENNOV Support or the Seller.
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount (not good for Ceiling mount)
  • Lens: 2.7-13.5mm 5MP HD Lens
  • Night Vision: 4pcs IR LED, 68ft Night Vision Distance
  • Frame Rate: Up to 15fps
  • Weatherproof: IP66 Level
  • SD card Slot: No
  • Audio: Support audio recording
  • Video Compression: H.264+ main profile, AVI format, Support RTSP, Compatible with AVI Media Player

(If your NVR only supports H.264,please set the camera to H.264 to make it match)

  • Power: optional by both DC 12V(adapter included) and POE(48V)
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃~50℃
ptz camera outdoor

5MP High Definition Gives You a Sense of Visual Enjoyment


5MP Super HD POE Camera

With a high resolution of 5 megapixels (2592X1944), this 5MP HD surveillance IP camera is able to capture videos in High Definition quality,high chroma fidelity. It is a huge advancement compared to 720p HD or 1080p Full HD.

Pan and Tilt:

  • Slip your fingers on the phone screen to make the camera rotate Up/Down/Left/Right,view every angle you want.
  • It is better and more smoother to control the rotation on PC than on smart phone.
  • Note: when you do the rotation, there may be some lag if the internet is not good with the camera or phone.

easy remote access with phone app

audio recording

Day and Night Vision

Day & Night Vision 24/7 Protection

The 5MP cameras provide Super High Definition color video during the daytime, and clear black and white video at night with IR Cut. The IR LED lights cast brightly which provides an astounding 65 feet of night vision range.

IP66 Waterproof

Comes with IP66 level lithium alloy case, can be used for outdoor even under rain, snow or storm. You can install it outdoors without worrying about putting it outdoors all the year round. It is the best choice for outdoor use.

Remote Access & Multi-device Simultaneously

This security camera supports Android/iOS/Windows and multiple users sharing. So your family can log in to view live video, recorded footage without losing important moment information.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 5.71 × 2.76 × 3.35 cm
Product Dimensions

5.71 x 2.76 x 3.35 inches

Item Weight

2 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

November 7, 2018


Shenzhen Dianchen Industrial Co.,Ltd

10 reviews for Jennov POE Security Camera 5MP(2592×1944) HD IP PTZ Security Camera CCTV Home Video & Audio Surveillance Outdoor Pan Tilt & 5X

  1. chris

    Pin out when replacing water damaged ethernet jackI now have three of these. Not the best or worst. Good price point, good quality picture. The PTZ can be a little sluggish. I use Blue Iris, which recognized the camera and did most of the setup. I bought Camera #3 to replace one that stopped working due to water damage at the RJ45 ethernet jack. It had failed before and I was able to clean up the contacts and silicone the fitting. That fix lasted about a year before corrosion eventually damaged the connection beyond repair, so I bit the bullet and just got a new one.I have been fussing with the retired camera and found only six conductors in the incoming cable, so posted a question about the pinout colors. Not receiving an answer, I did some continuity testing and came up with the following pin out. I’m putting it here in case others have the same issue. This is not a waterproof solution, so I may use the camera in an indoor location. But it does work. Remember that 10/100 gigabit ethernet only uses the orange and green pairs for data, and POE for 10/100 uses the blue and brown pairs to power the camera.Cut off the 8 pin jack, then strip off a little over an inch of the remaining cable’s outer jacket. Separate the six conductors. For a RJ45 keystone jack (using the T-568B standard which is more common) punch down the six conductors as follows:Purple to White/OrangeBrown to OrangeWhite to White/GreenGreen to GreenThat does the data and you are left with a blue and yellow conductor. If you are powering the camera from the other input jack, you are done. If you are using POE, continue:Blue to Blue, then put a jumper from Blue to White/Blue (that covers the positive 48v)Yellow to Brown, then put a jumper from Brown to White/Brown (that’s the negative 48v)Done, and your camera should come up if the issue was a corroded connection. Also consider replacing the RJ45 plug the goes into the jack if there are signs of moisture damage there too. If you are able to encase the whole thing in a watertight shrink wrap or similar, you will be back in business outside too.

  2. Sono-san

    Best IR/Bullet PTZ camera on the Market and a great Price!I’ve looked at all the available “Bullet” Style PTZ cameras and this model is the best for the price and functions. I wanted a camera that anyone could see where the camera is looking, plus I needed a camera designed to be on top of a structure, unlike a dome PTZ that usually hangs down or is mounted under a structure.I did not use the “Easy” setup process with an app (The Danale app is very poor in my opinion), I always program everything manually. This camera is just like any other IP camera, starts on DHCP and gets an IP address from the Router, the default port is 80. Find the camera IP in the router log, open a browser window and type in the IP address into the address bar to log in. Log in with default admin/password to gain access to all the camera settings. ***I was unable to find any app that works directly with this model camera (excluding Danele), however my Amcrest NVR was already installed in the Amcrest App, so I control this camera through the Amcrest NVR via the Amcrest app. I have a few HD cameras already streaming on my home network, I tend to use 1280x720P resolution and set it to about 7 frames per second. In surveillance, 720P, 7 fps & 768K is plenty, in my opinion. I connected the camera to my Amcrest 4ch NVR. This camera has three profiles, H.264, H264+ & H.265 ***CAMERA MUST BE SET TO H.264 FOR USE WITH THE AMCREST NV2104/NV2109 NVRs***This camera has a great picture during the day and night. Bright IR LEDs however, they are directly connected to the Light Sensor and can NOT be turned off at night. The camera has an auto focus/zoom lens, 4×1 Zoom lens with active Auto Focus. Auto Focus can be adjusted to be active or passive.This Camera has a microphone with three types of audio codecs.The PTZ function of this camera is decent. Since this camera is mounted on an arm, the Tilt is limited to about 60 degrees however this camera is able to tilt up to +5 degrees, unlike most Dome PTZ cameras. ***The first camera I bought, the Pan Function only worked half way, that camera was returned and the second camera I received works just fine. PTZ Presets are available, however the Zoom function is NOT part of the preset program. The camera has the option of Preset1 bootup.Overall this camera is good, great for the price and will perform well for basic PTZ surveillance. The camera is designed to be outside in all types of Weather, be sure that your power/network connections are secure from weather via weather proof box.Update: So the second unit of this model camera that I have purchased now has the same issue as the first camera; after a few months of use, the camera rebooted and now will not pan the full radius as it did before. I am not sure what is going on, the camera does seem to be confused on where it is on the horizontal plain since it will bury it’s self into the left stop set, it seems that it needs to do a full calibration of movement. I will be contacting the Manufacture shortly.Update 2: For some reason, this camera, when powered down, loses it’s orientation of it’s Horizontal pan. How far left and how far right it can turn. This means that it may try too hard to go left, but stop half way going back right. Way to correct this issue: Basically turn the camera to the right as far as the Software will allow, then with the camera powered down, physically turning the camera to the furthest point right before powering it back up. You are re-calibrating the camera manually. Now the camera will have it’s full length of Pan back. This only happens for me from what I’ve noticed in the Reviews 🙁

  3. Ron S.

    Great little PTZ for the money. Reliable so far.Great little PTZ for the money. I have a couple of these cameras up and running. They have become one of my favorite cams because of the versatility of being able to focus on one particular area of my choosing.The cameras have a very good image both day and night. I use another program for motion detection and record 24/7 to an NVR. The only issue of this camera that I have is its inability to save the zoom level on presets.Mounting this camera on a corner bracket has allowed me to use its 260 degrees of rotation. It is a little slower to pan than some other cameras I own but I normally leave it in one spot (that I refer to as the home position) ,then occasionally move it to another scene of interest. The presets require me to manually zoom the camera.For my money this camera beats the competition.

  4. Renaissance Man

    2 out of 2 didn’t last 6 week but customer service is great so I’m going for a 3rd.So I bought one of these and it set up but then quit so I returned it to Amazon for an exchange, assuming I received a bad camera. T he camera defaulted to an IP address of 192.168.31.xx which was an issue initially as it didn’t show up on my router. There is software, which you must create an account for, which intake issue with, so I just set it up via a a web browser. Once I was able to connect I change the IP to DHCP and upon switching it to my network it connected and I set it up; the next day however nothing, no camera on my network it just vanishes.I received the exchange and set it up without issues, having worked through some issue and learning how best to set it up on the first go.So I was able to set the second camera up and it worked hold for a few weeks but after cycling the power on it it never came back on; it too vanished from my network. I contacted Jennov support and they recommended their software which I downloaded on a secure, air gapped machine, given “dial home” concerns, and connected the camera via an offline router and still nothing. The camera simply couldn’t connect and didn’t show any signs of life other than its power on procedure of stop checks; the network side was just gone. Their customer service was great and the reason for the decent review despite he issues; Amazon support sucked as 6 weeks is outside the 30-day return window and if not for Jennov’s customer service I’d have a $120 paper weight; they processes a return after running trouble shooting with me.I’m actually going to go for the trifecta and see if the third time is the charm and if I can get a camera to connect and stay connected; I still have a big concern and that is the lack of a simple reset button as well as no onboard storage, which I’ve gotten used to from IP cameras. I like the price point and need a zoom IP camera the pan and tilt is less concerning to me but given the cost of zoom IP cams adding PT for the cost is a fine value add. The customer service is the only thing giving me the confidence to try again, that and the software to hopefully repair any issues. Though next time I’m plugging in a static IP on my IP subnet. I’m an electrician and networking tech with a MS but this through me; I have decent tools including network diagnostic hardware and software and the network interface just seemed to have gone down/vanished on these, something so rare in my over 30 years of doing this that I can’t fathom it happening again.I like the build quality and that the camera is an above mount PTZ as most are under hung, the top actually works better in my use case; I also like the performance of the first camera, while it worked. It had a good picture, though it looked more like 3 or 4 MP vs. my other 5 MP cameras but the IR illuminations ARs astounding and the night performance was great, plus I need the zoom, and just can’t see paying more for just zoom when I can also get pan and tilt. I’m guessing the camera will just stay still once I get the picture I want but I like the option to move it.As a side not this camera connected to both my Synology Surveillance Station (Both NAS & NVR) as well as to my multi-mode HDoCoax Security DVR, I don’t recall the brand without issue. While the P/T was slow, quite slow compared to other PTZ I’ve used my guess is that was in the controls and not the camera. The camera seems to be buil well, minus no reset button, the WiFi version which can also be connected via a hard wire 10/100methernet connection, though WiFi cameras don’t support POE but at 10/100 a 12V passive POE adapter works fine, has a reset button.

  5. Jazmin Rivera

    Good basic 5MP 5x zoomThis camera is a nice compact size and constructed well with durable metal…not plastic. The pan, tilt and zoom were very responsive. Camera supports Onvif and is easy to setup in Blue Iris PTZ controls work well in Blue Iris also. The image morphes a little when pan/tilt while not zoomed in, almost like a fish eye effect. Morphing not very apparent when zoomed in even at just 2x. Image color and night vision work well. For a POE 5MP 5X zoom this camera works well.

  6. LL

    Good, but…I returned itI think most people will like this camera a lot, and so I am giving it four stars. But, in the end I returned it because it missed on a some issues that are important to me.To begin, some things you might want to know. When you hook the camera up to make the initial settings the menu is in CHINESE!Now what? Don’t worry, tap the down arrow on the third box down and you will get a choice for English and everything will be good again. Seems to me I had to do that a few times before it stuck though.There is some app they want you to download during set up, but for some reason it never worked. I did fine setting it up without it via the browser inerface. I used IE since that seems to always work, but I tested it with Firefox and that worked too. I didn’t try Edge because I don’t like it. I suspect Chrome will work.Some of the best features: Very good image both night and day and the controls are very good if you need or want to tweak it a bit. The camera itself is very sturdy and seems it will take a beating. The PTZ feature is fabulous and kicks right in if you need it, even while recording. So, yes, you can follow someone around with it. The microphine works and the sound is pretty clear. Note, most cameras are only fair and many are terrible with audio so this is still a big positive for this camera. The IR light is VERY strong and will kick out a hundred feet or more easily with a nice wide beam, big plus uf you need to reach.I am pretty sensitive about cameras and other devices “phoning home” back to China. In my application this one DOES NOT and that’s a very good thing for sure. However, I did not use their phone app and ran the controls though Blue Iris. Blue Iris works fine with this cam, btw. The wizard set it up as a Generic/ONVIF rather than the actual option for JENOV, just in case you hit a snag there.So, to the downside. The camera monitor in Blue Iris shows this to be 4.1MP sensor, not 5MP. Not a big deal, maybe it’s OK for manufacturers to round up. However, occaisionally I did get some pixelaion on playbacks and I could not see much difference myself from my 3 or 4 MP cams while viewing. I think most people will like the picture quality though.As some others noted, I could never figure out how to turn the IR light off. You need to do that in the summer when bugs are around and use an external IR light so you don’t end it taking motion clips of weird bugs flyng around. And, where I live, there are a lot of bugs.Maybe it is possible to turn off the IR, but the menu choices are confusing to say the least. For example what is “pure white light” and what are all these options about for day/night vision. I never did figure it out and the saving grace was an option to return to default, which I did.Anyway, had the cam up and running and was doing OK, but then I noticed it was really hogging CPU cycles, in the range of 40% all the time, while my other 7 cameras all together never take up more than 35%. I tried various adjustsments, but nothing seemed to work. Typicaly, when cycles are high like this the ONVIF system is the hog and if you can shut it down everything will calm down, but I couldn’t make it work for me. So, in the end, during high activity the cams altogerther were spiking the CPU to 100% a lot and that’s when bad problems start to happen.And, in the end that’s why I returned it. The system would crash during high activity.Again, this is really a great cam for the money and has features that are usually reserved for much higher priced devices. If you are running maybe this cam and one other I am sure it will work fine for just about everyone. But, not me.

  7. AH20z

    Great customer support!This camera was very difficult to set up and I work tech and network engineering. Once I had the patience I was able to get it set up through a computer browser with the LMS software, read documentation carefully. The focus I could not adjust until it finally got into focus through a couple of reboots. Once I enabled dhcp I got it to pick up the scheme of my network configurations hooked up directly through my switch.This camera is far from plug and play. The app store denale app will not pick up the camera correctly for viewing. I was looking for an extra poe camera to hook up to my system dvr/nvr combo from night owl will not pick it up. The resolution is average but far from high end. I bought two others after finding live reviews online of cameras. I have a 12 camera system with 8 bnc, 4 poe. I have had security camera systems for 20 years so yes I am a bit picky as well. Finding a good fps and night vision are challenging.Support contacted me after my review to make sure I am happy. The app needs updated but browser viewing works. I am going to try to attach to my swann system next

  8. Mark

    A PTZ camera that is PTZ but only manually zooms in/out (updated 12/07/22)Update: received an email from a manager with the company apologizing for the bad technical support and explaining a few details about the issue. As a show of good faith they sent me another camera, an upgraded model, better resolution, higher zoom. I have tested that camera out and it performed well, very good resolution, zoom worked each time I tested it. I let them know upfront that receiving this camera would not mean that I’d remove the original review as I believe this would be dishonest. However, if I am able to write up a review on the other camera, I will go into more detailed review there.=====================================================================Technical support for this camera was challenging and required multiple emails to explain and re-explain the issue. Initial replies were ‘canned’ replies that had nothing to do with the issue reported.The problem with this camera is that when you set a preset it will pan and tilt back to that preset but will not zoom in or out automatically. Support’s final response was “The technician confirmed that your camera is OK, but the camera itself only supports calls but does not support call scaling.” Umm, I’ve never met a camera that boasts PTZ capability with presets that doesn’t do all 3 based on the preset (Pan, tilt and then zoom in/out). Other than that the camera, for the price point, had a lot of good things about it but I consider this useless without being able to zoom in/out on a PTZ preset.

  9. believeInReviews

    Good outdoor surveillance IP CameraI did not use the “Easy” setup process using The Danale app. Instead, I connected the Jennnov IP camera to my HIKVision NVR with onvif enabled. This camera has three profiles, H.264, H264+ & H.265. I set it to H.264 to use it with the HIKVision NVR. Others used AI-HomeGuardPro Surveillance Software that you can purchase from Amazon. It has motion detection capability that you can configure. You may use a mobile app to control the device, but I did not have a chance to test it. You can access the live video once you connect it to internet with a 4x zoom and access all its functions from a web. This camera does not support WiFi. You can stream live video feeds on an RTSP compatible players or RTSP Client, but I did not test it. RTSP stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol, a network protocol for streaming the videos in real-time (there are security potential pitfalls when using RTSP).Overall this is a good camera, well built and performs well. It is designed for outdoor use.

  10. RP

    Great camera for the priceIt came with a power supply and mounting hardware. The image quality is great. The IR is bright and night vision works well. Audio works as it should . It wasn’t too hard to get set up and working with a 3rd party NVR. PTZ works with 3rd party NVR -just have to connect using ONVIF.

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