IK Multimedia AXE I/O premium 2-in 5-out 24-bit, 192 kHz USB audio interface for Mac/PC with advanced guitar tone shaping, Hi-Z

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Axe I/O is a professional 2 in/5 out audio interface – and controller – designed specifically with the needs of the recording guitarist in mind, providing best-in-class sound quality and powerful features aimed squarely at making your recordings faster, easier and better than ever. Axe I/O offers exclusively a triple-topology fully discrete input circuit, with both pure and a JFET input stages, that can go from transparent to tube-like. Its patent-pending z-tone impedance-adapting circuit Interacts with your axe for a massive range of tonal flexibility, never heard before. A dedicated amp out lets you process your recording with real guitar amps and stomps without the need for external Accessories and with massively reduced noise. Axe I/O seamlessly integrates with the included amplitude 4 deluxe to select presets and control values via the front input knob, and lets you connect pedals and switches to get the most from your virtual rig without ever taking your hands off your axe. It also offers a selection of T-Racks singles hand-picked to deliver the most useful processors for recording instruments & vocals, and Able ton Live Lite 10 to get you up and recording instantly.

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“‘AXE I/O ups my game in the studio!” – Joe Satriani

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The ideal solution for the recording guitarist

IK Multimedia

Designed and manufactured in Modena, Italy

AXE I/O: Premium audio interface with advanced guitar tone shaping

The audio interface guitar players were waiting for

AXE I/O is a professional 2 in/5 out audio interface – and controller – designed specifically with the needs of the recording guitarist in mind, providing best-in-class sound quality and powerful features aimed squarely at making your recordings faster, easier and better than ever.

  • 2 in / 5 out 24-bit, 192 kHz audio interface with 2 mic preamps, 2 instrument inputs
  • ACTIVE / PASSIVE pick-up selector matches your guitar’s pickups for ideal gain levels
  • Z-Tone adjustable impedance control coaxes a wider range of tones from your instrument
  • PURE and JFET instrument input channels keeps your sound totally clean or adds subtle saturation
  • Low noise AMP OUT for easy re-amping without the need for additional direct boxes or splitters
  • Register to receive a massive software bundle with AmpliTube 4 Deluxe, Ableton Live 10 Lite and 10 T-RackS mixing plug-ins

World-class inputs and tone shaping

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guitar preamp, radial

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mic preamp, audio interface

Active / Passive pick-up selector

AXE I/O’s instrument input 1 offers an ACTIVE / PASSIVE pick-up selector. “Passive” offers the ideal input gain range for both single-coils and hum buckers, and “Active” bypasses unnecessary gain stages to keep your signal as direct, transparent and clean as possible.

PURE and JFET input circuits

AXE I/O’s PURE input circuit offers 117 dB dynamic range and 3 – 32 kHz frequency response, for a completely uncolored sound. The JFET circuit adds a subtle harmonic enhancement, with a slight midrange focus and warmth, giving you more tonal options from the same instrument.

Z-Tone™ adjustable input impedance

AXE I/O’s Z-TONE™ circuit lets you dial in impedance from 1 MOhm down to 2.2 kOhms to radically re-shape the tone and feel of your instrument. At the maximum impedance, you’ll find your sound tighter, sharper and more precise. Increase the load and the sound becomes more thick and bold.

PURE mic preamps for transparent recording

AXE I/O offers two mic preamps with a wide, flat 5 Hz to 32 kHz frequency response to perfectly preserve the character of your vocals, acoustic guitar, or other instrument. They offer 116 dB of dynamic range to capture even the most delicate instrument, but easily pull back to record the loudest amp stack.

Re-amplification made easier than ever

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reamp box, re-amp box, direct box, radial

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Record the perfect take

Many guitarists have tried to integrate their amps and stomps with recording setups only to discover it’s not an easy task! You used to need a DI box, a ground loop interrupter to prevent buzz and hum, and still have to constantly dis-connect and re-connect every time you switch between recording direct and recording your amp.

AXE I/O offers a simple, streamlined re-amplification setup in a single box, to save you time, money and energy and open up unlimited sonic flexibility.

Connect your amps and effects boxes

AXE I/O makes this easier than ever with its Amp Out. It features a dedicated ground-isolated low noise ¼” output right on the front panel.

Just record a track with a clean copy of your guitar’s signal into your recording software. AXE I/O makes it easy to record 3 ways: completely clean, using the included AmpliTube amp modeling software, or even while using your real rig. Focus on nailing the performance, and you can tweak your tone later.

Experiment with setups and settings

After you’ve recorded a track, output the clean signal to your amps or stomp boxes using the Amp Out, and mic them up into AXE I/O’s mic preamps. Now you can easily experiment with different amp settings, stompbox effects, and even mic placements, listening to how they affect your sound in real-time.

Save countless hours and takes, without having to buy expensive direct boxes and splitter cables. AXE I/O makes re-amping easier than ever, and you’ll love the results.

AmpliTube, amp modeling, Bias, Line 6

Packed with a massive collection of virtual gear for in-the-box recording

AXE I/O offers a massive bundle of over $/€1,000 of software and plug-ins, so you have everything you need to track, mix and master your music right out of the box.

The included AmpliTube 4 Deluxe offers over 140 ultra-accurate models of guitar and bass gear including 33 Stompbox models, 25 Amplifiers, 29 Cabinets, 29 speaker models, 12 Microphones, 15 Rack effects units, and 2 Tuners.

AmpliTube, amp modeling, Bias, Line 6

AmpliTube 4 Deluxe

T-RackS, mixing software, mixing plug-ins, mixing plugins

10 T-RackS mixing plug-ins

Ableton, Live 10, recording software, DAW

Ableton Live 10 Lite


AXE I/O Control Software

Additional information

Weight 453.59 kg
Dimensions 5.08 × 19.81 cm
Item Weight

‎454 g

Product Dimensions

‎23.62 x 5.08 x 19.81 cm; 453.59 Grams

Item model number


Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Hardware Interface

USB 2.0

Material Type








Date First Available

22 August 2019


IK Multimedia

10 reviews for IK Multimedia AXE I/O premium 2-in 5-out 24-bit, 192 kHz USB audio interface for Mac/PC with advanced guitar tone shaping, Hi-Z

  1. Concepcion S.

    VINIENDO DE focusrite 2i2 3ª gen…..INCREIBLE LA MEJORA !

  2. Gavin Shaw

    Good sound. Limited software.
    Sound-wise the guitar interface is great.It is also relatively easy to navigate.Unfortunately, the software that comes with it is kind of a scam.They advertise a big bundle, but the programs are at a basic version.Maybe nine out of ten amps/effects/recording options are only available when you upgrade the programs for several hundred dollars each.😿

  3. P Ellis

    Superb piece of kit.
    Very versatile, no latency even with the buffer set to 512 on my laptop. On my main PC was able to set the buffer size down to 128.

  4. Fabio Priora

    Ottima scheda audio per chitarra e basso elettrico
    La scheda audio é ottima, sotto tutti i punti di vista. Ciò che invece mi ha deluso é il supporto tecnico/commerciale di IK multimedia. Ovvero: il software e soprattutto i drivers li puoi scaricare solo tramite un software che una volta installato sul PC ti chiede di registrare il seriale della scheda. Se hai il seriale scarichi tutto e sei a posto, se non hai il seriale niente da fare. Il mio problema è stato che avendo acquistato la scheda su Amazon come USATA nella confezione mancava il seriale e quindi non ho potuto registrala e scaricare le app di controllo. Su Mac la scheda funzionava comunque perché veniva riconosciuta ma non potevo ad esempio accedere al pannello di controllo per fare il routing delle 4 uscite audio perché non avevo l’app dedicata. Ho chiesto al supporto di IK multimedia se potevano rimandarmi un seriale nuovo per Potter scaricare app e drivers ma non c’è stato verso di convincerli. Ho dovuto a malincuore restituirla…Amazon ha accettato il resto senza farmi difficoltà e ringrazio. Però state attenti nell’acquistare prodotti dal Warehouse che necessitano di seriali per scaricare software…informatevi prima se no rischiate la mia disavventura. La scheda comunque é fantastica…

  5. Richard Jorgensen

    buyer beware
    I have used the Axe i/o for two weeks. This is my first time with a interface. So far the Axe i/o has worked great. The extra switches and z tone knob for the input of the guitar, works great, helps you dial in the best tones.The buyer beware part is I had a issue with the download of Amplitube 4, there must be a bad file or something during download. I contacted tech support and got an answer with 24 hours, but the information I received was unusable. I sent another email to tech support and got no response. I had to figure it out myself. The other part of buy beware is, you only get some of the amps, pedals, cabs, and mics. You must BUY the good stuff from the custom shop. So far I am not impressed with sound quality of the amps. I found some free amps online that sound and preform better, but the Axe i/o is working good.

  6. Diablotus

    Au top
    Excellente carte son pour mon iMac. Toutes les fonctionnalités fonctionnent très bien et la qualité sonore est impressionnante. Autant en branchant ma guitare en façade avec mes pédales soit mon clavier en passant par les entrées arrières.

  7. Terry

    Pas terrible
    Conception de qualité moyenne et grosse latence. Les sons de guitare ne sont pas à la hauteur, je suis passé chez Universal Audio largement plus qualitatif (mais plus cher)

  8. Mannie Singh

    Great for: Guitars + PC + Synth linking
    I really banked on the pre-amp part more than I should have. I think this is great for guitars and maybe I shouldn’t have deviated—I used this with an Audio Technica AT897 shotgun microphone. The AXE I/O preamp with the phantom power produced a discernible noise in the output which didn’t occur when the mic was powered using an extra battery. I tested the mic with another USB interface (a Shure X2u) to better results.Ultimately a great deal for what it offers. This would be wonderful for a guitar + computer + synth gig, but maybe not for a microphone + digital keyboard setup like I had hoped for.

  9. Michael Sasek

    Top notch audio interface for guitarists
    Love it.I use this interface every day. It works perfectly. I play guitar, I livestream on youtube and twitch. It works perfectly for both applications.Easy to set up. Great for guitar tone and recording with Reaper. I run my Blue Yeti Pro xlr through it. And it works perfectly with OBS studio too. I am very happy with my purchase. The only downside is that when you use one of the XLR inputs, it uses one of the guitar inputs. They really need to be independent! Maybe the next model. One can hope.

  10. MPD

    Interfaz profesional con afinador de juguete.
    Yo lo adquirí bpor su calidad que es innegable lo devolví por el afinador que trae incorporado es de juguete ,muy impreciso.Lo compre bpor 287€,* no sé por qué lo vuelven a subir de precio, quizas si bajase de precio lo compraría ya para siempre.

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