HDMI Matrix Switch 4×2 Ver.2023 4K@60Hz HDR & Dobly Vision ARC/SPDIF 5.1CH, Scaler 4K to 1080P Synch, HDCP 2.2 18Gbps, HDMI 2.0b

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4K HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switch 4 in 2 out with ARC supports HDCP 2.2, HDR10, YUV444

Additional information

Weight 748 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 5 cm



‎Android, Windows 10

Scanner Resolution


Compatible Devices

‎Projector, Sound bar, Television, Computer, Ipad, Ruko Ultra, Home Theater, X box, Play Station, Cinema

Special Features

‎Audio Return Channel

Mounting Hardware

‎Power Adapter, Remote Control

Number Of Items


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Type of cable or wire


Number of Ports


Product Dimensions

‎35 x 14.2 x 5 cm; 748 Grams



Date First Available

17 August 2022



4 reviews for HDMI Matrix Switch 4×2 Ver.2023 4K@60Hz HDR & Dobly Vision ARC/SPDIF 5.1CH, Scaler 4K to 1080P Synch, HDCP 2.2 18Gbps, HDMI 2.0b

  1. The MI Roots

    HDMI (4-in / 2-out) switch with SPDIF audio out. Excellent quality, quick setup, easy to use.
    I got this to replace a 3-year old HDMI switch that stopped working. Right off, I could tell this HDMI switch was on a completely different scale than my old one. This switch is heavier and built very well and it has been engineered and designed with more thought for use within a home theater system. However, this additional engineering is reflected in the price. In contrast, my previous HDMI switch was half this price, but only lasted 3 years.This HDMI switch was easy to install into my home theater center, connect the HDMI devices, connect to the power, and turn it on. There is a panel of EDID DIP switches, that weren’t on my old HDMI switch, which complicated the setup a little. But, after reading the manual, I was able to figure out what the settings should be. (It looked like they set it at the factory for what most people would probably use.) I especially liked that I can connect the audio output from this switch into my home theater system using an SPDIF cable, rather than an HDMI cable. With the SPDIF cable, I can upgrade the quality of the audio signal for a less noise and clearer sound.In addition, I would note, this HDMI switch did not include batteries for the remote. You will need to obtain two AAA batteries for the remote control. However, everything else is included and works great. This switch is solid and heavy duty, which should enable it to last a lot longer than my old one did. It also offers more capability than my old one did too. This works with TVs and HDMI sources that support 4K @ 60Hz output and most audio formats. I feel the build quality of this HDMI switch and the 3 year warranty, make this a very good value. I would certainly recommend this HDMI switch.

  2. R. G. Bickers

    Excellent switch that lives up to expectations
    I’ve got a 1080p TV and a 4K HDR projector running from the same sources and this makes them work together flawlessly.Now, I’m not using this to its full potential as I am using it primarily as a splitter. I have a PS5 and an AppleTV 4K running into a Denon receiver then out to the matrix switch, so I’m only really using a single input.The reason I love this is that it takes the full signal and downscales it to the HDTV without affecting the projector image. For sports and parties this is perfect. I also tend to use only the TV for Apple Music streaming and this makes it so I don’t need to toggle between devices; I just turn on the one I want and I’m good to go.Another element I like is that my projector has a tendency to wan to take over input selection on my Denon. No clue why as I have all the necessary toggles off, but any time I start it up my input gets tuned to one that has nothing connected. This interupts that signal so now the Denon just stays where I told it to be.My gear is all wall-mounted above eye-level (for a 5’7″ guy) so the remote is really useful. I ignored it for a few days until I realized that getting up to hit the power switch was annoying.The power cord ends with a 90-degree angled block so it is best suited to the end of a power strip or other power block. I have mine on the bottom right of a 6 outlet plug and it looks like it will mess with the center spot a bit.Overall I am ecstatic with the functionality of this bit of equipment. It’s not the cheapest switcher, but it does what it does extremely well. Add in the solid build quality and it’s a great purchase.

  3. Steven M. Silverman

    Now Playing on a Computer Monitor Near Me!
    I have a 2 monitor computer setup in my home office. This switch which I saw on Amazon gave me an idea. If I run an HDMI cable from the living room to my office, I can stream the output of all of my video devices to one of the monitors. Essentially turning one of my monitors into an extra tv for those times I want to watch something that nobody else wants to. I ordered the switch.The switch is well made and comes with a remote. It’s very simple to set up and is well labeled so there’s no confusion on where anything plugs in.I connected the Roku, Tivo, and DVD player to 3 of the switch inputs and the TV and 2nd monitor to the outputs.. Fortunately my input to the monitor from the computer is DP so it leaves the HDMI port available for the switch.So the TV can use any of the video devices and so can my monitor. They can even select the same device! It give us great flexibility.

  4. mememe61

    Now I can use my Flex box again!
    I have a Flex box, an OTA tuner, a sound bar, and an old Samsung TV with limited connections in my bedroom. I had another splitter to take care of this, but there was no way to turn it off, except for unplugging it from basically everything (it was a cheapie). Eventually it stopped working, due to being on all of the time. I got this unit to replace the old one, set it up in the same manner, and it works perfectly. Better yet, I can TURN IT OFF!!! The cord is a bit short, but my power strip is right behind the TV stand. The AC plug is also sideways, so It’s easy to fit it into the power strip. No covering an outlet to plug it in – definite plus! I haven’t tried to pair it with my universal remote, but I rarely binge watch in my room. I’ll just keep the remote in my nightstand for those rare occasions that I do. I can’t speak to the quality of the instructions, as I used the same setup as my previous splitter. It does what I need it to do. Very pleased!

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