Froggy’s Fog Pro Snow Machine – 2022 Model with Wireless Control – Completely Variable Output Flake Size – You Choose a Flurry,

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  • Makes a great for haunted houses and parties
  • Machine creates a realistic snow flurrie effect
  • Also it blows fake snow up to 18 feet
  • Snow floats and drifts through the air like real snow
  • Non-toxic fluid that will not harm plants or animals


Product Description

650 Watt Snow

Snow Machine Features

Wireless remote

Wireless Remote Included

Enjoy convenient control with the included wireless remote. Start and stop snow effects and adjust output levels from a distance!

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 7 × 5.5 cm
Item Weight

6 pounds

Product Dimensions

12.2 x 7 x 5.5 inches



Item model number


Date First Available

July 11, 2007

Output Wattage

600 Watts




600 watts


Froggys Fog

10 reviews for Froggy’s Fog Pro Snow Machine – 2022 Model with Wireless Control – Completely Variable Output Flake Size – You Choose a Flurry,

  1. Tango’s product reviews

    This is a fantastic little machine amazing power at a reasonablepriceOkay so this is my critical review of the 650w Froggy’s fog snow machine upon pulling this from the box I noticed immediately that it was almost double the size of the fog machines that I have purchased in the past it is entirely made out of plastic it has a carrying handle and a mount to mount it to a pole the remote for it is okay but it really needs a wireless remote especially if you’re putting it on top of a building like I did using this with the long-lasting Froggy’s fluid is totally amazing . On the box it says that it streams artificial snow up to 20 feet this is false this is actually a lot farther than 20 feet if using the Froggy’s flakes long lasting fluid mine travelled up to almost 40 feet which is double of what the box says it actually went into my neighbor’s yard most of it stayed within a 20-foot radius from the machine but it did travel a lot farther. see my video for further details you will never get a better effect then this. now this only has one setting this is I guess considered high output from the information that I read. this is foam this is not real snow and I have noticed that many people order the long-lasting fluid and the snow fluid I’m assuming that they probably mix these together however there are recipes online that will allow you to create your own snow fluid. This does consume quite a bit of fluid in a short amount Of time. I ran the machine on one full tank and it lasted approximately 8 1/2 minutes however this is with the long lasting fluid on high output. the other fluid May last longer as far as fluid consumption. however, as far as the snow flocking the trees and staying on the ground the long-lasting Froggy’s flakes fluid is the best I’ve seen yet , the machine has and on off switch on the back of it and a remote on off switch if you leave the remote in the on position you can use a wireless electrical outlet remote basically meaning you can use a smart outlet . It says right on the package that it works best with Froggy’s fog fluids I am not going to confirm nor deny this as I purchased the Froggy’s flakes long-lasting fluid and the results speak for themselves on the video this machine is rather loud. I would say almost the equivalent of a small shop vac starting up maybe a little bit less this is very lightweight and has a 1 liter tank capacity which in my opinion may be a little bit too small for the size of the unit none the less there are ways to add a larger tank to it. It does have for an optional purchase accessory the FFM – TC which is a timer and the FFM – WR wireless remote as I only have the wired remote right now I cannot speak for either of these I will be purchasing them to test out the entire functionality. Please watch the video as I cannot begin to explain the amount and quality of snow that this machine puts out. After leaving the machine off for almost an hour and the temperature outside being 64 degrees there was still a lot of snow left on the ground I am thoroughly impressed with this……. Upon further review of this product after approximately two weeks of use I have noticed that despite any snow juice used the flake size remains large this being said if you are looking for a light drizzle of snow you may wish to purchase a different product this is great for flocking as it lasts almost 15 hours on the ground and on the trees a higher powered air pump might have been a better idea to use considering the one they have cost less than $10 retail. Some of the additional precautions that I took because of using this outside was to wire a replaceable fuse in line with the fluid pump and the air pump in case of any type of failure on either part it will not burn up the entire fixture I also added a rheostat to control the flake size. And will be integrating a simple timer circuit at a later date. This is a quite loud unit that being said I would suggest doing some sound dampening activities such as creating a soundproofed box to house this unit in as it will drop the noise level approximately 3 to 5 decibels if made correctly maybe more depending on sound dampening materials used. Any type of soundproofing material and MDF would make a great housing for it however you would be faced with a challenge of sealing the MDF from the outside elements as MDF is nothing more than highly compressed fiberboard and will get completely destroyed if left open to the weather. Make 100% sure you are using a ul-listed extension cord with a ground outlet GFCI outdoor plug is highly recommended for use with this product as it will prevent electrical short and or fires.As I have been waiting for several weeks now remotes you become available they are not becoming available and have been on backorder for approximately a month and a half now with no restock date in sight as this is unacceptable for me to void the warranty and make my own remote and timer circuit for it. If you have electronic experience this is very easy to do if you don’t do not attempt it you will only damage the device and or electrocute yourself. I am reducing the current rating from five stars to four stars because the remotes are unavailable have been available.

  2. Sabs

    No More Dreaming of a White ChristmasWe live in an area that never sees snow. My daughter has recently learned about the seasons and kept asking when the snow was coming so that winter would arrive. 😂 We surprised her with “snow” on Christmas Eve! With gaskets, wingnut, and a tripod we were able to set this up easily! It is very loud but the machines usually are! The snow lasted about 30-40 min at nearly full blast!

  3. poolside

    took awhile to get goingGrandkids Loved it Christmas dayVery fun – took a little to make it work and understand how to run – but then Yes Snow in Florida on Christmas !

  4. thedad

    Snow MachineThis snow machine worked exactly as described. I performed flawlessly, making small to large “flakes” with our hesitation. Rather loud, but expected that from the reviews. My only disappointment is the long lasting gallon mixes I bought with this machine. They did not last long at all, no matter what setting I set for the machine. My homemade solution worked better. I do however recommend this snow machine.

  5. garrett

    Very loud!Makes big beautiful looking “snow”. The machine shoots the snow out a good distance from machine and it makes a lot of snow. It also goes through a lot of fluid, which is okay since what you put in you get out.But it is unbelievable LOUD, lawnmower circular saw loud. Far too loud to have inside or have anyone near it.We were unable to hear anybody speak or sing over the volume of the machine!If there was a way to baffle the sound it would be wonderful.

  6. Margaret Wilson

    If you have a Santa’s Elf in your life, this is the perfect gift!We haven’t had the chance to really use the snow machine, because our family Christmas was a little early, but we are SO READY for 2023 🎄🎄🎄⛄️☃️

  7. Angel

    Made our holiday extra specialThis was so much fun for our family this holiday season!

  8. pat miller

    Great funKids loved it and adults

  9. Amazon Customer

    Amazing Purchase!The media could not be loaded.

     We bought one and loved it so much we bought 3 more! Well worth the investment and does the job right! Best addition to our hometown christmas event! The noise level is not bad when it is up in a building. It is loud, but music will drown it out. The wireless remote turned all of the machines on at the same time like magic! One full tank lasts about 25-30 minutes on almost full blast.

  10. Witsend1

    Bubble machine with. A diffuserIt is advertised as a snow machine but is a bubble machine with a fancy sock that makes bubbles look like it is snowing. It does look like flurries or a snowstorm until the “flakes” accumulate then it looks like suds in a sink. Extremely noisy but haven’t ran enough to know how long it will go on their recommended 1 gallon of fluid for $30

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