Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB 10-In/4-Out Audio Interface

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Clarett USB lays down the challenge to interfaces twice the price. The Clarett USB range features specially designed high performance, low-noise (-128dB EIN) mic pres with a low distortion, ultra-linear design that guarantees a clean, open and transparent sound, giving accurate representation of the original performance. Boasting 119dB dynamic range, Clarett can now be experienced with any Mac or PC supporting USB 2.0 and above. Decades of analog circuit design experience applied around 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A conversion, delivers a superior signal path. Clarett 2Pre USB is a 10-in, 4-out audio interface. The two mic/line/instrument inputs can record everything from condenser mics to super-hot pickups with no unwanted distortion – Gain Halo meters make it easy for you to set the input level. The ADAT input supports an additional eight channels in combination with multi-channel mic preamps like Clarett OctoPre. Outs include two monitor outputs with anti-thump technology, a headphone output with volume control, and two-line outputs. MIDI I/O is also included. The two Air-enabled mic preamps can reproduce the input impedance, clarity and frequency response curve of Focusrite’s original ISA mic preamp. Clarett 2Pre USB connects to Mac or PC using the included standard USB and USB Type-C cables. Record with super-low latency through amp simulators and effects plug-ins. Configure your routing and monitor mixes from Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with user-friendly control software Focusrite Control. Additional included software is from XLN Audio, Focusrite, Softube, Ableton and Loopmasters. Interested in what headphones are compatible with Clarett Search ‘Headphones’ on the Focusrite help centre for more information.

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Weight 1.41 kg
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‎1.41 kg

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‎16.1 x 21.01 x 5.51 cm; 1.41 Kilograms

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‎Laptop, Ipad, Personal Computer

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30 January 2018



10 reviews for Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB 10-In/4-Out Audio Interface

  1. P. Raphaelson

    Great piece of hardware with a couple of minor shortcomings
    Extremely well made and well designed piece of hardware. The ADC and DAC chips are a several year-old design, so no longer state of the art, but they still perform well, and are the same ones used by most of Focusrite’s competitors in this price range (and at slightly higher ones, too). Great dynamic range and low noise performance. In normal mode the thing is completely transparent. Don’t trust reviewers who talk about its “sound”—the frequency response is ruler-flat and the distortion and noise are low enough to be irrelevant.In “Air” mode, you’re getting an audio effect. Many reviewers have noted that gives a couple of strong shelf boosts, one in the upper midrange, one more in the treble. I learned from Focusrite (after some tooth-pulling) that it also drops the input impedance from around 6K to 2K. With some mics this will make an audible difference. Nothing more to report, as I don’t use this feature.There’s one minor hardware shortcoming: the headphone amp isn’t universally great. It’s got a lot of power, and a high maximum voltage, so it will effortlessly drive studio headphones with high impedances, and sound great doing it. But it has a pretty high output impedance, and is current-limited … which means that it will have distortion problems with low-impedance headphones that inefficient, like some current planar designs. I use lowish (30 ohm) cans that are very efficient, and find that it plays loud and sounds great. But beware that this is where Focusrite cut corners.Finally, the bad news. Focusrite’s software is a minor horror show. I’ve gotten it working, and gotten it stable, and haven’t had problems in months … but it was a painful couple of days getting the thing to work. This is just inexcusable, especially on a Mac with a supposedly class-compliant device. At least there’s the possibility of Focusrite fixing this nonsense down the road. I’ll say that their support people were very helpful, although it’s unclear what exactly got my software working right (or what was wrong with it in the first place).Knowing what I know now, I still would have bought this interface. It has some imperfections, but I don’t see anything else I like as much. They got the industrial design and ease-of-use of the hardware just right, and this is worth a lot to me. And it sounds as good as anything out there, as long as you’re not using the wrong headphones.

  2. Jonathan Morgan

    Perfect, allows me to hear my PS5 direct instead of through PC.
    My situation is kind of unique. I stream and was listening to my PS5 audio via 4K60 Pro set to “Listen”. The problem was the audio delay. Elgato processes video signal before audio. Elgato HD60 Pro was pretty dang fast my PS4 audio but apparently the 4KPro spends longer processing the video first. This equaled a very perceptible delay in sound. I decided to rip the audio using and HDMI audio stripper and send the audio to my PC using optical to a Sound Blaster sound card. It was better but still had a pretty noticeable delay. I decided to search for a way to have my own audio purely from the PS5 and the stream audio would be whatever from the HDMI. It was time to upgrade my 2i2 anyway and I found this neat unit. Optical in and it will play whatever audio.This thing nails it. I hear the audio right off my PS5 AND it works great with the SM7B. Also have the JBL sub and 308p IIs running off of this.

  3. Damodaran

    Amazing Audio Interface
    I purchased this product on a promotional price. I already have a SSL2 with me. The main difference between the two apart from the slight price difference is that Clarett is very good for zero latency recording and when you plugin your guitars directly to the Clarett, the Clarrett beats SSL2. One drawback of Clarett is its low gain and will not be ideally suited if you are going to use a dynamics mics like SM57 and SSL2 is more transparent compared to Clarett. But Clarett and SSL2 are low noise. Also Clarett has MIDI input which is great to avoid the latency issues. Overall I m really happy by the addition of Clarett interface simply for how the electric and bass guitar sounds + the MIDI input + the ADAT connectivity option.

  4. E.G.

    Great sound quality.
    I have had this for a few months now. I replaced an old first generation Scarlett 18i8.I think the sound quality is a little better, but not a major change (running through Adam A7X monitors).I find that the Focusrite control software that came with it is easier to use than the software that accompanied the Scarlett. It is easy to create different mixes for headphones vs monitors.Connectivity is good. There are two xlr inputs on the front and the rest are on the back.Phantom power can be administered to inputs 1-4 and/or 5-8, but you cannot independently provide phantom power to one single input alone. Only groups of 4.I like the level meter. It’s easier to ascertain my input level on this vs the old Scarlett.the “Air” pre-amp setting has too much treble for my taste, so I don’t find myself using it. I’m not honestly sure why people make such a big deal about it (this is using AKG c214 and c414).I do notice that there is some crackling when I am adjusting input gain knobs and the monitor volume knob. When I am not touching the knobs there are no noises.Lastly, the unit gives off a lot of heat compared to my previous interface.All in all, I am happy with the purchase. The connectivity is great, the sound is great, and it is super easy to set up and use within minutes.

  5. S.M.

    Red face is a gimmick.
    I didn’t want to like this because I don’t like the red flashy face. However, the sound is extremely good. Pres and converters are excellent. Coming from a ULN-2, I find the Clarett to be silky smooth. Nowhere near the gain of the MH though (72 db). Digital io still gives me access to the MH pres if needed. Keeper.

  6. Ray A Welch

    This device is awesome! So easy, and produces results!
    I create AI music and part of a local radio show using music to teach conversational English as a second language to Japanese.

  7. Paul Carr

    Some problems, but overall a good unit.
    There are several thing I like about this unit and so far I’ve had very few problems using it with the Mac Mini running Catalina, primarily. I like that fact that it fits nicely in a 1U rack mount, does not need a #$@@ing wall wart, and provides me lots of operational versatility with a relatively future-proof digital interface.The preamps are good quality. I don’t notice any noise, but I haven’t really stress tested them. 1 – the new Focusrite software is IMO, inferior to their older software that came with my first gen 6i6, which was more intuitive. Why they discontinued that I don’t know (it was 32 bit, so can’t use it). You can get it to work, but this smells of new for new’s sake2 – The USB connection sometimes drops out when the interface is idle. I have to power cycle the unit to bring it back. I’m not sure who’s fault that is, but it’s an annoyance.3 – the preamps are good, but not quite enough for a Shure SM7B, which needs some serious gain. I gave up and bought a Cloudlifter so I just don’t have to deal with it. Even with the CL, the knobs are well past half. It you’re recording music with this mic, it might not be an issue, since singing is generally louder than spoken word. For other mics, the preamps are sufficient.

  8. Ricardo Martins

    Excellent all-round Interface
    PROS:- Very quiet, no noise- Good PreAmps – Detailed and also no noise even at almost maximum gain- Very good AD/DA conversion, very detailed in all the spectrum- True line-in that bypasses the preamps for the 4 back inputs.- Adat input also supports Optical spdif.- Latency – after configuring windows properly for USB (Check focusrite configuration guide for USB) i was able to track at around 16 and 32 samples (around 3,8 – 4,4ms RTL) but with very few total plugins. Anyway it’s better than nothing.- Mix control Software – Very intuitive and can route everything everywhere, also the maximum volumes for the monitored signals seem to be higher than the Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 i also own.CONS:- Won’t handle many plugins at low latencies.- Some stuck Midi Notes when using the midi in port, still trying to figure out if it’s Clarett fault or software/ext synth…- Not really a con but it’s a bit bulky, but considering all the IO it’s normal. The Air circuit is a plus for some instant “mix ready” sounds but it’s very noticeable and won’t sound that good on all sources, use with caution as it is possible to get an approximate sound using EQ afterwards.- The adat input also supports spdif optical which is good but it’s not mentioned anywhere if it supports both optical and coaxial at the same time to have 2 extra digital channels.Overall i am very happy with the 4PRE USB, it really is a step-up from the Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 i also have.

  9. Collin Sherman

    Great unit, great sound, easy integration.
    I bought this after using a first generation Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 for many years. Overall, I think the sound on the Clarett is superior (although the Scarlett certainly wasn’t bad). The biggest difference I notice is that the Clarett has no perceptible latency when recording, which is a major plus. It was also effortless to set up with my workstation. I use Pro Tools, on a PC running Windows 10. I basically just plugged the thing in and it was ready to go! The was a welcome change from my prior experience (trying to get the Scarlett, my prior PC running Windows 8 and Pro Tools 11 to all work together was a nightmare which lasted several days). Recommended.Pros:-Great sound quality-No perceptible latency-Improved preamps compared to Scarlett-Easy installation and integration into my system-Great build qualityCons:-Must use included software to switch between line/instrument modes and turning the AIR circuit on and off (the Scarlett has this on the front panel – why not the Clarett?!)-Not bus powered – needs AC power supply

  10. Rachel

    Perfect for plugging in your microphone or instrument into your computer
    Brilliant piece of kit for recording. I use my shure sm58, USB into my HP laptop and the free Ableton lite software it comes with is a great introduction Into using DAW. Has MIDI in and out, I use MIDI in from my super cheap keyboard which works well with the interface and Ableton software. I use it all the time it is great quality, comes with a thunderbolt cable as well as USB and comes with power supply. I use the air function for vocals. The monitoring software is good to if you want to change the volume output for the DAW or just the direct non processed sound and any speakers or headphones you have on the different outputs, you can change the volumes from your computer or even your phone if you download the app and sync it to the computer. I use an adapter so I can use my normal speakers that have aux input out of the back of the interface as well as having my headphones plugged in to the front.

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