Facmogu S-299 40Wx4 Bluetooth Power Amplifier with Active Subwoofer Output Max 800W 4.1CH Subwoofer Amplifier Hi-Fi Integrated

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Product Specifications Type: 4.1 Channel Power Amplifier Input: Bluetooth / 3.5mm AUX / Headphone Jack / USB port / SD & TF Card Impedance: 4-8 ohm Power Output: 4 x 40W (RMS), 800W Peak Power Work Voltage: AC 110-240V Power Adapter: DC 12V 5A SNR: 80db Size: 17.6 x 14.7 x 4.3cm (6.9 x 5.8 x 1.7 inches) Weight: 515g (1.14 Pounds) Warranty: 1-year money back guarantee Packing List 1 x S-299 Audio Amplifier 1 x Remote Control 1 x English Instruction

Additional information

Weight 910 kg
Dimensions 21.2 × 6.7 cm
Part Number



‎S-299 (40Wx4+Subwoofer)


12 Volts

Plug Profile

‎Surface Mount

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Item model number

‎S 299

Package Dimensions

‎27.2 x 21.2 x 6.7 cm; 910 Grams



Date First Available

16 June 2021



10 reviews for Facmogu S-299 40Wx4 Bluetooth Power Amplifier with Active Subwoofer Output Max 800W 4.1CH Subwoofer Amplifier Hi-Fi Integrated

  1. M. Bischoff

    Instructions not clear, and a clarification.
    OK, first, let’s get the usual out of the way. Yes, it’s a neat little amp that does what it says. No issue there.However….For those looking to buy this amp to use WITH a powered subwoofer…. there is a caveat. It can ONLY be controlled with the remote, NOT the front panel volume dial. This was not clear in the description and may or may not matter to you depending on how you use the device.I currently have an original Lepai amp that has served me well. But I was looking to upgrade my setup and add a powered sub. I needed an amp with a powered sub out. So I ordered this one, bluetooth was a nice bonus. (Works well, btw.) The ONLY thing I hate about a lot of bluetooth devices… why is the “connect” sound at earth shattering volume even if the volume is turned down???Now for the problem “I” had. The front volume knob as you expect, controls the volume of the speakers. All fine. However, it does NOT control the sub out! I plugged in the sub and almost launched across the room!It turns out that you MUST use the remote (which is kind of crap) to control the sub AND overall volume. This is an odd design, making the use of this amp awkward to use if on your desk or in reach. Why not just turn the volume knob??? Nope, you MUST use the crappy remote which will inevitably break, NOT the front volume knobs.This is ONLY a dumb design issue IF you need a powered sub out. I could modify the internals to fix this for my use, which would also make more sense…. but why? I paid for a “working” product. Any other amp will control the sub out with the regular big volume knob as you would expect. Because of this, and I don’t wish to use a remote to control something 24″ away from me, I returned it.Just be aware of this design issue. Otherwise…. hey, it works great!

  2. Joël

    Bonne petite ampli
    Puissant pour sa grosseur

  3. Acklar

    2022 year on review
    Well as the first review stated volume control for the sub and speakers has to be done by the remote.. however. I used this for about a year and didn’t notice as my sub has built in controls so this has never been as issue for me, I use the controls on my sub for the sub and the knob for the speakers. Remote for this kinda does suck but, I never use it so no big for me. This was bought as a quick fix due to my receiver dieing and to get audio up and running. As a guy that has spent a few hundred just on receivers this quick fix is still being use because it works and works well at $45-$50 I can’t complain. The display half works. This is a new thing that just started but a good flick on the front pops it in. Sure I can fix but thought I should mention it. For the price not a bad deal.

  4. Gary I.

    Will not do true stereo. More like 2 different zones plus the sub. But not stereo. Will replace.
    This is actually really neat if you want to customize the sound for each pair of speakers but will not do true stereo. For that I am going to switch to a 2.1 channel amplifier or a 5.1 channel. Have not been able to find a Bluetooth 5.1 yet. 2.1 yes. I must have stereo at least but systems like this with 40 watt audio exciters and haptic 100 watt subwoofers make such rich sound most people would think it is a 4 or 500 watt expensive setup. All put together for less than $250.

  5. Pablo Dzib

    Amplifica muy bien mis bocinas pasivas de 8omhs

  6. GregA

    Not Perfect, but fits the need
    We have a need for a Bluetooth-enabled amp that accepts two pair of bare-wire speakers in two rooms at our German club, with independant volume control between each room. This fits the bill. It was an easy install.The reason it does not get 5 stars is due to some nits:- #1 is that the remote is weak. It does not work from far away, and only works if it is straight-on. This makes it a bit difficult to control volume and MP3 skipping from our bar area.- I can’t figure out how it determines what to play from the USB key. It is alphabetical? Is it random? Changing the folders names doesn’t seem to change that order. Haven’t tried randomizing file names yet.- I note that if you power off with the remote it will play MP3 from where you stopped, but if you power it off with the knobs it starts from its beginning, wherever that is. As expected.- Bluetooth input (say, from an iPad) is significantly lower volume than the USB stick MP3s, even though it’s the same MP3s. That’s a problem if you’re playing from BT then your source dies; it’ll switch to *VERY LOUD* from the USB stick and then you’re scrambling to get the weak remote to lower the volume.- I’d prefer a single volume control with a fader/balance versus dual-volume controls, but that’s a preference.Like I said: nits. This works for us, and it’s a helluva value for what it does. We’ll figure out its foibles and work around them.

  7. loops

    Works great as 4.1 amp, but dont count on the bluetooth
    It was working just perfect until I plugged another bluetooth device than my phone. Since then it keeps making its ugly connect / disconnect sounds while playing and having issues for discovery… and I can’t find the device anymore from my laptop. Quite infuriating as there is very little control over BT: switch to the BT input and you can find the device (no pairing mode). If some other previously plugged in device pass by, they’ll connect and you’ll enjoy the ugly sound that comes along.Making my mind as to whether sending it back or keeping it in light of these bluetooth issues. Really great value for the price as far as amplification is concerned.Equalizer presets are clonky at best but default one is ok.Remote works only if you’re close enough.So if you just need a 4.1 amp with a line in and some oumph you’ll be happy. Otherwise begin to save for the big thing.

  8. Bryan Rudgers

    My A and C speakers work but B and D speakers do not. Any ideas on what the issue may be, different channels too so that’s odd??

  9. JRez

    Plenty of Bang for the Buck
    Does what it’s supposed to. At this price point, no reasonable person is expecting superb, audiophile quality — but it’s perfectly suitable for running outdoor-grade speakers in your shop, garage or mancave. Having separate volume control for the A and B channels is nice feature along with the sub woofer out.

  10. David F.

    Better than Expected
    I bought this for our RV that has 2 existing speakers in the bedroom with wires at the TV, but no speakers in the living room (where the TV is located). I wanted to hook up the bedroom and add 2 new bookshelf speakers. This works perfect with my TV, DVD player (using RCA cable), and my phone through BT. Great sound quality. Love the separate volume controls for each pair of speakers. I didn’t need balance (left and right) with true stereo because each speaker within each pair are so close to together I wouldn’t be able to hear left versus right anyway. Love that it can be powered with straight 12v for boondocking. If anything changes I’ll update.

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