Elgato Cam Link 4K, External Camera Capture Card, Stream and Record with DSLR, Camcorder, ActionCam as Webcam in 1080p60, 4K30

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Brand Elgato
Hardware Interface USB 3.0
Video Capture Resolution 4K
Operating System Mac
Series 10GAM9901

  • Professional Webcam: easily connect your DSLR; camcorder or action cam to your PC or Mac.
  • Stunning Quality: broadcast live or record in 1080p60 or even up to 4K at 30 fps.
  • Ultra-Low Latency Technology: go live on any platform in no time.
  • No Time Restrictions: record footage directly to your hard drive.
  • Plug and Play: shoot and produce within your favorite software.


With Cam Link 4K, use your DSLR, camcorder or action cam as a professional webcam on your PC or Mac. Stream or record in stunning 1080p60 quality or even 4K at 30 fps. And broadcast live via any platform in no time thanks to ultra-low latency technology. Say goodbye to maxing out your memory card mid-shoot or discovering shoddy shots while editing. When recording with Cam Link 4K, all content is stored directly on your hard drive while real-time, full-screen feedback lets you polish scenes on the spot. Your camera has never felt more powerful.

From the manufacturer

cam link 4k

webcam; quality 1080p60; up to 4K 30 fps; professional stream; ultra-low-latency

Additional information

Dimensions 3.18 × 1.22 cm




Item model number


Operating System


Item Weight

‎0.705 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎0.47 x 3.18 x 1.22 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎0.47 x 3.18 x 1.22 inches


5 Volts


‎1 Unknown batteries required.





Country of Origin


Date First Available

November 26, 2018



10 reviews for Elgato Cam Link 4K, External Camera Capture Card, Stream and Record with DSLR, Camcorder, ActionCam as Webcam in 1080p60, 4K30

  1. Brandon

    Some Research may help Your Problems.Even though this is marketed as a plug-in-play device. There is some things that need to be known before you purchase this. Since this is a premium penny at over 110 dollars. The main thing people need to understand is USB Bandwidth. If you plug this 4K Cam Link and it does not work properly. Keep trying in other USB 3.0 ports. This Cam Link at 1080p 60 frames was drawing more bandwidth than other Capture Links. So you may have to test it in multiple ports. I was on a laptop. So after you figure out your USB Bandwidth you should be good.If you are getting some lagging or freezing. You may need to download the Elgato 4k Capture Utility Software. Once the Cam Link is plugged in open the app. Hold CTRL and select the settings icon. Put it on Isochronous mode and this should fix whatever lagging or stuttering. After I did this My Cam Link runs all day. I have used it for over 4+ hours many times.The quality and color in OBS are much clearer than in cheaper Cam Links. A much richer brighter color that pops out. It does get warm but I have never had problems. I use mine at 1080 60p and run that all day. The 4k works as well and I have run that for a while with no problems. A chunky fellow it is yet it is lightweight. It comes with a cord for a more USB 3.0 extension. Expensive and the bandwidth knowing are the only negatives I can come up with. The bandwidth issue can be handled with a little research.

  2. JL

    Bang for your buck!Really great streaming tool; connects and displays Consoles and DSLR cameras with ease and in excellent video quality. Easy to set up and use. Comparing cost, quality, and design to other similar devices, you’re getting the most for you dollar here.

  3. Chester whiting

    Fantastic HDMI devicewow In super impressed with this card . I was struggling with my live stream @MyRClive in you tube . because I use multiple cameras and was trying to use USB hdmi cards and they kept conflicting with one another. with this card I get four individual HDMI inputs!

  4. Chad Washington

    Main product is GreatThe main product is great, as many other reviews will attest to. I am in a situation where I need to use the extension, and unfortunately, it worked for about a week before I had to replace it. It seems very robust but simply doesn’t work for the cam link or any other product I tried with it. Disappointing.

  5. Cosmik

    really goodmake such a big diference with a normal video capture, the quality is really great with my sonya6400

  6. B.R.

    Works very well… most of the time…I bought this to use at my church for our live stream. We have three cameras and one computer. While the unit was easily installed, I have had some issues. Very occasionally we lose video from one of the cameras, but it quickly comes back on. There is no lag between the cameras, and it is indeed a plug n play device. It seems to work fairly well for our application, and we enjoy having the ability to mix four sources at once in OBS.

  7. Maria Fernanda Gonzalez

    Great value for money, use it on a weekly basisI’m not a streamer (yet) but I use this for work and simple live stream setups on a weekly basis and it does a great job. The included cables have never failed and the transmission quality is awesome.

  8. Dear Jeff Bezos, stop riding around in rockets and use that money to pay your taxes

    Nintendo Switch streamsI use the Elgato Cam Link to live stream and to record from my Nintendo Switch. Sometimes OBS doesn’t recognize the Cam Link, but I don’t know if that’s a problem with the Cam Link or with OBS or with the Switch or with the Switch dock or with one of the many cords involved. When it doesn’t want to show the Switch on the OBS screen I just restart everything and do some unplugging and re-plugging of everything until it works. It usually starts working after a few seconds of messing around with the various parts. I haven’t figured out yet which part causes the delay, but it always fixes itself, and I don’t stream or record very often, so it’s fine for me.Once it’s all working, it’s great. After I’ve got it on in the beginning, it doesn’t have any more problems for the rest of the stream/recording. Picture and sound are fine.

  9. David KIM

    Great. would buy again{Update} After 10 uses. Been using it with Video Conference calls. People tell me that the camera with this device are worlds better. So glad I got this device. What I’ve now noticed, is I don’t think it’s wise to keep it plugged into my laptop 24/7. The Elgato Cam get’s warm even when not in use. NOT hot. But warm enough that you know it’s not good for the long term to leave it like that. I would buy again for another camera for 2nd angle if I had a youtube channel or something like that for sure. If Elgato releases a USB-C version and it gives better quality, I don’t think I’d jump at it. Seriously, the quality I’m getting with the current set up is totally good enough.Original Post:Setup with my Nikon D750 camera. I had to change the settings on the camera to not shutoff the link. But after figuring that out, it works great. I use it for Zoom calls for work and it’s such a difference. The camera option on my mac laptop in zoom shows up as a secondary camera option. I didn’t have to install any software. It just works. My nikon camera is warm after 10 minutes so you shouldn’t leave the camera on all day for example.The quality and speed of the connection is seamless. I should that being USB rather than USBC might not have the bandwidth to support a smooth response, but it certainly did. No issues whatsoever. For the price, I was happy with the results. I did have to buy the HDMI cable for my Nikon which I didn’t expect. So be careful in researching that.So when I’m not using the device, I keep it in a plastic case with pads in it. I also happened to have a USB cover cap that I place on it when I remove it from the computer. $100 is still expensive no matter how you look at it.I can see this device being used as part of the setup for a video podcaster or youtuber for the perfect setup. The quality is so good that it passes through. Again, it supports HD quality w/ no issues or added delay to pass the signal.The device itself is hard plastic. But it doesn’t feel overly light or flimsy. I’m glad I bought it and would buy again.

  10. Bridget Briant

    The produce works well, but the cord is too short.The Cam Link works well for live streaming, but the cord is too short. I’ve been searching for a longer one, but I cannot find. Please tell me where I can get one. Thank you.

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