Electric Rack Mount PDU Unit – 8 Outlets w/Digital Display and Surge Protection, 1U/15A/120V Aluminum Alloy Power, Covered

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A Pyle Power Management System is an easy way to keep your rack mount equipments power cables neat and organized.

Less clutter means cooler operating temperatures, which in turn means better performance out of your equipment.

Pyle-Pro 8 Outlet Rack Mount Power Supply

Center with each outlet switch, 110/220v Switchable (PDBC10)

The PDBC10 Switchable 8 Outlet Rack Mount Power Supply by Pyle is an easy way to keep your rack mount equipment’s power cables neat and organized. The power supply has a built-in center switch for each outlet, as well as clutter controls & a cooler operating temperature for better performance. The power supply is 110/220v compatible for international use.

Additional information

Weight 1.37 kg
Dimensions 50.5 × 4.45 cm
Item Weight

‎1.37 kg

Product Dimensions

‎22.86 x 50.5 x 4.45 cm; 1.37 Kilograms

Item model number




Compatible Devices


Connector Type

USB Type C

Material Type



120 Volts



Date First Available

1 March 2010



10 reviews for Electric Rack Mount PDU Unit – 8 Outlets w/Digital Display and Surge Protection, 1U/15A/120V Aluminum Alloy Power, Covered

  1. Kent O’Neill

    Looks like a good product.
    Looks good, measurements are a little off. It’s 19″W x 7.25″D x 2″H. Just got it and haven’t installed it yet so we’ll see.

  2. Jeremy

    Fast delivery. Just hooked it up. It’s exactly what I ordered.
    Fast delivery. Just hooked it up. It’s exactly what I ordered.

  3. Tim

    weird lip on rack mounting bracket but working fine
    This Pyle PDU switch is a great idea since it only takes up 1u is prefect for our rack to control the power on the switch and other rack devices.But the rack mounting has a lip on the bottom and top of the rack mount ears the pushes the device away from the rack enough that the screws will not reach the rack. I needed a hack saw and a pair of vice grips in order to bend those lips down and make the device able to mount to the rack!

  4. Basallo Family

    Not Rack Mountable
    In a proper tale of heartbreak, the little rubber feet on the bottom of this device would be the foreboding that warns the user what is to come.As an excited purchaser of a well priced, glorified extension cord that you can rack mount for the cool and convenient look, only depression and despair await you.After days waiting for this to get here and an opening in your schedule to disconnect everything to begin the installation, you realize that the ears are not lining up…wait. What? Isn’t this a standard? I must be doing something wrong here…no. This thing is 18.75” wide. Not 19”.What a Pyle of disappointment.If you want this to put on your desk then this might be for you. Otherwise don’t w“rack” yourself with this one.

  5. Darricke R

    It’s a little more than 1U
    I am returning it because it’s really not a 1U PDU. It takes a little more than 1U and in such a way that, if you’re mounting it somewhere other than top or bottom of your rack, it’ll effectively take up 3U.Other than that, I didn’t actually hook mine up to determine anything else about it. It does seem well built on the outside, but I would also say that fact that the mounts on the side are rolled/bent on the edges like it is makes it a little less desirable to rack mount as well. Seems to me like they would bend a bit if you tighten down the rack screws too much.

  6. andre savoie

    It has a gap under the rack ears that needs to be filled with washers.
    It doesn’t have a flat plate that connects the rack ears to the rack it has a [ shape and you need to fill the gap with washers or you crush the mounting ears when you screw it in. Easy fix, other then that I have no complaints its got 8 rocker switches and one extension cord works great I have had all my equipment turned on simultaneously and didn’t seem to have any problems.

  7. Rev Counter

    Plugs fit very tight
    I don’t think the 19″ rack holes are properly spaced. I tested in a rack, and the holes didn’t look like they would align. Not an issue for me, as I needed to mount in a credenza like furniture. However, i would recommend installing all cables first leaving loose cables for the vacant spots. The input cable is also an IEC type and is much more easily dislodged accidentally. Reaching around is a chore and the insertion force will probably bend the rack ears which are flimsy. The lighted switches aren’t overly bright and may be hard to see if on in a semi-bright room. In a darker room, they aren’t obtrusively bright. Price was attractive.

  8. Emile D.

    Le delais de livraison Excellent
    Pour une fete a venir Excellent achat! Merci

  9. Allen Harris

    This is not a 1U device, it is 2″ tall, not 1.75″.
    The first device shipped appeared factory sealed with a tamper sticker. When I opened it I found one side of the faceplate was bent at the rack ear. Amazon replaced it and the second one didn’t have a tamper sticker but was intact, so I assume someone damaged it and then added a tamper sticker to make it look like it had never been opened. I tried mounting it up under an existing piece of equipment in the rack and found that it wouldn’t line up with the rack holes. A standard rack unit is 1.75″, this PDU has a 2″ faceplate, so it can’t be mounted in between two other devices.The receptacles are mounted with ground down, so if you want to use wall warts that stick out to the side of a standard outlet, you will only be able to do that at the ends. The spacing is okay for plugin USB cubes and would likely be fine for wall warts that mount vertically on a standard outlet.

  10. Papyote

    Lightweight but works fine and could be a later model
    First, the one I just received is metal not plastic, I checked it with a magnet, it’s thin but still metal. I wouldn’t put a non metal powered chassis in an audio rack in the first place. That’s asking for trouble. Second, mine has lights on all eight selector switches, not sure if they’re neon or LED but it has them. Yes I will agree if you crank down on the mount screws you will bend and warp the mounting flanges. They are thin metal bent over to form a “U” shaped flange with no support directly under the screw bosses. However, the whole unit weighs a couple pounds so no need to play Conan on the screws, snug is good. It fit my rack with no problem. I mounted mine on the rear rack bars because I’m using this to power several little items that are hidden inside the cabinet such as my Bose equalizer and a couple wall warts for Toslink converters and a small video display I use to program my NAD receiver. The power cable came with it but no mounting hardware but I have dozens of screws so no biggie. A couple pair of spacers to put under the screw bosses to provide better support would be nice and I’ll probably cut some from nylon or hard rubber myself to add later. It replaces a power strip I had Velcro’d inside the cabinet and this looks much nicer. Of course no one can see it but I feel better knowing it’s there! The manual? Its a single page and has enough info in the little cartoon that should be sufficient for most people except those who take offense at the poor descriptions included. By now we should all be accustomed to a little chinglish now and then. And I got mine for around $25 bucks and free shipping and it came in 3 days.

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