DOSS Bluetooth Speaker, SoundBox Pro Portable Wireless Speaker with 20W Stereo Sound, Active Extra Bass, IPX5 Waterproof,

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Brand DOSS
Model Name SoundBox Pro
Speaker Type Woofer
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Bluetooth, Led Lights, Handsfree, Extra Bass

  • Powerful Stereo Sound: Two full-range drivers and dual passive radiators produce 20W stereo sound with enhanced bass, tight mids and crystal clear highs without distortion at any volume.
  • Active Extra Bass: Get more bass and volume louder by single pressing the extra bass button. Enjoy the big punch beat filling each corner of your room with this bass Bluetooth speaker.
  • Wireless Stereo Pairing: Bring a bolder sound together for a bigger party. Connect two SoundBox Pro wireless speakers via a single device for immersive stereo sound and double the volume.
  • Beat-Driven Light Show: Lit up the dynamic light effects for blazing party vibes. The wonderful light reacts and phases in time with the beat, including six colors and three illumination patterns to choose from.
  • IPX5 Waterproof: Let the DOSS Soundbox Pro waterproof Bluetooth speaker party by the poolside, at the beach, at the park, camping, and more. With IPX5 waterproof, the speaker can resist water splash, spray, and rain. But don’t soak it in water directly.
  • Be Entertained More: With the built-in microphone, take conference calls or friend group chats from the portable Bluetooth speaker. Compatible with mobile phones, computers, and tablets, or take your music to the living room, backyard, office, or anywhere.


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DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker

Additional information

Weight 1.39 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 2.9 × 3 cm
Product Dimensions

7.7 x 2.9 x 3 inches

Item Weight

1.39 pounds



Item model number

SoundBox Pro


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Date First Available

July 30, 2018

Country of Origin



Wonders Tech

10 reviews for DOSS Bluetooth Speaker, SoundBox Pro Portable Wireless Speaker with 20W Stereo Sound, Active Extra Bass, IPX5 Waterproof,

  1. Dirty Bird

    DOSS SoundBox Pro – Great Value In a Set of Portable Bluetooth SpeakersThe media could not be loaded.

     I have become a big fan of DOSS speakers since purchasing the SoundBox xs & SoundBox Touch last year. When I saw the new SoundBox Pro at such a nice price I decided I had to have a pair. Allow me to say in advance I am not an Audiophile who gets into each & every nuance of how a speaker sounds. I am a normal guy who pops the speaker on a shelf & it serves as background while I am working or performing a chore.The SoundBox Pro is a self-contained Bluetooth speaker system. It is rated at 20 watts RMS (2×10 watt) with a pair of passive radiators. It is internally powered by a 2200 mAh Lithium-ion battery that is recharged via a standard Micro-USB connector. The unit is available in 4 colors, Black, Blue, Red, & Light Gray. The speaker feels solid & well-constructed. It is covered in a rubbery material that affords protection from bumps and keeps it in place while in use. The speaker grill is sturdy aluminum in a color set to match the speaker housing. Around the perimeter is the light ring by which the speaker performs its light show. On the gray model this is almost invisible when off as it closely matches the speaker color. I really like the overall design. The SoundBox Pro is slightly larger (wider) than the SoundBox Touch.The controls are top-mounted buttons with LED indicators for various functions. On the rear is a tethered seal concealing the Micro-USB charging port/charge status light, Audio-In Port, Micro-SD Card Slot, & a RESET button. The tether is thick so you shouldn’t wind up ripping it off unless you are careless. Included in the box is the SoundBox Pro speaker, instruction booklet, a USB to Micro-USB cable for charging, & a male-to-male 3.5mm Audio-In cable.NOTE: Users are advised to charge the speaker fully before first use. Near the Micro-USB charge port is a bright red LED that will extinguish once the speaker is fully charged. From fully depleted until Auto Power Off the speaker requires about 2 hours & 40 minutes to fully charge with a 2.1 amp USB charger.Upon initial power up the speaker will default to Bluetooth Pairing Mode with the illumination set to 6-color, blink to music mode. Bluetooth pairing is quick & easy via your device, the connection is solid, & subsequent reconnects occur quickly. A small LED above the Power button indicates the speaker mode. Blue for Bluetooth, Green for Micro-SD, or Red for Audio-In mode (must have an active Audio-In connection to activate this mode). Next to the power button is an “Extra Base” button with LED indicator. The main controls are grouped in a circle on the left & include combination Playback/Volume, Add (for pairing a second speaker), and Mode for selecting the previously mentioned modes. The controls are not illuminated but provide a positive tactile feel & are easy to work out in the dark. Quick presses on the +/- button changes the volume while a long press changes tracks. As shipped the SoundBox Pro will Auto Power Off after 15 minutes of inactivity when running on its internal battery. I have not tested if this applies when powered via USB.Pairing a second speaker for true Left-Right Stereo sound is achieved via the Add button. Press Add on one speaker, then press Add on the other & the two will pair. Once paired an LED will indicate the left & right speaker. Whichever speaker is Left is the Master, with the right being the Slave. Volume & lights are automatically synchronized between units, & all controls work from either speaker, save for Power. Powering down from the Master shuts down both speakers, while powering down from the Slave powers down only the slave. When bother speakers are powered up & within range they quickly & automatically reestablish the stereo pairing. When used alone they default to normal internal stereo output.You can control the bezel light display & the setting is retained between power cycles. There is the default rotating 6-color mode with blinking to the beat, 6 color cycling with no blink, 3 static colors (red, green, blue), or you can disable the lights entirely. One of my favorite features of the DOSS speakers is the inclusion of a Micro-SD slot (32GB max recommended) so you can carry thousands of songs onboard as a sort of mini-jukebox with a MASSIVE library of songs. All the common file formats are supported. The music will play sequentially, one-after-another. If you prefer Shuffle Play, or wish to disable the Auto Power Off feature, contact DOSS Customer Service for a firmware update.Sound quality is very nice for such a small speaker. Obviously it isn’t going to have the bass punch of a larger system with a dedicated woofer, but it does a great job of filling a room. There is very little distortion even at max volume. Battery life at mid volume level is ~10-12 hours. I am very pleased with these speakers & DOSS in general. The company really seems to have it together & are producing some excellent products at incredible prices.Two small caveats & a couple suggestions:1 – Need a method for switching between Sequential/Shuffle play without requiring a firmware update (long press Play button?)2 – You can not synchronously play music from Micro-SD to a set of paired Soundbox Pro speakers.Suggestions:1 – A Bluetooth app where you can change things like Shuffle Play, control volume setting, lights, & check battery level.2 – Ability to sync Micro-SD playback between paired speakers.

  2. Fox

    Sound is a little tinny on the high endIt’s a cool little speaker. I love that it’s water resistant . But as an audiophile, I cannot back this speaker. I listen to a wide range. The high end is too tinny for my taste.The light is not sound responsive which was a disappointment. battery life is good. It’s def worth it for the price unless you are an audiophile.

  3. Michelle Casady

    I just love this one.I’ve gone through about 8 different bluetooth speakers over the last 5 years. This one for the $ is the best in sound quality and battery life. It has great bass, isn’t tinny sounding. It is just a joy to use. I’m sure you will agree.

  4. TLC13

    Not badFor the price I paid, it’s fine. My wife uses it in her sewing room. She’s happy with the sound. I don’t think I would be happy listening to it everyday, but I’ve been an audio nut for many years.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Excellent little speaker!This is an excellent little speaker. I connect it to my iPhone with Bluetooth and listen to music. It has excellent sound quality. It also has good value for the money.

  6. GSnap

    Wonderful full body sound….The nice thing about having lights is I know when its on or off.Great sound, especially when backed by a wall, I use this as home, in my office or car.I love playing the music I want to hear. The added bass is helpful and adds dimension to the music.

  7. Valerie B. Williams

    Just what I was looking for!Great little speaker with a big sound. Tested it on driving beats and soft passages as well. Excellent performance. Didn’t think I would like the lights (wasn’t looking for lights), but they are kind of cool. And they can be turned off if you want. Good value for the price.

  8. Richard P.

    …great little powerful speaker…great sound …great price and value …bought two and easily paired them …stereo separation is EXCELLENT …light bar is really cool feature …really excellent construction …love these speakers

  9. Douglas Hughes

    This is excellent productI was just looking for something to take outside now and then when I am sitting out there and this is it. I didn’t want to spend a lot and I got to say this is the best bang for the buck. Also the light on it just adds a little special feature. Bass and sound quality is very very good

  10. WendyMB

    It’s OK. Needs more bassFor what you pay for it does its job. Needs more bass. Sounds tinny to me but is great for my office. I have a micro boze which is amazing and I love it but it cost 300 so don’t want to leave that at the office and tired of taking it daily. This is a good little speaker

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