Donner Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver, 4 channel, 440W Peak Power Home Theater Stereo Receiver USB, SD,FM, 2 Mic

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Product Description
Donner MAMP5 four-channel independently controlled Bluetooth 5.0 power amplifier. In order to better express the product, the self-developed chip is used with various built-in circuits and audio data, so that this product has the characteristics of high power, no distortion, low noise, and complete functions. It is mainly used in scenarios where multiple speakers are used at the same time, such as large-scale households with multiple rooms, small supermarket ceiling speakers, medium-sized bars and other occasions.

Additional information

Weight 4.15 kg
Dimensions 8.99 × 21.01 cm
Item Weight

‎4.15 kg

Product Dimensions

‎35 x 8.99 x 21.01 cm; 4.15 Kilograms

Item model number




Compatible Devices

‎Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer

Connector Type

‎Stereo Audio

Output Wattage

‎440 Watts

Media Format




Date First Available

25 March 2021



10 reviews for Donner Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver, 4 channel, 440W Peak Power Home Theater Stereo Receiver USB, SD,FM, 2 Mic

  1. Salah1

    Un apparecchio senza pretese che fa tutto
    Da migliorare un po’ non molto intuitivonel fuzionamento però do 4 stelle perché tutto sommato dopo aver capito bene come gestire l apparecchio è perfetto per il mio utilizzo.Per i soldi spesi 4 stelle sono perfette.

  2. Jeff Pezzano

    Love the separate channel colme controls
    Replaced a standard amp/receiver with this to run a pair of indoor and a pair of outdoor patio speakers. With my old receiver, to listen to music outside the volume was so high inside, I’d have to turn the indoor speakers completely off. Now I can adjust the volume on each pair to the right level. The remote is a little cheapy but I only use it to turn it on and off. The sound quality is fine for what we’re using it for. The bluetooth works great. Using an old iPhone for music and it operates from outside on the patio with no issues. It’s really a great inexpensive option for running multiple speakers at different volumes.

  3. Ades

    Fantastic, Excellent Brilliant
    What a brilliant piece of equipment for the price. I received the amplifier on time and in excellent condition. easy to set up and looks good. I have had hours of fun with this machine listening to music by myself and with friends. The USB function during parties is brilliant no need for keep attending to the music needs along as you put a good mix for the party.FANTASTIC.

  4. Zyziwig

    Seems Indestructible and Powerful – Adjust it Properly
    My previous amplifier was a tube amp. But I burned something out (not a tube, I checked those) and I needed something that was less complicated than my old set up. My old set up was a tube amp for my front Klipches and a Class D amp for the back ones. I also have a 400 watt subwoofer.I used to feed those amps from my computer, which outputs to a discrete DAC.This is for my 10×10 home office, by the way. So I know it’s overkill.So anyway – I got the MAMP5 and used 4 channels to bi-amp my front Klipches (these are the ones you can do that on). Then I just did normal 2 channel to the back. I used pre-out to go to my sub.Then I messed around with levels and stuff on the amp and on my sub.Those blue dials on the amp – don’t turn them up past about 12 o’clock. Use the little black one on the bottom right to control overall level. The blue dials are just to set “ratio.” And you keep them at less than 12 because you want to leave some headroom for loud things in your music.If you hear the fan – that’s because you did something wrong. For example, I can make the fan come on by turning the blue knobs to almost zero, then cranking the main volume knob. Because the blue knobs are near zero, there’s almost no sound coming from the amp. But it’s still working hard. That’s because I think the blue knobs basically just work like resisters and the black knob controls the actual amplifier. SO – put the blue knobs near 12 o’clock and the little knob at 9, or 12 if you want loud loud.I think if you turn the bass or treble up too high, that will also trigger the fans prematurely. So it you hear the fan, mess around with the volume & tone knobs.So what does it sound like? My original major in college was audio recording engineer, I used to do sound in a club, and I have done it for live bands, so I think I have decent ears.1) It’s “trebly” – so turn down the treble. This could also be me going from tube to solid state. Either way, turn the treble down a little.2) bass needs to be turned up a little.3) Soundstage is good. Instruments and voices appear in 3D space about like I would expect.4) It doesn’t sound grainy. That was my big worry.5) It’s loud AF! If you adjust it right – you actually are getting 50 clean watts per channel. So with me biamping the fronts, I am getting 100 watts to each of those and 50 to each of the rears. These are efficient speakers and I can drive them to earsplitting level with almost no distortion.6) The remote works, but only controls volume for the bluetooth, USB and card reader and FM inputs. It won’t control volume for aux or anything else that is plugged into the back with RCAs.7) When it does distort, it distorts the way that you would expect from a class-D (I don’t think it’s A/B for this price). So it’s like clean, clean, clean, then holy moly. It’s not linear.The fact they put in a loud fan and super ventilated the case tells me this is primarily intended for something like a retail store or a bar. My impression is that it won’t prematurely fail. I think it’s worth the money.

  5. Christopher F.

    On Dasher, on Blitzen…
    I purchased on a piece of advice from a friend. Works very well. Slight and I mean very slight RF hum while in use. Directions for hook up were vague and confusing. Trial and error was needed to locate proper speaker output. Other than that I’m very happy…

  6. Simone

    Molto performante
    Ottimo prodotto e buone le uscite per gestire 4 punti casse

  7. Pepe Mario

    Buen equipo, pero por el precio espere un poco mas
    Buen equipo, trabaja muy bien el bluetooth, pero referente a potencia ya conectadas 4 bocinas de 50wats cada una, cuando le subia se me apagaba, le falta un poco de potencia por el precio, pero le deje 2 y las trabaja muy bien, pero como como es de 4 canales esperaba un poco mas. La funcion de bajarle independiente al canal tambien esta chida estando bajito el volumen

  8. Elizabeth Saavedra C

    Producto entregado.
    Gracias, el producto llegó físicamente bien y bien empacado. Regresaré a la reseña en días posteriores para compartir sobre su funcionamiento.

  9. Sven

    Sehr gut

  10. pixelfou

    Ampli manuel puissant pour 4 zones d’ecoute
    The media could not be loaded.

     Ampli puissant pour 4 zones écoute pour un seul entrée audio. Réglage manuel du niveau pour chaque zone.La télécommande n éteins pas l ampli et sélectione entre les mode radio-uSB-bluethooRéglage manuel de la source d entrée (aux/CD/DVD/mode radio-uSB-bluethoo)

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