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Brand MusiBaby
Model Name MusiBaby M68
Speaker Type Portable
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Special Feature Bass Boost, Usb Port, Portable, Waterproof

  • ♩♪♫【Portable and Long Battery Life】Bluetooth speakers, size only 4.9*2.9in, designed as a portable speaker. With 1500 minutes playtime, long enough for any outdoor activities. We specially designed the speakers bluetooth wireless so great either indoors or as outdoors The MusiBaby speakers bluetooth wireless are Ideal christmas gifts for men or women.
  • ♩♪♫【True 360°Stereo Sound & Amazing Bass Sound】Stereo sound with full bass—the bluetooth speaker delivers immersive sound with rich bass, mids and highs, and dynamic sound. At the maximum volume, it’s in the same way as a live concert performance. You will like MusiBaby’s true 360°Stereo Sound bluetooth speakers. It must be a good choice to be christmas gifts for women or men.
  • ♩♪♫【Dual Pairing Speakers】Connect 2 bluetooth speakers together, they would play together at the same time! Every time two bluetooth speakers portable wireless are turned on, they will be connected automatically by themselves before they connect to any other bluetooth devices. However, either of the two speakers bluetooth wireless can perform excellent alone. One portable speaker also plays great!
  • ♩♪♫【IPX5 Waterproof】The MusiBaby wireless speaker is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray, therefore it is applicable in shower room, by the pool or beach, and even in the rain. Do not put this speaker bluetooth directly into the water. This waterproof speaker is also a shower speaker! Also can be christmas gifts for men or women!
  • ♩♪♫【Strong Bluetooth 5.0 signal】The M68 wireless speakers with bluetooth can connect normally under difficult conditions and the signal is not disturbed.Antenna design with Bluetooth 5.0 provides greater wireless range 100ft and efficient connection to any Bluetooth devices.The M68 portable speaker can connect quickly to laptop, phone, MP3, iPhone,iPad, personal computer, TV. The MusiBaby wireless speaker can also easily connect to other non-Bluetooth devices by the 3.5mm audio cable.


From the brand

Product Description

MusiBaby Portable Bluetooth Speakers. Mini and easy portable for outdoor activities.

MusiBaby M68 mini speaker is with upgraded and enhanced Loud volume, strong bass Sound, and incredible 30 meters Wireless Bluetooth connection

Range, long battery playing time and IPX5 waterproof.

MusiBaby portable speaker is a perfect partner for any parties. It is also a perfect accompany when alone at home or at your yard. You will like its bass


Highly recommended as a gift for your best friends.

MusiBaby speakers Considerable as a Christmas gift.



MusiBaby Specialized in speakers, which is portable, outdoor and wireless with Bluetooth.

MusiBaby M68 360°sound is a new music experience that uses object-based spatial audio technology. Individual sounds such as vocal, chorus, piano,


bass and even sounds of the live audience can be placed in a 360° spherical sound field, giving artists and creators a new way to express their creativity.

Stereo sound with full bass—the speaker delivers immersive sound with rich bass, mids and highs,dynamic sound.Even at maximum volume, in the same

way as the live concert performance. You will like MusiBaby’s true 360°Stereo Sound wireless speakers.



MusiBabyM68 Bluetooth speaker is with IPX5 waterproof, but, What is IPX 5?The digit ranges from 0–9 shows how well the product is protected from water.

  • IPX0: The product offers no special protection from water.
  • IPX1: Can resist water that drips vertically onto the product.
  • IPX2: Can resist water that hits the product at a 15 angle or less.
  • IPX3: Can take water sprays of up to 60.
  • IPX4: Is resistant to water splashes from any direction.
  • IPX5: Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.
  • IPX6: Can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water.
  • IPX6K: Can resist water jets of extremely high pressure.Rarely used.
  • IPX7: Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.
  • IPX8: Can be submerged deeper than 1 meter.The exact depth is specified by the manufacturer.
  • IPX9K: Resists high-pressure, high-temperature sprays at close range. A very special case that’s dictated by a separate standard. Rarely used.
  • Then, How does MusiBaby M68 protect from water?

The MusiBaby waterproof Bluetooth speaker is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray, therefore is applicable in shower room, by the pool or beach, and even in the rain.You can bring it for the beach, mountain, camping and anywhere else. It is suitable for outdoor activities.However, please do not drop it directly into water!!!


M68 upgraded wireless Speakers with bluetooth:

Born with the newest Bluetooth version 5.0, this wifi speaker can be quickly connected at any harsh environment. No matter you are climbing the

mountains, playing around the beach or camping far away from city, it is all supported with excellent signals.

M68 is with long battery playtime. Just need to charge within 2 hours, and it can play about 25 hours.

M68 is compile with any of your devices, like any brands of phones, laptops, Macs, MP3 players, Computers, and all other devices which is with Bluetooth function.

With the package, you will find an Aux line which is free designated.. Plug it into the Aux port and connect it with your non Bluetooth devices, The playing

effect is also perfect like the Bluetooth connection.

What can you get with your buying?

  1. 1*Bluetooth speaker
  2. 1*3.5mm audio line(Adapter Not Included)
  3. 1*charging line
  4. 1*hanging line
  5. 1*user manual

Special notes: The device is with TF card slot, but TF card Not Included in the package.

Additional information

Weight 12.3 kg
Dimensions 2.91 × 2.91 × 4.84 cm
Product Dimensions

2.91 x 2.91 x 4.84 inches

Item Weight

12.3 ounces



Item model number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 13, 2019



10 reviews for Bluetooth Speakers,MusiBaby Speaker,Outdoor, Portable,Waterproof,Wireless Speaker,Dual Pairing, Bluetooth 5.0,Loud

  1. Derek O’Neal

    Nice!Above all remember it is a small speaker for under $30 so don’t expect the sound to break glass. Having said that …the sound, volume, and quality is very satisficing for this pop can sized speaker. If you need a speaker to blast loud enough for a wedding reception or large group or to blow the windows out then dish out a lot more bucks. Volume from Bluetooth and probably sd card is much better than line in. But for a small/ medium room, this portable carry around speaker gets 2 thumbs up. Two of these speakers paired together will probably up the ante for better all around sound.

  2. RockyMtnHighMama

    USB!!!This little speaker is perfect!! I needed to replace my old one. I do a lot of camping & there’s no cell service. So, I needed a small speaker that had a USB for MP3. Haven’t made it to the mountains yet, but I did test it. The battery life is amazing! I had it running on Med – High for 10 hours & it was still going strong. I could hear it throughout the house. I would have given 5 stars if it had an actual skip button. I’ve found myself skipping a song instead of turning the volume up. Other than that, I love it!!!

  3. GloWorm

    This little speaker rocks!!!My girlfriend wanted a bluetooth speaker because she wanted to be able to listen to music and podcast using her Amazon Alexa. This little speaker fits the bill perfectly. It’s small but sounds surprisingly good. It’s got a decent amount of bass and the audio is clear and crisp. It paired up easily with her phone, and I also paired it with our echo dot and that was simple and straightforward as well. The battery life seems good and it doesn’t have to be real close to the bluetooth signal source to work. It’s rated IPX5 for water resistance, but we haven’t had it in the rain or shower yet so can’t speak on it’s ability to stand up to water. It also doesn’t have any flashing lights, but I don’t care about that anyways. It sounds good and works well, and to me that’s what matters. Overall this is a nice little bluetooth speaker and I would recommend it.

  4. MtnHouse Jan

    MUSIBABY-cleverly named but also AMAZING sound qualityNeeding a portable BT speaker was something that I needed (as opposed to wanted). I soak in my tub regularly; I do projects in my garage regularly and I hang out on my lanai regularly. In other words, I needed an easily portable speaker. And since I’m always listening to a book or music, The tinny sound from my iPad or iPhone was tolerable. Just barely. my AirPods were great at sound canceling, but in those situations it wasn’t necessary. Hence began the search for a speaker that filled my requirements but also had a great sound. To say my flabber was gasted at the amazing sound that MUSIBABY put out, but I’d be remised if I neglected to share that the base is stunning. Do not hesitate to purchase your very own MUSIBABY. It’s an excellent value. Yet truth be told, I’d purchase it if the cost was higher. By shhhhhh! Don’t tell the sellers!Lightning fast shipping. It arrived in excellent condition. It took me all of six minutes to have it operational!Oh….I opted for the red…it’s just kinda a fun color!

  5. John Legate

    A Nice Little Portable SpeakerIf this speaker was more expensive I’d give it a 4 star rating since the sound quality is not super, but it does sound SO MUCH better than my iPhone speaker that at the sale price of just $25.35 I’m giving it 5 stars. I hadn’t really thought about getting a Bluetooth speaker, but I had been working out 3 days a week at home on my trusty old (20+ years!) Bowflex while listening to music on Radio Paradise (since I don’t like ads OR paying for a streaming service) on my iPhone. Then it dawned on me I could probably improve the sound quality significantly at a low cost, and this little gem of a speaker did the trick. Great value for the money. One minor challenge was attaching the included carry strap to the speaker. After a few failed attempts, I finally had to use little pointy tweezers to grasp and retrieve the loop through the mounting bar.

  6. Lawrence Laputka

    Good little Bluetooth speaker.A convenient design and small size for a portable speaker with very decent sound quality. Strong, clear sound especially in the treble and mid-range. It lacks slightly in the real deep base sound, but this is to be expected with a speaker box this small (it can be connected to second speaker wirelessly which would no doubt enhance the base sound). The speaker can be set on a table top or hung from something with the lanyard strap that is included. I had to make a couple attempts to connect the Bluetooth, but I now have it paired with both my PC and my cellphone and it works just fine. Not an outrageous battery life, but overall, this was a good value.

  7. Amazon Customer

    So Happy I bought This Speaker !The sound isn’t superb but at least now I can listen to my audio books and Pandora music clearly. I carry it from room to room while I am working around the house. I love the warning sounds and easy to understand instructions. I got this at such a great price that I have to give it 5 stars. Worth every penny. No more pesky ear buds and now I don’t have to have my iPhone next to body.

  8. Kimberly W

    Just got it. Seems ok so farMine is still charging but they wanted a product rating. I will downgrade if it sounds awful or give it 5 stars if it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. I was looking at the super cheap shower speakers but they all have terrible play time so I decided to pay a little bit more for a speaker I don’t have to charge every night. As others have said it’s about the size of a 12 oz can of soda and appears to be decently made.Edit: I’ve had the opportunity to use it now. It has decent sound although, I wish it could go a bit louder for when there are competing sounds. I only used it for a few hours so I can’t speak to battery life yet.


    High quality portable speaker at a great priceI purchased this speaker after seeing other positive reviews and was not disappointed. I don’t think you will find a better quality speaker in this price range.I bought 2 for myself and the stereo pairing works great, too. I liked them so much I got one for my step-dad and brother-inlaw this past Christmas.Highly recommend!

  10. Karen

    Awsome little speaker But….This speaker has excellent, almost awesome sound quality ! I purchased it to play my .wma files that I have on a little USB flash drive. If you cast your .wma file to the speaker from your computer they will play, but if you plug in a USB thumb drive it will only play MP3 format files from it.The info says at fully charged capacity it will play for 12 hours at 50% volume. I found that 50% volume was not loud enough for my use (I paint houses). I had it at about 80% and after about 4 hours I began to hear skipping in my music. It was hardly noticeable at first but the lower the battery got the worse the skipping got.Last, but not least…at least for me. The volume up and down buttons are the same buttons that you press to skip forward and back in the songs. Just depends on how long you press the button. So every time I went to turn the volume up or down I would inevitably skip to the next or previous song by accident. Very inconvenient. But, I guess if you are just going to set it down and let it go, like at a party, it is just fine.For the price this is a great little speaker ! Sounds great ! It does have pretty good battery life.

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