Bluetooth Speaker, DOSS Extreme Boom Outdoor Speaker with IPX6 Waterproof, 60W Mighty Sound, Deep Bass, 30H Playtime,10400mAh

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Brand DOSS
Speaker Type Surround Sound, Outdoor
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Waterproof

  • 60W Powerful Sound: Delivers loud full-range sound and natural bass with dual 30 watts drivers and two passive radiators. Featuring DSP technology, the speaker provides rich and immersive audio at higher volume levels while maintaining clarity.
  • Loud Bass: Dual-side passive radiators increase the air pressure for more powerful low-ends in a limited space. Power the bass richer with a single press of the BASS button.
  • 30 Hours Playtime: With a 10400mAh rechargeable battery, DOSS Extreme Boom powers up to 30 hours of playback at 50% volume. Also, charge your devices via the built-in power bank that never ends your day trips.
  • IPX6 Waterproof: Born for outdoor adventures, the waterproof speaker is covered with rugged and seamless material and can survive against spilled drinks, rain, and even water sprays from all directions (Not Submerged in Water).
  • PartySync Mode: Amp up your party fun by linking up to 100 DOSS Extreme Boom speakers and get ready to rock the surround sound throughout the space. Simply press the PartySync button on all the speakers to kick-start an epic party.


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Product Description

bluetooth speaker

outdoor speaker

Wireless Speaker

waterproof speaker

Party Speaker

Additional information

Weight 5.57 kg
Dimensions 8.6 × 5.59 × 6.1 cm
Product Dimensions

8.6 x 5.59 x 6.1 inches

Item Weight

5.57 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

April 11, 2022

Country of Origin



Wonders Tech

10 reviews for Bluetooth Speaker, DOSS Extreme Boom Outdoor Speaker with IPX6 Waterproof, 60W Mighty Sound, Deep Bass, 30H Playtime,10400mAh

  1. Deborah L Piel

    Doss speakerThe doss speaker I vary easy to carry and speaker has very good bass. It get pretty loud for how little it is.

  2. Jimmi G

    This ain’t it chief. Highs cause ear fatigue fast.I owned two DOSS devices (Soundbox XL & Portable Wireless) before purchasing this. The Soundbox XL has the greatest sound representation at its price point I’ve ever seen. The Portable Wireless is super loud and sounds good at that volume. I was hoping for a possible marriage of the two here: clean, audiophile-esque sound at loud volumes.What I got was an earache.The build quality feels excellent. This feels like something you can toss in the back of your truck, drive through backcountry, popout for the tailgate party and it plays unfazed. It probably would.That isn’t the only thing I was hoping for. Let’s talk about the sound.It has two woofers and two tweeters. I tested indoors. It does a good job differentiating between the highs and the mid sections of the audio spectrum. Too good. It created a weird scenario where it felt like I was listening to two different sets of speakers at the same time: one being tinny and clear, and the other being the muffly mid. The bass was okay at best.I was able to EQ it make it sound better by cutting off the high end of treble and bumping up the high mids. This made it quieter overall, though, and a device shouldn’t take such drastic EQ to be fixed.I preferred the less clarity, but warmer aomais go to this.Sadly, I’m returning this DOSS.

  3. Ritam Ray

    For $60, best speakers in the market. I got 2 and extremely happySound is not so loud for outdoors party but at $60 this is a beast. Size is smaller than it looks in pics

  4. Amazon Customer

    high quality sound easy to travel withThis Doss speaker has really clear audio & great bass . The battery life is awesome. Also the form factor with having a handle & a strap if you choose is nice . It is light but has a good weight to it without being overly heavy . I have lots of different makes & models of Bluetooth speakers .I would gladly recommend this to anyone looking for a all around great speaker . Also have a few Doss speakers . Never been disappointed with any of them for the sound & the value .

  5. cloudpunch

    Great outdoor party speakerI have 0 complaints about this speaker – it’s a very solid piece of equipment. First time out on a camping trip with friends it was used for two plus days straight on single charge. Everyone connected to it at some point with no issues. I found the sound quality to be quite good – not expecting studio quality but something to provide decent sounding music that can be heard around a campsite or the backyard without getting distorted at louder volumes. The build quality is solid and it looks nice too. Controls are easy to use and intuitive. It’s water proof too so no need to worry when someone spills near it or when the sprinklers decide it’s time for a shower. Very pleased.

  6. E.Swope

    More detailed sound than most BT speakersI have got to say that when I took this out of the box I was struck by how much it resembles Tribit’s xsound mega. They share much in both appearance and function. {Doss even picked up on Tribit’s swqiveling strap.} The Doss is well built, very solid. It is also very flexible in terms of source, with aux in, a card slot and usb in. It also has charge out, and a very large battery. (This may be the only way in which it distinguishes itself from the Tribit, other than size).It is a bass heavy sound, even without bass boost {and this reviewer is happy it can be turned off.}I was surprised by how detailed the sound was, and was tempted to rate it 5 stars {comparing it to Sony’s x43) but while sometimes feeling too clinical, Sony’s sound is more balanced, detailed, precise, at least in part because of high res/ lossless blue tooth codecs (aptx, aptx d and ldac) while the Doss has none of the above. That said, it is lossy when used as a blue tooth speaker, which I am guessing is how most people use it, and not as loud using aux in (which resolves the problem of losing resolution due to lack of aptx, etc).Initially I had it placed somewhere between Sony x43 or x30 and the Tribit mega, but the longer I listened the more I noticed a fuzziness in the mids and kind of mushy bass… mostly when attenuated (volume pushed) again, how a lot of people will listen to it. At which point I realized that it does not compare well to either the Sony(s) or the Tribit.Doss does have much better than average sound (else I would not be comparing it to my 2 favorite BT speakers). But, it is not as detailed as Sony and doesn’t switch between extra bass and “balanced” as well as Tribit. (Doss’s balanced is still bass heavy, and I thnk I said that at least once already).For those looking for a bass heavy speaker which is also loud, a party speaker, this probably has the best sound quality you are going to find. You just do not find many (if any) refined bass heavy speakers.What some will find missing is the party lights… but, for those who are serious about music, um… go buy some party lights. Do not expect your audio equipment to provide them ;)When I manage to get my husband to help me with the yard work I generally pick up the Tribit. It is very portable and has sound that holds up to the outdoors. I am sure the Doss would too, but it is nowhere near as portable. It is as big and heavy as the Sony x43 which most reviewers called ‘not portable’. Well, the Doss is, but does give you that classic ghetto blaster look. That said, the Tribit is more portable. I do not mean to keep pointing back to that but have to say that Doss effectively invites the comparison, it is so much like the mega, but for size.Doss makes nice equipment, solid build quality, good sound, but for those not looking for bass heavy sound, I would recommend the Sony (or the Tribit)….. all 3 are very good.

  7. Highmoon

    Nice bluetooth speakersIm not a tech savvy person but I am a GenXer who loves her music loud and pumping .This Doss promised to be loud and hold a charge a long time. It does both well. It’s s been near water, heat, inside , out , and about all season , no problem. It’s been bashed around ,used the carry strap quite a lot and also dropped it twice. It took a licking and kept on booming . All I can say for sure that it’s the loudest speaker I got , also the coolest shaped one . One thing is that the black on black buttons are hard to find and see when its getting dark. But after a while you get used to them. Another cool thing is that you can have this plugged in ( or not) and power your phone at the same time . I haven’t once run out of portable power, it really lasts hours , I was amazed.There is on thing I wish Doss would include on their “boombox” looking speakers, a simple FM AM radio. That would make this Boombox speaker even better in my humble opinion .

  8. Richard O.

    Quite loud for what it is!I have been searching for a Bluetooth speaker to pair with my outdoor projector, and this fits the bill. It is surprising loud for the advertised 60w and has fairly clear sound. It could have a bit better sound for the price point however ($99.99). The mids seem a bit muddled and at full volume there are points where the highs get a bit muddled as well. In basic everyday use, or in a party setting, this will not be an issue if you pair it directly to a phone or laptop, and don’t plan on messing with equilizers.While I have not been able to test this fully, I’ve used it consistently on full volume for around 9 hours, and its still going! It is said to sport a 10400mAh battery, so I theoretically should be able to get at least 24 non stop hours on full volume.I wanted to test the waterproofing of the speaker, so while using it, I attacked it with the hose. It continued to play without any hiccups. As it tells you it cannot survive being submerged, I did not throw it in my bathtub. However with the abuse it took from the hose, I wouldn’t be surprised if it survived some submersion from a quick drop in a pool.My final thought on this speaker is while there are better options out there, this delivers on continuous playtime and volume. If you are an audiophile, or looking for huge sound quality, it may be best to avoid this.

  9. Scooter Chef

    Good sound for the moneyI enjoy the sound from the speaker. The quality is pretty good for the cost and I do not have to worry about ruining an expensive unit. I am under-impressed with the charge time and battery life.

  10. Kyle

    Nice Bluetooth speaker to have aroundThis is a great speaker to have around while washing the car, or cleaning up. The sound quality isn’t as good as my Harmon Kardon, Sonos, Apple, or Bose speakers…. But this is perfect for all weather scenarios where I wouldn’t want those speakers exposed. It’s plenty loud and was easy to connect and get going.

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