Audio2000’S AST420Y-15 Short Speaker Stand

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  • Height: 32 1/4 – 52 inches
  • Weight: 7.0 lbs
  • Pole Diameter: 1-3/8 inches
  • Safety Pin Included
  • Height: 32 1/4 – 52 inches ^Weight: 7.0 lbs ^Pole Diameter: 1-3/8 inches ^Safety Pin Included
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Low-Profile Speaker Stand for Monitor Speaker for Other Applications

Additional information

Weight 1.33 kg
Dimensions 32 × 6 × 7 cm
Item Weight

1.33 pounds

Product Dimensions

32 x 6 x 7 inches



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Date First Available

September 16, 2013

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Audio 2000S

10 reviews for Audio2000’S AST420Y-15 Short Speaker Stand

  1. Bernie Lenhoff

    Solid. Purchased as support for acoustic guitar amplifier (bottom assembly only)Just received, impressed. Can’t comment on how it will hold up but it feels solidly made. I like the powder coat finish (one reviewer commented that they felt it made it more difficult to slide the legs). I chose this model so I can keep at a height where I can adjust the amplifier settings on the fly during a live performance without having to lower the stand.

  2. Eric R Hershkowitz

    Stable…Very sturdy and stable. Almost overkill for my 30-pound amp, but I would rather it be securely supported, which this stand does. Leg position is adjustable for the amount of floor space that you have and, even when the legs are fairly close tother, it is still very stable.

  3. Johnny

    SPEAKER STAND TOO > i’am a Drummer & DJAs a Drummer and a DJ i have been looking for a SHORT SHORT SHORT Speaker Stand and have never been able to find on until NOW > this stand is as study and my Normal sized speaker stands and works better – due to it being closer to the ground it is not so too heavy – now my bigger stands tri legs are longer – this speaker being closer to ground feels to not need to be as LONG NOW as a DRUMMER in a band i always had to use a Chair 🪑 or box 📦 to put my Monitor speaker but the chair back always gets in the way and both the chair and BOX or milk create is not great to use due to i can NOT turn the speaker / Monitor Away while playing if i do not want to hear or what is coming out is to load – the stand let me turn the speaker quickly and easily -> plus i can get to the volume knob very quickly / easilyi LOVE this stand so much i bought 8 so far just to have them if i need a new one and can not find one againi have let several drummer know and other musicians also DJ’sthis STAND is a MUST for anyonealso for the price being $40-$50 price range this is great even if i put a 100+ pound speaker on it and break it ( which i have not been able to brake the stand yet) but to go buy another one it will not brake the bankI forgot to take pictures at my last Gig but i will add some next gig i am ator rewrite this reviewthe company need to make me a salesman or spikes man or even possible Promote mealso as i am a great marketer and salesman too i know i can get the word out and sell tons of these PLEASE CONTACT ME WE CAN TALK $go get one of these >> forget using for TV’s ONLY > use as a speaker stand it is great or monitors for Gamers too see everyone can use this thing i have other ideas too🥁🎹🎼🎧🎤🎻🪕🎸🎺🎷🥁🖥💻🕹📽🔊📢🔉📣🔈🔔🥁🥁🥁MUSiC☮️PEACE❤️LOVE🇺🇸UNiTY

  4. DuckeeDoug

    I Highly Endorse this StandI use this stand as a home consumer because I wanted an economical way to mount my flat screen TV. I Wanted a stand that had great assembly quality and is very robust. Well all I can say is that this stand exceeded my expectations. It is constructed like a tank and is extremely durable, i.e. I will stop short of heavy duty quality. I use my own quick Vesa disconnect system for my Vizio 24″ monitor so I can connect and remove my monitor with the push of a button and it works extremely well. It should be noted that this stand comes with a quick disconnect system for the monitor as well, which consist of removing two knurl knobs, but this system is not as quick as the one that I use. My quick disconnect is used in conjunction with this stands quick VESA disconnect with no needed modifications.As for the Mike Holders I did not need them as i’m not using the stand for Karaoke. These Mike mounts are mounted outboard of the horizontal plate show in the picture using two screws for each Mike mount. If you don’t plan on using the Mike mounts just mount them inboard of the horizontal stand using the two screws. In mounting the unused mounts in this fashion you will retain all of the hardware pieces and the mounts will not stick out like to Monkey ears. As stated both mounts will be mounted inboard and pointing toward the VESA mount. I would recommend chasing the screw holes with the screws before trying to mount the Mike stands. The reason for this is that the whole unit is powdered coated and that includes the screw holes so the screws can be somewhat difficult to get started, especially if you are trying to get the screws started while also holding the Mike stands into position.The only things that I wish that this stand had is a horizontal table mounted somewhere between the Tri-legs and the VESA mount. There is more than enough room and the horizontal table can be a quick mount/unmounted system. This quick mount table can then be used for tabling AV equipment such as video player, Media streamer, etc.I also which that there was an optional quick connect plate for the VESA mount that could then be used as a table for a Video projector. Maybe these item exist or will exist at sometime via Audio2000’s website or better yet right here on AmazonAll-in-All these days i’m not impressed much by the quality of things being sold as a whole but I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this stand. This item easily has my seal of approval

  5. Karen M

    Not strong for outdoor covered partiesVery saddened and disappointed, although fit TV monitor well for karaoke shows, it’s not very stable as twice, a small gust of wind hit at hired outdoor karaoke party and it and fell over shattering the pixels and screen in my TV monitor. Now have to replace Smart TV.

  6. Guitar Player

    Useful and VersatileI originally purchased two of these short speaker stands for when my band is playing on a raised stage and we don’t want the sound to be going out above the heads of the audience. I later began to use one to place a stage monitor on for our keyboard player. The floor monitors never seemed to get the sound up to where he could hear the mix. This stand was the perfect solution.

  7. Dave

    Exactly what I needed for a Karaoke monitorThis product exceeded my expectations for the price. This is exactly the stand I was looking for to hold a second monitor for Karaoke. No longer do I need to have the monitor close to my DJ gear. With the VGA cable adapters I previously purchased, a CAT5 cable, and an extension cord, I can place this monitor stand as far away from my gear as I want (even with a standard monitor cable this can still be positioned away from my stuff). An added plus is the microphone holders are large enough in diameter to handle wireless microphones, which are thicker than standard mics. Setup is super easy. I had to trim the ears a bit off of the monitor mounting bracket so it would fit inside the recess of the 19″ Dell LCD computer monitor I am currently using, but this took all of about 5 minutes to do with a steel cutting blade and a sawzall. I’m sure this will fit the majority of monitors out there that are flush-mountable without needing to modify. Keep in mind the size of monitor this is rated for. Not enough of a problem for me to give this any less than 5 stars.

  8. Fred

    Built Like a TankThe Audio2000 AST420Y small PA speaker stand is a great buy. It’s built like a tank. I had considered another model by a better known company and saw it in person at a local store. It was lighter but felt cheap and a bit flimsy. This Audio2000 stand is super sturdy. It is a couple of pounds heavier than the other one but well worth it. I mount a Yamaha DBR10 PA speaker on it and it works great. I’m sure it would have no problem with much heavier speakers. I like that they used the side-tightened style of clamp for height adjustment rather than the type that pushes into the pole. Much more secure and doesn’t mark the pole’s finish. The knobs work great and the safety pin is a nice added feature.

  9. R. M. Mayhew

    I Added A Little Height To ItFirst, there are two knurled head screws on the back of this unit which need to be tightened. Mine arrived a little loose. Second, it was too short for our purposes. I thought about buying a more expensive version to solve this problem, but I prefer to spend less money on the stand than I spend on the TV, so based on this I made some modifications. The pole is 29 inches long. I found a 48 inch poplar dowel at Lowe’s that was 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The original pole is 1 3/8 inches in diameter. I used very coarse sandpaper to take the Lowe’s dowel down to 1 3/8 (on just the areas to be inserted into the pole fixtures) and it works fine. You need to make sure the ends are both inserted as much as needed for stability. I have a 24 inch TV on our modified stand and it works fine. As with anything, the longer the pole and/or the more weight you place on it, the less stable it is going to become (general physics). I’ll use black tape or paint to finish this off and we’ll be set.

  10. kperkins

    Incredibly UsefulI use this to hold a second 23″ monitor next to my small notebook computer desk and I can position the screen perfectly. In addition, when I have to go to a different location to work this stand is compact and light enough to take along so I don’t need to worry about what kind of desk or table I will find. The stand is very stable and easy to set up and take down.Some other reviews have mentioned problems with the way the monitor mounts to the stand. I found it a little confusing at first and if it isn’t done correctly there is very little holding the monitor up (two thin bolts). The VESA mounting plate has a long hooking lip and the plate must be attached to the monitor so that the lip is on the top. That lip hooks over the rotating bracket that then attaches to the top of the stand. The two thin bolts screw into the bottom of the VESA plate, not supporting the weight of the monitor but just keeping the plate firmly hooked to the bracket. Attach it this way and there is no chance of the monitor falling off of the stand.

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