Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core 14×10 Bus-Powered USB-C Audio Interface with Onboard Real-Time Effects and Expandable I/O

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The Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core is an audio interface specifically designed to bring professional studio performance to any desktop setup. The compact design houses leading AD/DA converter chips, Discrete ultra-linear mic preamps, and 64-bit AFC clocking system based on Antelope Audio’s legendary master clocks. With its expansive I/O capabilities and vast collection of Synergy Core effects, Zen Q introduces a wide frontier of possibilities.

Additional information

Weight 816.47 kg
Dimensions 13.72 × 5.84 cm
Item Weight

‎816 g

Product Dimensions

‎13.72 x 13.72 x 5.84 cm; 816.47 Grams

Item model number

‎Zen Q Synergy Core USB

Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Hardware Interface

‎USB 3.0 Type C





Date First Available

24 January 2022


Antelope Audio

10 reviews for Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core 14×10 Bus-Powered USB-C Audio Interface with Onboard Real-Time Effects and Expandable I/O

  1. nick calleros

    Una de las mejores interfaces
    La mejor interfaz que e tenido hasta ahora y el emulador de micrófono también es muy bueno, sin duda son excelentes productos.

  2. Azael Buendia

    Great interface. Just keep this in mind.
    Great interface. The converters are a huge upgrade compared to my old UAD Apollo. Driver installation is not as straightforward as other brands for first time users. The team writing the manual took things for granted by assuming that the end user is familiar with the system. The Premium plugins offer did not install automatically as it was stated on the email. The Tech Support team kindly gave me a claim code to redeem. I found out that tech support and customer service have made huge improvement. If they continue to iron the kinks, then I would definitely purchase the Orion Studio. Great product!

  3. Jeff O.

    Wanted to keep it, but had to send it back – hardware flaw.
    I am a satisfied Antelope Zen Go owner. But I had to take advantage of the bundle sale on this Zen Q. I wanted all the included plugins and was curious to try the mic modeling. All in all, it was too attractive a package to pass up. But I wound up returning it for a refund. Here’s why: There are actually a few reasons. I only use the Antelope products for voice over. I don’t need extra hardware inputs. So, the Zen Go is really perfect for my purposes, but the Zen Q has two DSP processors, allowing one to stack up to 8 different effects in a single mic pre channel. The main issue I had was that if the pre-amp is pushed, a crackling noise emerges once you pass 60 db of gain. The crackling is tied with the meter display on the hardware. When the meter is on, the crackling is present. When the meter is turned off, the crackling stops. If you use a mic pre plugin, the crackling can be heard as much lower gains. I, and at least two other friends who bought this unit, alerted Antelope of this issue and at first we were told it would be corrected in a firmware update – that for me, was too slow in coming. The last I heard was that it was a “hardware issue”, which suggests to me that a firmware update won’t fix it. So, back it went. While I could have lived with the defect (you can program the meter to turn off), I chose to wait until Antelope fixes it, then I may repurchase before the sale ends. The second reason I sent it back, is because I felt like the Edge Solo mic is, well, not good. The mic modeling was “so-so”. The persistent issue with the Edge Solo mic is a subtle, but audible brittleness on the top end. I wouldn’t call it “air”. It’s a metallic, displeasing sound that I don’t believe can be EQ’d out. In other words, it just sounds like a cheap Chinese capsule was used, like you’d find in any low-end large diaphragm condenser mic. Don’t just take my word for it. Look how many people are trying to unload their Edge Solo’s on Reverb. So, for me, the Edge Solo and mic modeling added absolutely no value to this package whatsoever. I would buy the Zen Q again if: They fix the crackling hardware issue and sell it with all the effects. The mic, I cannot and will not use.

  4. Mathew Hall

    Most underrated Interface
    Listen, I have been an active musician and audio engineer for the last 20 years. Antelope makes some of the best value interfaces you can find. They are a little under the radar and in the past got some flak for their customer service. I have contacted their customer service and they are extremely helpful and will resolve any problem you have in a timely manner. They give you the best bang for your buck and their proprietary technology (FPGA) will give you the some of the best analog/vintage sounding plugins in the world. Give them a try, I’ve been happy ever since.

  5. Cristian

    sonido profesional!
    una gran interfaz. sonido prístino y profesional. para que sea perfecta podrían haberla implementado con dos puertos distintos para la transferencia. thunderbolt 3 te limita a su uso sólo con equipos nuevos, pero hay veces que en casa tenemos distintas máquinas.también tienen que mejorar el protocolo de instalación en apple M1…es muy engorroso por el tema de la seguridad del software (problema de apple?), hay muy poco soporte online de este modelo aún.independiente de eso, si logras instalar el zenq launcher todo se vuelve intuitivo y empieza la magia!esperaremos a ver más reviews a medida que seamos más los usuarios de este modelo.

  6. Charlie

    Amazing interface on paper BUT no windows sound drivers on the TB3 interface
    I wanted to keep this interface, but even with the workaround Voicemeeter software it does not work properly with normal windows apps such as Discord. Very good sounding preamps and I love how they did the DSP and whatnot. They need to complete the TB3 driver and maybe it will make this a viable interface.

  7. Jamie DeFrates

    Sounds great!
    Looks great, sounds great and Thunderbolt 3 bus powered!I also have the early model Discrete 4 and the Antelope Audio tech support is always extremely good. If I can’t get through right away I’ll leave a message and always get a call back.

  8. cory morowczynski

    Unstable and Un-Useable.
    The process of installing this on a multi-use Windows machine is more difficult than it should be. The thing froze my PC at random (no CTRL, ALT, DEL; no mouse movement, nothing.) The drivers worked for it AT BEST half the time… I mean come on, for $999, you would think the drivers would be solid.. nope. I had to completely reinstall OS to get it to connect, worked for a day, never connected again. I boxed it up and sent it back this morning.Thanks to the non-existent tech support, I was able to make an easy decision to get my money back on this device. I ended up forking the extra $400 and buying a RME Fireface USB 2.0, which should be arriving today. I should have gone with that in the first place, since it has midi out and CV support for my modular units.I don’t typically write bad reviews, but this one warranted one for sure. I had an Apollo Solo, hoping this would be a decent upgrade with more channels, and don’t get me wrong, the Burr Converters in this unit DO sound pretty good, (I install upwards of $1M stereos for a living in peoples homes) for what it is.My Gripes generally speaking, lie with instability of the drivers/software, non-existant tech support (tried reaching out with messages and info 3 times with no response.), and the fact that it was straight up freezing my PC. I hope this helps you in your purchase experience.Edit: I have received my RME Fireface UCX ii and can’t be happier. stable af drivers, no hiccups, pops, disconnects, no server to connect to from who knows where… Just fork over the extra $400 and get yourself a REAL interface. not this garbage.

  9. Juan manuel carrillo mendez

    Es muy complicado
    Es demasiado complicado para usarlo y no tiene unos plugins de la publicación

  10. Jeff

    Serious hardware flaws, issues with multiple units, tech support is awful and slow
    Using this on a Windows 10 machine. I have given up on this. The thing sounds great. However, not worth it after it doesn’t function as it should and has a serious defect. The thunderbolt port has extra wiggle room that makes it easy to snap off the connection from the main board. This happened with very little effort. There is too much room in the port (worse than in the picture) that makes it so that any tension up or down can loosen the thunderbolt from the housing. I sent it in for repairs and it took them weeks to update me on my status. Then finally they tell me the entire mainboard has to be replaced – $569!!! That seems outrageous given the total price of the unit and the fact that I wasn’t manhandling it or doing anything crazy.While I was waiting for repair, I ordered another one as backup, figuring with how slow the repairs are I should order another one in case this happened again. That one arrived with the same port issue and the headphones 1 output is putting out constant noise. Returned!What a piece of junk. It crashes constantly on windows 10 and I have to reconnect or restart the audio engine or both. This is probably part of why the port broke because I had to reconnect it a million times in order to use it. They say it’s compatible with windows 10 but you have to download a third party program in order to use it and it obviously has some serious compatibility issues.Absolutely horrible experience. Why do these manufacturers (UA included) say these items are compatible with Windows, only to find out they are not. Now I have to go back to USB even though I purchased an expensive motherboard with thunderbolt, because I figured I’d be able to use this interface. You live and you learn.

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