Airdual Bluetooth 5.0 aptX-HD Adapter Compatible for Audi MMI 3G AMI Music Interface,Audi Symphony,Audi Concert,VW MDI,Mercedes

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Compatible Devices IPod, iPhone, Android
Connector Type AMI, MMI, MDI iPod interface
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 1.7 x 4 inches
Number of Ports 1

  • [UPGRADE YOUR CAR WITH BLUETOOTH MUSIC STREAMING] Compatible for Audi MMI 3G, 3G+ from 2009 year+, Audi Concert/Symphony, VW RNS 510 from 2009 year+, VW 3G for RNS 315 from 2009 year+, VW Premium 8 systems from 2009 year+. NOT compatible for Audi MMI/AMI 2G ranged from 2004 year to 2009 year. NOT compatible for Audi Navigation Plus. Doesn’t support phone call
  • [POWERED BY QUALCOMM CSR8675 CHIPSET] Adopted powerful Qualcomm CSR8675 chipset for better sound quality experience. Support 24Bit audio processing and 120MHz DSP, support APTX, APTX-LL, APTX-HD high-quality transmission format
  • [PLUG, PAIR, PLAY] Just plug our adapter into AMI/MDI connector usually found in glove box or center console, pair the bluetooth, and play music. Enjoy bluetooth music streaming, no more installation required
  • [SUPPORT STEERING WHEEL SONG BUTTON CONTROL] Using steering song buttons to control music previous/next tracks. Driving safer while changing songs
  • [SUPPORT HEAD UNIT RADIO BUTTON CONTROL] Using head unit radio buttons to control music. Only support Apple Music playlist display, NOT support Spotify/Pandora playlist display
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Product Description

Airdual-300A Bluetooth Music Streaming Adapter

Recommended Uses:

  • 2009-2020 year Audi MMI 3G, 3G+
  • 2009-2020 year Audi Concert/Symphony
  • 2009-2020 year VW RNS 510,VW 3G for RNS 315,VW Premium 8 systems
  • 2005-2011 Year Mercedes with AMI music interface

Compatibility Reminders: (MUST read it before order to avoid mistakes)

  • Airdual-300A is NOT compatible for 2006-2009 year Audi MMI 2G system. If you are Audi MMI 2G system, please order Airdual-Audi2G which is specially designed for Audi MMI 2G system.
  • Airdual-300A is NOT compatible for Audi Navigation Plus with AMI music interface.
  • Airdual-300A is NOT compatible for 2012-2020 year Mercedes.

Product Features Reminders:

  • iPhone is NOT supported to display Spotify/Pandora playlist, it is only supported to display iPhone Apple Music playlist(iTunes playlist). iPhone and Android Spotify/Pandora is supported to display current track information.(If you are Audi owner, you need to find your car option [setup] and select option [Display Track Info] to enable track info display feature.
  • This adapter only supports Bluetooth music streaming, does not support phone calls, but If your car has Bluetooth phone, Car bluetooth hands free phone and Airdual bluetooth audio streaming can work simultaneously. If your car has Bluetooth phone, make sure your phone is connected to car before pairing Airdual.

Must Read Before Order: Check your head unit label and connector before order to avoid mistake




This is Audi MMI 3G system . Please order Airdual-300A

This is Audi MMI 2G system . Please order Airdual-Audi2G

This is Audi Symphony /Audi Concert system. Please order Airdual-300A

Airdual-300A Main Features




Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 chipset

Powered by Qualcomm CSR8675 chipset, output crystal clear quality sound.. Support 24Bit audio processing and 120MHz DSP, support APTX, APTX-LL, APTX-HD high-quality transmission format.

Apple Music playlist display on car screen(iTunes)

Apple Music playlist(iTunes) is supported to display on car screen. Play, Pause, Browse, Skip and control iPhone Apple Music playlist using Original Entertainment System.

Apple Music playlist display on dashboard(iTunes)

Apple Music playlist(iTunes) is supported to display on car dashboard. It is available to use original steering wheel buttons to control Apple Music playlist.



Bluetooth adapter

Steering wheel and stereo control

Using original steering wheel buttons and head unit buttons control to play, browse, skip and control Apple Music playlist.

Auto-connect feature

After the first use, the Airdual bluetooth will automatically reconnect to your mobile device after starting up the engine.

Multiple Audio Apps Supported

Stream music or audio from any of your favorite apps including Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon music, Apple music, Audible etc. Supports any version of iOS and Andriod devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Google Pixel etc.

Instant installation, easy setup! Just plug, pair and play! No more action, seamlessly enjoy music streaming!

airdual bluetooth adapter


airdual bluetooth adpater


Just plug Airdual with your AMI connector or MDI connector.


Open your phone bluetooth setting and search Airdual bluetooth ID Airdual, just pair it.


The music will be automatically played each time when you get in your car. Enjoy music streaming seamlessly.

Additional information

Weight 2.46 kg
Dimensions 4 × 1.7 × 4 cm
Product Dimensions

4 x 1.7 x 4 inches

Item Weight

2.46 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

August 11, 2018



10 reviews for Airdual Bluetooth 5.0 aptX-HD Adapter Compatible for Audi MMI 3G AMI Music Interface,Audi Symphony,Audi Concert,VW MDI,Mercedes

  1. SRC1967

    Works as DescribedPrior to purchase, did some research on this adapter and found reviews by users very helpful in my purchasing decision.I purchased the item from Amazon in the US, and saved around £10 – delivery was still very good but i was not in a rush to fit.I have an Audi A5 which i had my ipod connected too. Followed the instructions and the device connect immediately. Initially, used the wrong setting for Apple music – once i changed this, the device connected and i was able to stream from my spotify account (which was the main reason for purchase).Track info is limited, but the car displays the track playing.Music quality, connectivity and ease of use is excellent. This device allows me to make full use of the bluetooth and streaming capabilities of the phone.Recommended.

  2. Aaron Bowers

    Works great but Bluetooth pairing can be annoying.Really happy with it overall, I have a 2011 A5 and an iPhone 12 and it paired right up and works with my console buttons and display. Keeps wanting to steal the pair from my Bluetooth speaker after I get home tho (really annoying). Easy fix as I just started steaming music thru my laptop at home.

  3. R Bahena

    Issues develop after a whileAt first I liked this device a lot. I was able to easily add bluetooth to my Audi Q5 but the device over time developed issues. First, the audio on the left speakers disappeared and then my car wouldn’t detect the unit after turning on car, it would turn on after 5-10 minutes of driving. I bought another device that isn’t bluetooth but just a headphone jack and that works perfectly. So I know the problem is this device. I contacted support on their website a week ago and I have heard from no one.Edit: I was able to reach support after emailing them. They were very helpful and was able to resolve the issue after getting a replacement unit.

  4. Tony Lipscomb

    Works great, but 2 flawsIt does the important stuff great: Easy to install, high quality audio over bluetooth in my 2011 Audi A4. But there are 2 flaws: The song information shows the title twice and doesn’t show the artist, and the audio doesn’t stop and start automatically when the car is turned off/on.

  5. All_J

    It works!! And it works perfectly!This is the third bluetooth adapter I have tried in my R8 – and this one works. The instructions warn that it may not work well with Pandora – but it works flawlessly. The instructions warn that there may be no song information displayed on screen – but what is playing is displayed perfectly on screen. The dash controls for skipping songs work perfectly as well. I am thrilled.

  6. GetReal9

    Works with 2015 Audio A4I did not have problems with my 2015 Audio A4 (Premium Plus) that some other reviewers are having. Everything was smooth. One thing I don’t like is that there is no passcode to connect with the device, so anyone in the vicinity of the device can connect and stream. No on/off button either so the bluetooth is constantly on unless you physically unplug the device. Otherwise, no complaints, sound is great, can listen to whatever is playing on the iPhone (be it YouTube, Spotify etc.)

  7. Martina

    Amazing ProductFits my audi A4 2011 perfectly. I had no problem installing or using this product although I saw some reviews before purchasing that made me wonder if it will work. It does! I love it. I can easily listen to music from my phone through this and the sound quality is great and it connects on its own whenever I get to the car. (I use Spotify)

  8. W11211

    Sufficient for what it isOften times will need to disconnect or forget the device as my smartphone will maintain a connection even if the car is off and in the garage.

  9. AllTold

    Better than factory BT for 2010 E350From the time I got my used E350 the BT Phone worked great, but the factory equipped BT Audio was missing from the Audio dropdown. After researching a lot I learned how to use the Engineering Menu to get BT Audio to show up. After finally getting the BT Audio working it didn’t sound too good, for the most part the sound quality was much like that of a mediocre FM radio station (the CD always sounds really good, so I know the system is capable). I even tried various EQs from within my iPhone, but the sound never improved much. Also, it didn’t show track info, just Track 0 and then +1 or +2 and so on. So with Lo-Fi sound, no track info and sketchy connectivity I decided to try this aptX-HD Adapter.This adapter works so well… I get in the car and just use the sound system and enjoy it. The sound quality is right on par with CD changer. I did find an EQ in the iPhone that dovetailed nicely with the overall sound system, that was mostly about getting the mids right making it easy to use the Bass/Treble within the system. I re-disabled the factory Audio BT and use this adapter, the experience is totally seamless, the sound is awesome, the BT Phone works just as it should (calls will fade out/silence the iPhone music, music resumes at end of call). There are $25 adapters out there, but they don’t support the COMAND wheel for scrolling tracks or Song/Artist info, I never have to handle my iPhone for music in the car. So nice.

  10. Leah B.

    Kills vehicle battery when car is off!Sounds good but…if you leave it plugged in, it will slowly drain car battery and you will be late for work next morning! So it is a huge inconvenience to remember to plug and unplug in my glove box everytime I drive my car smh.

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