ADJ FOG FURY 1000 II Fog Machine

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  • Special heating Element design
  • Visible fog fluid level indicator on rear
  • High performance pump for optimum output
  • Led heating indicator system in tank
  • Single yoke to mount on a wall or from trussing bracket


The ADJ Fog Fury 1000 II is a 700W compact, higher output fog machine with new advances in technology. It has a special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission throughout the pipeline to prevent clogging. It is also equipped with a high performance pump system for optimum output. The Fog Fury 1000 II also has convenient features such as a visible fog fluid level built-in to the rear of the unit to see how much fluid is in the tank, and a LED heating indicator system that changes colors depending on whether the fogger is heating up or ready to use.

This fogger produces 4000 cubic feet of fog per minute, has a built-in internal tank with a .9 Liter capacity, and has a 4 minute warm-up time. This machine uses water-based fog fluid only.

From the manufacturer

Fog Fury 1000 II photo and info

Fog Fury 1000 II photo and info

Fog Fury 1000 II photo and info

Fog Fury 1000 II photo and info

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.25 × 8.5 × 7.25 cm
Item Weight

‎1 Pounds

Product Dimensions

11.25 x 8.5 x 7.25 inches

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Item model number


Date First Available

July 28, 2017


Fury 1000


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10 reviews for ADJ FOG FURY 1000 II Fog Machine

  1. Mike

    Dead after one year – updatedBought this in Oct 2020 and it worked great for Halloween 2020. But I only used it for about 3 hours that night. Cleaned it up and put back into the box for storage. Halloween 2021 and it doesn’t work. Unit indicates it is heated, but pressing the fog button results in nothing but a faint pump noise.Yes, the lack of a wireless remote or even timer is annoying but I can work around that if the unit worked more than once.Updated Oct 2022- Shortly after above post, I reached out to the vendor. I paid shipping but they took the unit and did repair work on it. Hopefully it is functional this Halloween. Apparently, instead of cleaning the unit and returning to storage. The vendor advised to run smoke at least once every 2-3 months to prevent clogging and stuff.

  2. Troy Patton

    Awesome little fog machineUsed for halloween decoration with water based fluid. It heats up quick and has a really long burst of fog, doesn’t take long to reheat between bursts either.

  3. CC

    No Answerslike the pump. good power. fitting size is odd. reached out to the company for help with connector sizes and never got an answer. If you cant answer questions about your products, don’t sell the product! Simple

  4. R. Troy Peterson

    No timer and the “remote” is physically tethered to the machineThe media could not be loaded.

     So this product is a bust. Ordered it so that I could put it in the yard this upcoming Halloween so I would be able to expand my decor. The primary issue that you have to hold down the remote, which is tethered to the machine by a six or seven foot cord. Which defeats the point of it being a “remote”. I can’t find any ADJ timers on Amazon (or their website for that matter) that are compatible with this so I’ll just have to return it. My own timers I already have won’t work because of course the connection point is a special shape. Real disappointed.Update: I managed to find a remote for the unit, although I had to join a ADJ specific Facebook group just to get any good leads. It’s louder than my other fogger but otherwise works decently.

  5. Tony

    AmazingThis kicks butt. A lot of fog comes out. I wish I had another one

  6. David Le

    Really great fog machine for the money!Great value for the money. The thickness of the fog is very dense and fills a small room in a matter of seconds. The warmth of the fog is not noticeable especially when I used it for a product shoot.

  7. NSC

    Great Machine w/ Major FlawOverall the machine seems to be well built and produces great fog for the price point. However, it’s absolutely mind-blowing that there is no automatic fog option. You have to hold the wired remote in your hand and manually hold down the button when you want fog. Alternatively, the brain surgeon designers were nice enough to also put a manual button on the very back of the unit, which you can also hold down to produce fog… just in case you want to be tethered even closer to the unit all evening. I would have returned it but needed the fog ASAP for an “event” so here I am, tethered to my $100 fog machine for life.

  8. Frank the Tank

    So far so goodSo far so good, used it multiple times, the burst isn’t long, but it heats up quick and is ready to go!!!

  9. ronald m echols

    disappointing in every waysorry – for the price i paid, i got ripped off. i have bought $30-$40 machines that produced more fog. ALso – and I will put this on myself for ignorance – the “remote” control was simply an On-Off switch with a cord of 10′ or so. whatever numbers they claim – the fog volume was not impressive at all. won’t buy a product like this again on Amazon

  10. Ben Lussier

    Fog is not thickMaybe I got a dud but this does not produce thick smoke with ADJ Eco Juice. It says to use ADJ brand juice only! I’ve seen 400w fog machines produce thicker smoke than this so called ‘1000w’. I am going to try different type of juice before I return it but I am not hopeful. I bought this because it supposedly has higher quality parts and should last longer. It seems like it is built well though.

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