8” Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers – Pair Of 2-Way Midbass Woofer Speaker Directable 1” Titanium Dome Tweeter Flush Design W/

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Brand Pyle
Model Name Sound Around
Speaker Type In Ceiling
Connectivity Technology Wired
Special Feature Speakers

  • 55Hz – 22kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Pyle 8” speaker system has a directable 1” titanium dome tweeter and frequency response. This flush mount speaker is pack with exceptional 4-8 ohm impedance rating and impressive 300 watts power handling capability
  • 2-WAY MOUNT SPEAKER: The pair of 8” stereo sound speaker has two way of installation: in-wall or in-ceiling flush mount. It has convenient speaker terminals that allow for quick and hassle-free speaker wire connection at any custom installations
  • FLUSH MOUNT DESIGN: A pair of flush mount design midbass speaker for simple and easy in-wall / in-ceiling installation. The product features 1.5” high temperature voice coil to produce powerful, rich sound or quiet background music
  • 300 WATTS PEAK: Pyle in-wall speaker system were carefully combined to reproduce sound clearly with outstanding responsiveness. It can achieve wide-ranged sound performance speakers secure as well as extending the life of the product
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The product includes cut-out and overall templates for easy installation. The measurement for cut-out dimensions 9 3/8″ in diameter x 3 1/2” in depth while the overall dimensions measures 10 3/4” in diameter x 3 1/2” in depth
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PyleHome Model : PDIC80

8” In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speakers

In-Wall / In-Ceiling Dual 8-inch Speaker System, Directable Tweeter, 2-Way, Flush Mount, White


  • In-Wall / In-Ceiling System
  • 2-Way Stereo Sound Speakers
  • 8” Midbass Speaker
  • 1.5” High Temperature Voice Coil
  • Directable 1” Titanium Dome Tweeter
  • 4-8 Ohm Impedance
  • 300 Watts Rated Peak Power
  • Frequency Response: 55Hz – 22kHz
  • Mounts Flush on Walls or Ceilings
  • Perfect for Custom Installations & Applications
  • Includes Cut-Out Template for Easy Installation
  • Cut-Out Dimensions: 9 3/8” Diameter x 3 1/2” Depth
  • Overall Dimensions: 10 3/4” Diameter x 3 1/2” Depth

The Pyle PDIC speaker system delivers stereo sound to any room in your home or office without cluttering floor space. This pair of 8” speakers can be used for in-wall and in-ceiling applications as they mount flush for a clean look. Perfect for custom installations, the PDIC series speakers feature titanium dome tweeters, impressive power handling capability, high-temperature voice coils and high-efficiency response rates – all to produce more full and rich sound. Convenient speaker terminals allow for quick and hassle-free speaker wire connection. System includes cut-out template for easy installation. Achieve wide-ranged sound performance and add audio to any room with the PDIC Speaker Systems. Sold as pair.

From the manufacturer


  • Mounts Flush on Walls or Ceilings
  • 250 Watts Rated Peak Power
  • 2-Way Stereo Sound Speakers
  • 1” High Temperature Voice Coil
  • In-Wall / In-Ceiling System
  • Includes Cut-Out Template for Easy Installation

In-Wall / In-Ceiling Dual Stereo Speaker System

2-Way speaker, Flush Mount

The Pyle Pro PDIC60T Two-way In-ceiling Speaker System with 70V transformer delivers stereo sound to any room in your home or office without cluttering floor space. It’s compatible with 8 ohm and 70 V amplifier systems with directable 1-inch Titanium Dome Tweeter. Each unit in the pair measures 6.5” round, equipped with a 1” high temperature voice coil and 250 Watts Rated Peak Power. Integrated wiring and amplifier transformer switch allow for quick and hassle-free speaker connection.

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Weight 8.9 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 11 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 11.4 x 9.5 x 11 inches; 8.9 Pounds

Item model number

‎ PDIC80

Date First Available

‎ September 14, 2004


‎ B00069QMPC

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Pyle, Sound Around

10 reviews for 8” Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers – Pair Of 2-Way Midbass Woofer Speaker Directable 1” Titanium Dome Tweeter Flush Design W/

  1. Feasible Earth

    Replacement for previous in ceiling speakers.I liked that they are still making this model. The speakers have been updated from previous version. Hopefully they updated the plastic formula. The previous (9 years ago) version of this speakers had a serious flaw. The plastic became extremely brittle. It cracked and started falling out of the ceiling in pieces.Luckily they still make the same size. Replacing the old speakers was a bit tricky because the plastic fell apart in my hands.This new version has a nicer tweeter. Overall the speakers look nicer and cleaner.I bought 3 boxes, 6 speakers total. After Removing the old speakers, 4 of them popped right in. 2 of them needed me to expand the opening slightly. Hopefully the plastic doesn’t get brittle this time.

  2. StudioWalker

    Install Tips or Guide for Dummies Like MeThese are great speakers, the tweeter can be directed after installation or at any time without removal of the metal cover grill. Very powerful speakers that provide excellent sound and finish quality. I purchased the 8″ ones and glad I did over the smaller ones. I was worried about appearance, but painting them before installation, made them almost disappear into the ceiling.Never installed these before, here is what I learned in the process:1). To remove metal cover grill: Sit on couch, invert speaker onto lap, swing locking clips toward center, push top of tab to force off metal cover grill while holding speaker just off your lap. POP!2. Paint metal cover grill and outer plastic flange before installing. I used a small roller (light paint saturation) to match texture of ceiling. Do two coats. Use a big needle or small tack to clear any paint-filled holes. Once painted, they almost disappear into the ceiling.3. Make a fist sized hole in the center of where you plan to have your speakers and reach in to confirm that you don’t hit any rafters or blocking BEFORE you make your larger cut-out. You may be unpleasantly surprised and may need to shift your location, so don’t make the big hole until you are sure all is clear. The clip/locking tabs need clearance all around (about 1/2″).4. Paper cut-out template provided is a bit undersized (thank you Pyle for making it sturdy cardboard and pre-cut), they probably imagine self-installers are not so careful. Cut it atleast 1/8″ bigger all around.5. To avoid damage to your finished sheetrock during cut-out operation: use a dremel tool to cut thru the paper layer of the sheetrock completely or do multiple passes with a mat knife. Otherwise you risk spalling off large chips of sheetrock which you don’t want to patch back. To reseat any chips flaked during agressive sawing, keep elmers glue handy to patch back smaller chips on the finished side as you go. Then drill out a 3/8″ or larger hole in center and near edges to insert your sheetrock saw.6. Most likely you will cut the sheetrock slightly off-vertical on the cut line, so use your saw and go back to straighten the cuts.7. Carefully wash you hands before final installation of speaker.8. Test each speaker before installation. **This probably should be item #1.You won’t regret doing this work (less than an hour not counting crawling thru the attic), the payoff of these speakers is huge. Verisimilitude confirmed when all our pets completely freaked out by the quality of the surround sound for very low investment. Enjoy.

  3. R2yagirl

    Super sound!These were well protected when arrived. I ordered 3 pairs. All parts were included. They were certainly easy to install, like 2 minutes. You will spend more time prepping for the install, for sure. Just remember that the fruits of your labor will be awesomeness!! My ceiling (LUCKILY!!) was pre wired so I just needed to measure, remeasure, and measure again, for good measure and then cut some big holes and there’s a template for that. I took some photos because I was, admittedly, dreading cutting such seemingly large holes (9 3/8″ for the 8″ speaker) all around into my ceiling but eventually my procrastination subsided and I got right down to business. Everything went smooth and the only incident that I had was the grille popped off when I was bumpin the room (BUT it was MY fault—don’t forget to put the included putty glue stuff in there like it says in the directions! 😉 I had to go back up the ladder for that and probably because I think I know everything so I picture-book the directions just for familiarity.) At any rate, after I completed the directions entirely, these speakers bump. They are awesome no matter what type of music you listen to (I tried tons of kinds, just to be sure) and they are well balanced and perform stereo sound style. It didn’t specify but from my past experiences with the materials, I’m nearly 99.97% that you can paint to match and they will keep the paint on. (I will be painting mine to match a tat better, regardless) I definitely recommend these. Pic Tips: Pic1and2: if you stick your phone thru the prewired area and turn your flash on and take a pic, you can kinda see what your doing and where to find studs. (I didn’t use a stud finder. Don’t forget to give speaker at least 1/2″ distance from stud for the locking mechanism, although I didn’t have enough room for one of my speakers because the builder or whoever pre wired, cut the square box right next to the stud. Regardless, I was able to strategically turn the speaker just so and it still locked in place just fine. Pic3: again, it is a big hole. Pic4: I recommend using this saw thing, it’s cheap and has some teeth but doesn’t chew. Pic5: if you see this metal thing, it bends back easily out of the way, and just keep sawing. And Pic6: final result, everything is flush and functioning beyond my expectation.

  4. S. Pendleton

    Dangerous! Plastic assembly crumbles and speaker can fall out of the ceiling!Really sad story about these great sounding speakers…As was outlined by several other reviewers here, I have had problems with brittle, crumbling plastic material that surrounds the these in-ceiling speakers! I have had to replace 4 speakers that were located in the ceiling of an outdoor covered patio. I live in hot Arizona so I was willing to blame the heat somewhat but still I have never seen this with any other speakers. These Pyle speakers literally fell out of the ceiling (3 of the 4)!What really has me upset is that the 1st symptom of this problem is usually the grill falling from the speaker. This happened this weekend in our dinning room ceiling. While pushing the grill back into place the entire plastic speaker assembly crumbled and the speaker nearly fell to the floor. Luckily I caught it!This is unacceptable and renders these speakers both useless and dangerous if installed in a ceiling. I will not be purchasing more of these as replacements. I am hoping Pyle will respond to my unhappiness with their product. I do not recommend anyone buy these especially if they plan for in-ceiling installation. Please refer to my included photos.

  5. Stubbs

    Great for surround sound applicationsGreat for in-ceiling surround sound through an old Pioneer receiver @ 8 ohms and 100W peak per channel. Install was a breeze with the provided template, and the locking clips attach to sheet rock (drywall) with no issues. I pump music and TV/movies through these and don’t get any audible distortion. Good bass response (for their size) and the directional tweeter is clean as well. Don’t need to crank up the volume either, as these speakers provide plenty of sound even at low levels. I got 4 to use as fronts and rears for my 5.1 setup. I do have a subwoofer as well to push low-end bass separately, because 8″woofer cones can’t be expected to “thump” like I want it to. Highly recommend based on my 1 week of use!!Update: 2/22/2016…These speakers don’t disappoint!! The bass is strong enough to rattle the drywall in my ceiling (house is only 2 years old!!), even with the subwoofer turned off. Maybe it’s just frequecy harmonics, but I am impressed. Don’t waste money on a product with a fancy name, give these a try. Will be purchasing these again when I upgrade to 7.2 as well as dual-zone applications.

  6. Tech & Bio Expert

    Good recessed speakers for home theaterI am pleased with the sound of these speakers in a ceiling installation with 5 speakers on a home theater receiver. I do not have a separate woofer.The sound is fine for a good 3D video experience and for general music with reasonable base, very good mid-range and reasonable treble. The tweeter angle adjustment is much too limited. They require no floor space so that is a major benefit. I may add a satellite woofer someday.I once had Altec’s Voice of the Theater speakers and these Pyle units do not come close, but at 1$ of Altec’s what can you expect.Installation of 5 ceiling speakers required several hours and generated plaster dust that dispersed everywhere. These speakers require a moderately precise round hole. I used a Dremmel multi-tool with a drywall blade and that worked well. Once the hole is complete, installation is easy.I was concerned about dirt and dust from the attic collecting on the speaker cones since there is no barrier. I enclosed the backs of the speakers with a soft plastic film before installation to avoid dirt on the cone that would cause distortion. The film must be soft and provide the ability for cone movement without causing air pressure on the back of the cone.

  7. Anton

    Great Speaker, Poor Plastic Material SelectionThe sound quality of the speaker is good and the value for the price is great.I have ordered 7 pair of these for my home, and all of them from 2012, 2016 and 2020 orders have all eventually cracked through the white plastic surround. The plastic material selected is brittle, cracks and falls apart easily – sometimes immediately after installation (and they were not over-torqued). In my opinion, the plastic material chosen by the manufacturer needs to be changed.Aside from that, the speakers are good.

  8. Amazon Customer

    EXCELLENT BASSAwesome speakers…! I installed these pairs in my living room ceiling and WOW, the bass. I recommend if you like deep, rich bass from your speakers when playing music.

  9. Marlin

    Great sound and bang for the buckSound quality is not equal to an overpriced one but is good for home users. If you want theater quality then chances are you are not looking at this. But for those that want a good quality speaker for a good price this is it.Also the quality of the sound is related to the speaker wire (use at least 14ga or thicker), install, and your power source. Set all those up correct and this will work great.I did a 7 speaker setup with the Pyle speakers here from Amazon and they sound great. I used 12ga wire, installed them to direct the sound correctly, and used a good amp/receiver to power them with.I used the 6.5’s for the rear and the 8’s for the front as I have larger room. If you have a smaller room then just use the 6.5’s and skip the eights.

  10. kc2pxp

    OMG, Buy theseThese speakers are awesome. I was looking for some speakers to install in the ceiling of my kitchen to listen to Pandora etc.. I have these plugged into a 65 watt amp and I have the amp set at 75% power and these 6″ speakers are too loud at this volume. I backed the amp down to 50% and when I crank up the volume they are plenty loud for just hanging in the kitchen. I also bought a pair of the 8″ speakers and put them in my living room ceiling for my surround sound and they are awesome.I like the directional tweeter and it allows you to dial in the sound. I have high end B&W speakers for my surround sound and these sound great with them. They install easy and I love them.

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