4 Multi-Zone Stereo Amplifier – 19” Rack Mount, Powerful 8000 Watts with Speaker Selector Volume Control & LED Audio Level

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PyleHome Model : PT8000CH

8-Ch. Stereo/Mono Amplifier

8-Channel Home Theater Amplifier [Multi-Zone Audio Source Control] Rack Mount Amp, 8000 Watt


  • Multi-Zone Audio Source Amplifier System
  • High-Powered & Distortion-Free Audio Distribution
  • 8-Channel Sound Processing Amp Design
  • Integrated 4-Channel Bridgeable (Bridge) Switches
  • Front Panel Color LED Graphic Audio Level Display
  • Independent Channel Rotary Level Control Knobs
  • Channel Configuration: Left/Right/Mono – Bus/AUX Input
  • Gold-Plated Audio/Speaker Connectors
  • 5-Way Speaker Binding Posts (Banana Plug) Outputs
  • Pass-Through Output for External Amplifier Linking (Daisy-Chaining)
  • Individual Channel Safety with Protection & Overload Circuitry
  • Master Power Button, ON/OFF
  • Universal Rack Mount Compatibility
  • Perfect for Home Theaters & Multi-Room Audio Control
  • Used in Home, Office & Business Applications

What’s in the Box:

  • 8-Channel Amplifier
  • Power Cable

Technical Specs:

  • Power Output: 8-Ch. x 1000 Watt MAX
  • Rack Mountable: 4U Rack Space
  • Power: 115/230V Switchable (DC 12-15V)
  • Dimension (W x D x H): 19.0” x 19.3” x 7.1”
  • Weight: 48.5 lbs.

The Pyle 8-Channel Home Theater Amplifier is perfect for high-powered audio control. Multi-zone source control allows you to connect multiple speakers and sound systems from nearby rooms. It’s used for wide array of sound applications and connects to all of your favorite devices including TVs, stereo receivers, amplifiers, CD/DVD players, speaker systems and more. Source all of your conveniently and direct your sound with powerful, distortion-free performance. Additional system features include 4-Channel Bridge-Ability, Independent Channel Level Controls with Audio Configuration, Gold-Plated Binding Post Speaker Connectors, Protection Overload Circuitry, Visual Color LED Audio Graphic Indicators — along with Universal Rack Mount Compatibility. Enjoy multi-zone and multi-channel audio control with the Pyle 8-Channel Home Theater Amplifier System.

About Us

Pyle was founded in the 1960s as a manufacturer of high-quality advanced woofers. Our reputation quickly grew as customers around the United States used our products and recognized the power of our scientifically-tuned woofers and drivers. Soon, the Pyle Driver, our original speakers, became a household name.

In the late 20th century, Pyle established itself as a premium source for replacement speakers and car audio. By the year 2000, Pyle had undergone a massive transformation, expanding into the nascent market spaces of car audio, home audio, marine audio, and professional audio & musical instruments – our Pyle Pro line.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 49.02 × 48.31 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 18.01 x 49.02 x 48.31 cm; 22 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 25 January 2010


‎ B002UL0XIQ

Item model number

‎ PT8000CH




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10 reviews for 4 Multi-Zone Stereo Amplifier – 19” Rack Mount, Powerful 8000 Watts with Speaker Selector Volume Control & LED Audio Level

  1. xeroiv

    Misrepresentation of unit functions and poor customer service
    Ok I thought I would let the transcript that I kept from my problem explain it best. But it boiled down to their customer service would not fix the missing function that was originally claimed to be working on the unit and expected me to modify the unit by myself so it would work. Lucky for me amazon.com rocks and helped me by taking back this 50 pound paper weight. Alternately the unit produces A LOT of ground feedback noise if no source is playing. This noise is mitigated by doing plugging the unit into a different circuit than my main amplifier but it still not completely gone. I hope the attached transcript helps someone in dealing with their companies. I will never purchase another product from any of their affiliates.——————————————————————————————————————-HelloThis unit does not have the 12V DC remoteIt was an error in the manual that was fixed a while back agoReally sorry for that issue of the manual showing 12 v dc remote—– Original Message —–From: XXXTo: AAA@soundaroundusa.comSent: Friday, June 21, 2013 6:14 PMSubject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportGood Evening Abraham,I have been unable to get a standing issue I have had with the Pyle PT8000CH amplifier that I purchased back in December 2012. I have attached the record of my attempts to get my issue resolved with DDD . He suggested that I email you in order to get my issue resolved.I am looking for assistance in getting the functionality of 12V DC remote on to work as it was outlined in the user manual that came with the unit. As I understand it DDD does not have the power to either correct the issue, replace the unit with one that works, or refund my purchase. I would like to make at least one last attempt to get my issue resolved internally by your company.Please respond at your earliest convenience with any additional aide you can offer in this frustrating situation.Thanks,XXXFrom: DDD s@pyleaudio.com [mailto:DDD@pyleaudio.com]Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 12:48 PMTo: ‘XXX’Subject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportFrom what I’m hearing the new unit I was anticipating is unable to be done, so the unit will remain as is. The manuals and the specs have already been modified to show the changes. I would suggest you email AAA@soundaroundusa.com as he has been handling these models. I apologize for not being able to do more for you in this situation. If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.DDDTechnical AdvisorSound Around Inc.[…][…][…][…][…][…][…]From: XXXSent: Friday, June 14, 2013 12:21 PMTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSubject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportDDD ,I understand and appreciate what you have done for me and to the extent that you can personally fix my issue. But to be fair your product does not do what your company claimed it would do with the included documentation. A few emails back it was said that the new version was in the works to fix this issue. Is swapping for the new model going to be a possibility or am I going to have to be refered to someone else in the company to resolve my issue.Thanks,XXX——– Original message ——–From: DDD@pyleaudio.comDate: 06/14/2013 11:12 AM (GMT-05:00)To: ‘XXX ‘Subject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportXXX, our supplier never produced that componentry, nor do we have access to the parts. As a courtesy to you I did the leg work to find out what unit it was modeled after, but that’s the extent of what I can personally offer you. DDDTechnical AdvisorSound Around Inc. From: XXXSent: Friday, June 14, 2013 10:23 AMTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSubject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH Support Hi DDD , Thanks for the follow up. The datasheet link you sent me does not show any internal schematics from Speakercrafts model. While I do not mind doing the modifications to the unit here as opposed to shipping it back, I do not think that I as the consumer should be footing the bill for the missing components for a feature that should have been included with the unit. If the solution is for me to do the modification here I will need the required components shipped to me and detailed instructions on how you want me to precede with the modification. Else wise I will need you to take this unit back and refund my purchase at the expense of your company since this troubleshooting has fallen outside the window of return for amazon.com Thanks,XXX From: DDD s@pyleaudio.com [mailto:DDD@pyleaudio.com]Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 10:01 AMTo: ‘XXX ‘Subject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH Support The model it was modeled from is made by speakercraft attached is a link to their website and the second link should be to an internal schematic you may be able to acquire the 12 volt trigger component from them directly. http://www.speakercraft.com/products/electronics-a-accessories/big-bang-amplifiers?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage_sc.tpl&product_id=114&category_id=9http://www.datasheetarchive.com/3–BB835-datasheet.html DDDDirector of MarketingTechnical AdvisorSound Around Inc.From: XXXSent: Friday, June 14, 2013 7:38 AMTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSubject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportDDD , It’s been a while since I have last heard from you. Do you have any good news for me yet? Thanks,XXX From: DDD s@pyleaudio.com [mailto:DDD@pyleaudio.com]Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:05 PMTo: XXXSubject: FW: Pyle PT8000CH Support THIS WAS HIS REPLY SEE BELLOW DDDDirector of MarketingTechnical AdvisorSound Around Inc.From: FFF@pyleaudio.comSent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:55 PMTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSubject: Re: Pyle PT8000CH SupportTHE MODEL IT WAS COPIED FROM :BB835B.DDD IS A COMPLETE PCBOARD THAT IS MISSING IN THE UNIT; (IT IS A MODULE).THE FACTURE DINT MAKE THAT PCBOARD—– Original Message —–From: DDD s@pyleaudio.comTo: FFF@pyleaudio.comSent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:11 PMSubject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH Support HE WANTED TO KNOW THE MODEL IT WAS COPPIED FROM AND POSSIBLY PART NUMBER THAT WAS MISSING From: FFF@pyleaudio.comSent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 11:53 AMTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSubject: Re: Pyle PT8000CH Support NO! ,DDD WE ARE WAITING FOR THE NEW MODEL WITH THE NEW FEATURES (12 VOLTS TRIGGER)—– Original Message —–From: DDD s@pyleaudio.comTo: FFF@pyleaudio.comSent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:49 AMSubject: FW: Pyle PT8000CH Support Any word on this?From: XXXSent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:45 AMTo: ‘DDD ‘Subject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportDDD ,It’s been a while since I have last heard from you. Do you have any good news for me yet? Last I heard you said that Frank was looking into parts from another unit to see if we could come up with a solution. We are starting to have the kind of weather that I like to go outside and enjoy on my back deck and this feature is becoming more and more important so I don’t have to run back inside to turn on and off my amplifier every time I want to use it.Thanks,XXXFrom: DDD [mailto:DDD@pyleaudio.com]Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 4:00 PMTo: XXXSubject: Re: Pyle PT8000CH SupportI know this model was closely modeled after another unit I’m researching the part.DDDOn Mar 15, 2013, at 3:23 PM, “XXX ” wrote:Ok so we at least have an answer from them. What does this mean for the solution to my issue?From: DDD s@pyleaudio.com [mailto:DDD@pyleaudio.com]Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 11:15 AMTo: ‘XXX ‘Subject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportThe factory is unable to add this feature, we are updating the specs to show 12 volt line out triggerFrom: XXXSent: Friday, March 15, 2013 10:52 AMTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSubject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportGood Morning DDD , Any new news from the factory on locating an original functioning unit? Thanks,XXXFrom: DDD@pyleaudio.com [mailto:DDD@pyleaudio.com]Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 1:17 PMTo: XXXCc: SSS@pyleaudio.com; AAA@soundaroundusa.comSubject: Re: Pyle PT8000CH SupportI apologize it has been chinese New Year on the factory side however I have sent them muliple requests and have yet to have any updates. As I hear something I will follow up with you.DDDTechnical AdvisorSound Around Inc.—– Original Message —–From: XXXTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 10:18 AMSubject: RE: Pyle PT8000CH SupportGood Morning DDD ,I have not yet received replies from my last two emails. Could you please give me an update on my issue as soon as it is convenient for you.Thanks,XXX .From: DDD@pyleaudio.com [mailto:DDD@pyleaudio.com]Sent: Monday, February 04, 2013 12:44 PMTo: XXXSubject: Re: Pyle PT8000CH SupportWe have not been successful in locating a older unit with that board built into it, if I had a earlier schematic on file I would send you a reference as to what components it was, but this particular factory is not very forthcoming in providing us anything in addition to the amplifier it self.I will update you if anything changes, I have halted future orders until this is implemented on the new units, so hopefully this will grab their attention and get the input we need sooner, so they can continue to supply us this model.DDDDirector of MarketingTechnical AdvisorSound Around Inc.—– Original Message —–From: XXXTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSent: Monday, February 04, 2013 12:01 PMSubject: Re: Pyle PT8000CH SupportGood Morning DDD ,I was just following up on if you had made any progress in finding me the part that I would need to get my issue resolved.Thanks,XXXSent from my ASUS PadDDD s@pyleaudio.com wrote:XXX, We are getting no where with the factory. I had my repair department go in and try to offer a work around or modification, however whatever board or chip set the factory was using originally is not even present in my current stock. I dont have access to any of the old stock units that I know worked, I have my repair dept and LA warehouse trying to go through to find old stock to at minimum source you the board to get that feature working. I will email you to keep you posted and hopefuly request you shipping info to send you parts and basic instructions to get you going. DDDDirector of MarketingTechnical AdvisorSound Around Inc.—– Original Message —–From: XXXTo: DDD@pyleaudio.comSent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 10:53 AMSubject: Pyle PT8000CH Support DDD , I have attached the pictures of the back panel and the serial number of my unit. I have also contacted amazon and determined that I have currently have 17 days left (2/1/13) to ask for a refund/exchange. I hope we can get a resolved before then. Please email me back if you need further information and I will get it as soon as I can for you. Thanks,XXX________________________________________Hi my name is XXX and I have been working over the past few weeks with DDD to resolve an issue with my newly purchased Pyle PT8000CH. I have left multiple voicemails and the technical support department is exceedingly difficult to reach via phone. When I do reach someone other than DDD they do not attempt to resolve my issue and transfer me to DDD k’s voicemail. I have been told that DDD will be out of the office until Jan 14th but he does have email access while he is out of the office. I was told to send an email to this address and should receive a prompt response from him.I am emailing in regard to an issue surrounding the 12v DC trigger function of the amplifier I purchased. I have a 12V signal that is provided by my Denon AVR3311CI receiver that I am attempting to turn on the Pyle PT8000CH amplifier with. The first solution that DDD provided me with was instructions for making a proper adapter since the terminal ends on both pieces of equipment were different. I have attempted to trigger the Pyle amplifier with the 13.3 volts provided by the Denon with no results. On the Pyle amplifier I have tried all 3 power selection modes; AC 12V-15V, AC/DC 12V-15V, and DC 12V-15V. None of the modes work and that switch varies greatly from what is provided in the manual. After a few days of trying to reach DDD via phone I was able to get further instruction from DDD at 4:55pm on 1/2/13. He was unsure why the power selection switch did not work as intended and instructed me to force a common ground on the 12V trigger signal that my Denon was sending the Pyle. I told him that I would get back with him the next day but I still have not been able to reach him or get a response from him since the last time I spoke with him. I am emailing to get further assistance on this issue so I can determine if my unit is defective and figure out the best next course of action before my purchase grace period runs out from Amazon.Thanks,XXX

  2. Brenda Gayle

    Powerhouse Unit at a fair price
    First off, please update your pictures of this unit so we can see all the different settings on the back of the unit. I am attaching much better pics that show all the different features on the rear of the unitOk, now the unit. It is a very heavy unit so be prepared to have someone help you get the unit into place.I have tested a few different ways with this unit. I am using Polk SDI 8 for speakers tested.First way I tried was simple Bluetooth receiver and used my volume on my phone to turn volume up and down. I know the SDI 8’s can put out some powerful bass but nothing like I have heard before. Since I am running my phone and Bluetooth, my phone was the EQ. So I had no EQ, bass EQ, and More treble EQ. For me, I left it as no EQ and those speakers made some great sound!Second way I tested was thru Yamaha R-N303BL pre out to Aux in on the Pyle. I still was playing Bluetooth and using my phone as volume. The sound was still the same and sounded greatOne downfall of this unit is there no master volume per say. There is pre set volume control in the back of the unit and that is it. All volume control will need to be done via source that has volume control.My main goal is to have a total of 8 outdoor speakers running off this unit for my outdoor music. So far, I have 6 speakers done and it sounds wonderful.This unit is also rack mountable but buyer beware that it has front and back mount guides. The front guides line up great. However, the rear mount holes do NOT line up. I had to make a back support to hold up the unit in the back.Overall, not a bad investment for my outdoor sound. If the folks from Pyle read these comments, please add volume control and line up the rear guides to fit in a network rack. Otherwise, thanks for marking a nice unit!

  3. Robertoe

    Bang for Buck? Will be really hard to beat – best sound quality? – Nope, BUT rocks my backyard!
    Looking for a low cost sacrificial amp? Bang for buck this is a tough one to beat . . The power ratings are silly overrated . . there is NO way this is putting out the power they are stating. However, the SQ and power is well worth the $325(at the time of purchase in Q2_2022) price tag .. I paired this with a nice bluetooth receiver – – with long range and this is doing an amazing job in my backyard. I am tempted to open up the unit and figure why it weighs 50+ llbs with such low power output? Probably would not use this for my indoor setup, but I am honestly surprised. ***edit reduced to 4 stars. I have this connected to an external powered subwoofer. There is NO subwoofer output. If I use the AUX or BUS output, the signal is VERY weak. My BT receiver has a optical out. I used an optical to RCA with attenuation control to fix the issue.

  4. Digichip

    Heavy Amp! Specs are heavier than they trully are. But still a decent amplifier.
    Like most all other audio equipment, advertised ratings are in PEAK power. Don’t ever expect to get a clean 1000W/channel from this amp. Having said that, I benched tested this amp using lab equipment. It DOES do a very clean 175W@8 ohms/channel. It does produce 325W/channel@4 ohms cleanly. However, using a curve and factoring in distortion of about 10%, those numbers look a little more like the ratings. Keep in mind, the specs on this amp ARE overrated for obvious reasons…. SALES!! If you are looking for a decent mildly powerful amp, this may come close to what you are looking for.Regarding Ground-loop hums, grounding is a very important item and some amplifiers just have that quirk. I didn’t experience that particular problem, but I did notice that the inputs ARE sensitive to very high frequency oscillation, which to the ear sound like a hum. These sounds are near the MEGAHERTZ region, so you would never hear them directly. Basically it comes from making the overall bandwidth to high. A nice 20-20,000Hz response would be sufficient. This amp actually extends past 50Khz when I tested it. Way too high!! Honestly it is typical of the music industry in general. Most better quality companies limit the amplifier’s bandwidth to something that won’t receive stray RF signals to the inputs. It is not a totally friendly amp to configure. Using the channel ONE left channel input and speaker output connections, you must select the “R” setting to get sound from the LEFT channel. I thought Left started with an “L”. Same goes for the right channel. Select “L” for right channel output.It is a beast to carry !! Not for the weak. (I needed help to get it back in the box so I could deliver it to its final location.)The price of this amplifier is unreal!! I can’t purchase just the two power transformers for the price of the whole amplifier.The one negative thing I can say is the case is fairly flimsy. Do not think you can rack mount this from the front panel only. Not happening!! Use rear support as well. Check for rattles BEFORE plugging it in. Rotate the case around some to see if anything is floating loose inside. I have had that on other Pyle stuff, and this one was not an exception. Two loose screws were found inside and secured to their proper locations.I just ordered amp #2 like this one for a job I am doing.

  5. Islandson

    Works great with one issue. Buy it. .
    I’m not sure what people are expecting from this amplifier or am I sure if people understand how wattage works when it pertains to amplifiers. This Amp is rated at 8000 watts peak (meaning it could probably play that wattage for nano seconds not continuously) Clearly this is an exaggeration as an 8000 watt amp would certainly need it’s own separate power source etc.Now that is out the way, my suggestion is people to evaluate what they need this amp for. For high end home theater? Certainly NOT. However to power multiple speakers in a home or business for ‘Fill’ music. Not a problem.All 8 channels in my amp are being used to power my whole home music. Channel 1/2 power the bathroom speakers (6.5inches), 3/4 power both the speakers in the foyer and kitchen[6.5 inches] (I used piggy back banana plugs), 5/6 power speakers in the Great room (8inches) and 7/8 each power a 10inch in ceiling subwoofer (one in the kitchen and the other in the great room). It does it effortlessly and without problems.I purchased my amp used from Amazon warehouse deals for $171, which is a steal. Still came with the warranty but did have a few scratches on the rack mount system. Since I was installing this in a dedicated music cabinet, the scratches weren’t a problem. Unit works well.ConsTrigger does not work as it should. I have never been able to get the input trigger to receive signal from my Denon x4000. Checked the settings etc. The denon can signal other devices, just not this one. Since my amp is out of reach, I used a WEMO wifi outlet. That way I can use my phone to power on/off the amp. (I can be lazy).This is not an amplifier for Audiophiles. It will not provide clean, tight power but it will give you adequate sound and be reliable.The lights in the front are quite bright but as mine is out of sight, it doesn’t bother me. Plus I prefer to see the Spectrum lights to determine if I’m clipping or not.The Denon x4000 has 3 zone capability therefore I can listen to one source in the bathroom, another source throughout the house and watch a movie in 7.1 in the Man cave. The 8 channel amp handles everything outside the Man Cave and the Denon handles the Man Cave speakers.I ran all the wires through the attic and connected in-wall volume control components so I can adjust the volume independently for each room even though I can just use my phone to adjust the volume also. (This is more a feature of the Denon rather than the Pyle.)The Amp does come with a fan but it’s best to put it in a well ventilated area and/or install a a/v fan.I’ve ran this playing music throughout the day and night and it runs without problems. Pair it will pyle in-wall speakers and it will give you decent whole home music. Nothing spectacular but definitely adequate.Highly recommend it. Any questions, feel free to ask away.

  6. Nathan P

    Surprisingly good
    Surprisingly good. Expectations were low for this brand, which is not known for being the highest quality. However I am pleasantly surprised.As with many of the lower end brands, there seem to be some quality control issues. The first one I bought from amazon was DOA. I returned it and ended up finding a better deal elsewhere at the time anyway so it all worked out. The 2nd one has worked flawlessly, it is left powered on 24/7 acting as a multizone amp connected to my home theater receiver, and drives speakers in 4 other rooms/areas.It is very flexible, with up to 3 different inputs for each speaker, and you can run it as 8 individual speaker or 4 rooms/pairs. The amp specs are obviously grossly overstated, there is no way it is an 8000 watt amp, and probably even 800, but it doesn’t need to be, it is plenty loud, and can easily overdrive and blow a speaker if you let it. There is onboard channel control volume for each speaker, but they are on the back and not convenient, so this should not be your primary means of adjustment, it works best with an inline volume control switch in each room.It is very heavy, and puts out a fair amount of heat, but it has never bogged down and the fans are still running fine after many years of continuous use. For the price, it really can’t be beat. Even if it did only last a few years, you’d likely still be money ahead because you could buy 3 or 4 of these for what you’d spend on an russound, elan, or other comparable system.

  7. GC

    Good Value for the Money
    Has the power to run my indoor in wall speakers and my exterior speakers. Volume controls on the back of the unit for the channels are inconvenient they should be on the front of the unit. But by using the bridging channels feature I was able to run the output through a Niles volume controller and then to all my outside speakers and can now easily adjust the volume.

  8. Chris

    I proceeded to hook up the unit to test for functionality as it was the last one in stock and it powered up fine. I purchased th
    First off, this came with both corners of the rack mount fins badly bent. The box was definitely dropped at least twice and the hard styrofoam packing was even broken apart inside the box. I proceeded to hook up the unit to test for functionality as it was the last one in stock and it powered up fine.I purchased this to power 2 Clark Silver transducers in series (8 ohm load) and one Clark Platinum transducer (4 ohm) as well as two Atmos ceiling speakers (8 ohms each). The amplifier is very versatile with hook up configurations. I’ve only done a brief test to set levels for each of the channels and it seems to be up to the task, but only long term testing will tell. I don’t believe it will power anywhere near the claimed 1000W per channel, 100-120W RMS per channel would probably be closer. After testing, the amplifier and all of the AV gear had to be removed from my home theater room to allow for carpet installation. I’ll be reinstalling and hooking everything up in a couple weeks and will update the review after a month or two of use.

  9. André Dion

    Très bon
    Pour le moment je suis très satisfait un son agréable mais moins puisant que je le croyait manque beaucoup de profondeur mais dans l’ensemble très bien

  10. Michael Beal

    Will Blow You Away
    So Far this Amplifier has exceeded my expectations. I actually bought two of them because I wanted more power than My Onkyo SR805 receiver could produce. My speakers are Klipsch top of the line reference series. I’m running both Amplifiers in Bridge mode so instead of 16 channels between the two of them, I have 8. My Front two speakers and center channel are bi-Amped and with the clean power this amplifier produces, “Unbelievable!” I’ve seen some negative reviews about this amplifier but I believe if utilized in the proper configuration, it will exceed or surpass your expectations. I’m extremely Happy and at the price point you can get it, You will not go wrong!!!

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