36 LED Stage Lights RGB DJ LED Par Light Remote & DMX Controlled Sound Activated Auto Play Uplights for Wedding Birthday

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Color 36leds Stage Lights – 2 Pack
Shape Hexagonal
Material Metal
Finish Type Plastic
Light Source Type LED

  • Powerful Stage Lights – 36 Watts stage lights come with 36 LED RGB beads, including 12 x Red, 12 x Green, 12 x Blue.
  • Better Material & Upgraded LED Par Can – We reject cheap bulbs, led par lights adapt high quality LED to make sure the luxury light source and more pure color radiation. The light cover is designed with a hexagonal for a wider and more beautiful lighting effect. More durable than other products with lower prices. Upgraded 36 LED par light without fans will not make large noise.
  • 9 Lighting Modes – LED stage lights includes 9 function modes to fit your needs. Static color, color mixing, jump mode, strobe mode, fade mode, auto play, sound activated, master-slave, DMX.
  • Easy to Use – 36 LED uplights can be easy to set up and controlled by wireless remote control or DMX512 controller. Both professional DJ fans and non-professional people can use it without any pressure.
  • Widely Application – Colorful stage effect for DJ, ballroom, KTV, party, disco, theater, wedding, church, bar, special event, Halloween, Christmas, home party lighting. Friendly after sale service and technology support are provided for every customer.


Product Description

36 led par lights package


✔ Red, green, blue 3-in-1 LEDs for color changing and mixing.

✔ With high quality bright LED light source, less consumption, high brightness.

✔ Multiple Control Modes: Static color mode, Color changing mode, Color fade mode, Sound active mode, Master-Slave mode, Auto-Play mode and DMX mode. Control rotation speed, colors and strobe.

✔ Creates a great wash effect that is very bright and powerful, and also has the ability to strobe.

✔ Can be used as up lighting or stage lighting long lifespan LED with high-through function plug and play function.

colorful 36 led par lights


Light Source: 1W x 36 LED RGB

Voltage: AC 110V-240V, 50-60HZ

Material: ABS

Beam Angle: 25°

Item size: 6.9 x 6.9 x 3.9in

Net Weight: 1.85lb / 0.84kg

36 led stage lights dj lights multi use

led par can

par can lights

stage wash lights

stage lights for church

36 led dj lights package

Additional information

Weight 3.08 kg
Dimensions 6.9 × 6.9 × 3.9 cm

36leds Stage Lights – 2 Pack





Finish Type


Light Source Type


Power Source

Corded Electric



Number of Batteries

1 CR2 batteries required. (included)


4 pack


‎110 Volts (AC)

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

3.08 pounds

Product Dimensions

6.9 x 6.9 x 3.9 inches, 6.9"L x 6.9"W x 3.9"H



Item model number



1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 22, 2018

Color Name

36leds Stage Lights – 2 Pack

Material Type



36 LED

Battery type

Lithium Ion


28 watts



10 reviews for 36 LED Stage Lights RGB DJ LED Par Light Remote & DMX Controlled Sound Activated Auto Play Uplights for Wedding Birthday

  1. Kenneth Walker

    NICE light for the priceI bought one of these YEESITE lights to test (with no DMX controller) and the results are impressive! It’s from China, contains 36 1-watt LEDs, and is VERY bright (more of a ‘spotlight’ than a ‘wash’, though). All the various functions and buttons work well, as does the remote control (and you get two of them!) The plastic housing is sturdy, although the hanging brackets are made of thin easily-bent metal, as has been mentioned elsewhere. The internal fan is so quiet as to be almost silent! The instruction booklet is surprisingly detailed and clear. Even the box looks professional, not ‘generic’, and all the individual items are well-packed. YEESITE is obviously serious about selling a good product.(By the way: Don’t forget to remove the little paper ‘tab’ from the remote control; it’s there to keep the replaceable battery in ‘new’ condition until you use it. And you can stick the tab back in again, when the remote isn’t being used.)Here are some details that are not mentioned in the booklet; but don’t let my comments throw you off– this is a really nice, feature-packed light, at a low cost. I plan to buy more…R-G-B ‘static’ color-mixing can only be done on the light itself (or via DMX), not with the remote control. The remote has ‘basic’ functions, with only seven pre-set colors, but they *can* be faded up or down. The remote’s functions are…ON/OFFDMX on/offpure REDpure GREENpure BLUEROSEAMBER (which is not too accurate, in my opinion)CYANWHITESTROBE (always full-brightness white, with adjustable speed)SOUNDFADE (smooth transitions through the seven different colors; adjustable fade speed)JUMP (sharp transitions through the seven different colors; all fully on; adjustable speed)AUTO (which is like a ‘demo’ of *all* the presets)It seems that the remote accesses a slightly different set of programmed instructions compared to the light’s– the main one being an ON/OFF switch on the remote. Once turned OFF this way, the light’s own rear buttons no longer function (and there’s no dedicated ON/OFF switch or button on the light itself.) The light can be turned ON again only by using the remote, or by unplugging the light to reset it.There is a slightly noticible visual ‘stepping’ effect when dimming, more pronounced when using the remote (although I don’t know if this happens when using a DMX controller.) It’s more apparent at lower brightness levels. Fading of the individual RGB colors occurs over a number of discrete ‘steps’– how many depends on:using the remote: 32 brightness steps.using the buttons on the light: 255 steps (although RED seems to step through only about 100 individual increments, spread over the 255 ‘range’… perhaps to get a more visually-pleasing mix).The LED color-ON thresholds (using the light’s own 0 -to-255 ranges) are:RED– 10 (NOT 1– due to manufacturing tolerances?)GREEN– 1BLUE– 2So if you choose to create a WHITE color (all RGB colors set to 255), then decide to fade that out to nothing, the RED-color LEDs cut out slightly before the GREEN and BLUE…but I don’t think most people would notice this.Most of the visual change in brightness occurs at the ‘lower end’ of dimming; the upper end seems to show far less of a brightness change. Perhaps that’s simply how our eyes react to it, but I think the individual RGB brightness ‘steps’ need to be programmed better. In any case, it’s a minor quibble for me.There IS some obvious color-banding in the shadows from this light; but that’s to be expected from ANY light that uses individual red, green and blue LEDS spread over a circle. That’s because all the colors are not coming from a single ‘point.’ If this is a problem, a light with lots of smaller LEDS would be better…or, to eliminate the color-banding altogether, a light with TRI-color LEDs (each LED producing all colors.) But those lights are more expensive. ;-)The STROBE function is something I will probably not use– but it has a minor quirky problem with the remote control. When the strobe ‘speed’ is set very fast, all of the buttons on the remote suddenly fail to work! (This doesn’t happen below about 90% of the fastest speed.) My own opinion is that the *fast*-strobing light is interfering somehow with the remote’s infrared control signal (or with the IR receiver on the light itself.) But if this happens, it’s easily fixed with the light’s own buttons, to slow down the strobe speed a bit; then the remote will function again.Saving the settings in memory (before unplugging the light): When using the REMOTE, the light remembers the last setting, and comes back on in whatever mode it was last set to. But when setting the parameters on the light itself, things are somewhat different: For all modes *except* the R-G-B static color-mix mode, the ENTER button saves that program mode– and it comes back up when you plug the light back in. And, the light does remember the individual color settings in R-G-B color-mix mode– but there’s no way to actually ‘save’ those as a saved ‘program’– the ENTER button is used for something else in this case. So, when plugging the light back in, the mode that comes back up may or may not be the RGB mix, if that’s what you were previously using. (Honestly, I haven’t completely made sense of this yet.)I haven’t worked with DMX commands, so I can’t comment– except to mention that the the light’s DMX channel assignments are:Channel 1– master dimming (for overall dimming?)Channel 2– RED 0 to 255Channel 3– GREEN 0 to 255Channel 4– BLUE 0 to 255Note: The DMX in/out ports have only three contacts, not the five that are required by the ‘official’ DMX standard. But it seems that *many* (most?) LED lights ignore the standard, as there’s very little need for the extra two pins.

  2. john

    New to stage lighting? Start hereI had a Chauvet 4bar for years and it finally died on me. Debated getting another one (they’re more versatile/expensive now of course) but decided to try these instead. Glad I did! For 1/10th the money this works fine to provide some vibe/light to our gigs. If you’re in the same boat, start with this two-pack or maybe spend 40 more for the 4-pack. It’ll get’er done. Only complaint is that there seems to be a bit of lag on the remote control (i.e. it takes a few seconds before you can change settings) but I don’t like being a musician and LD. If you’re OK with set and forget, go with these.

  3. Andris Bolgzds

    Missing knobs for bracketsThe knobs needed to attach the brackets to the lights were not in the box!

  4. Tony Martinez

    Great!!!!These are amazing. I bought them for a New Year’s Eve party and they look great. We had so much fun totally recommend these.

  5. Sammmy

    Easy to use and excellentEasy to use and easy operating

  6. Amazon Customer

    GreatGreat, one of the ones I received was broken and they sent out a new one right away. Thanks.

  7. shawn michael hutchngs

    Decent lighting for a decent price.Good value, lights work well. Just wish they were brighter.

  8. Cody

    Perfect for a small budget!These lights are perfect for an under budget production, very bright and have cool effects. My only issues with them is that when they are set to auto, both the lights will start changing at the same time, but within a few minutes they quit synching and do different things at different times. Also, these are plastic… which is perfect for some cases, like mounting them to this tiny stand! But, be careful when screwing the sides of the handles in. It is a brass thread that is just punched into a plastic hole. Also, be careful with these lights when transporting or even setting them up.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Worked perfect for my event 11/17/2022We used these as colored spotlights at a recent event. I was worried because one of the video reviews shared that the legs and screw to hold the legs were loose. I ordered 4 and all were just fine so that must have been a random manufacturing error that’s since been resolved. I ordered mine in November 2022.

  10. Gabriel Moorer

    party vibesvery good and needed

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