19″ True Cloud Frame with Editable Cloud Albums, 20GB Free Cloud Storage, Computer or APP Remote Manage, Easy Setup, Full

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Brand Sungale
Color Black
Resolution WXGA
Screen Size 19 Inches
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi

  • THE PERFECT DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME FOR YOUR GRANDMA – Use your cell phone, tablet or computer to send real-time photos and share life moments instantly from anywhere in the world to your Cloud Frame.
  • FREE CLOUD STORAGE AVAILABLE – You and your loved ones will be able to create photo albums of vacactions, their family and put together albums of life’s great moments. You all can then share and send them to your Cloud Frame as easy as 1-2-3.
  • STAY EVEN MORE CONNECTED WITH THE BUILT-IN SOCIAL MEDIA – Setup your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or other favorite accounts and browse and enjoy the posts, photos, videos and life events that are so common among your social media friends and family.
  • ENJOY THE BEST OF CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT – Movies, TV Shows and your favorite internet clips from top services such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu+ and more.
  • THE BEST PHOTO VIEWING EXPERIENCE – Coming with a 19″ High Resolution screen, 8GB of internal memory, the ultimate APP selection and easy remote control operation makes the CD1900WV+ the #1 choice for anyone looking for the best way to display photos or watch videos in the home or office.
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Product Description

Sungale CD1900WV+

Share photos from phone to frame in seconds

Sungale Cloud Digital Frame is the best way to share your favorite photos with family & friends, especially for parents and grandparents. Using the ‘Sungale Cloud’ free app (available for iOS and Android), or the Sungale Cloud Web Portal, you can easily send photos to your cloud frames anywhere anytime. Invite friends and family to connect to your cloud frame, or connect and send to their cloud frames. Snap a photo on your phone or select some from your computer, select who you want to send them to, it’s that easy to share your best moments with your loved ones. With 8GB on-board memory, and SD/SDHC card slot, plug and play like a traditional digital photo frame is also an option. Choose from smaller size touch screen model, to larger size wall-mountable remote control model, Sungale cloud frame is the best gift idea for your loved ones for any occasion.

Easy Setup

Remote control operation

Share photo anyway you want

Easy and Simple Setup

Power on your cloud frame by plugging in the power cord, click “Cloud Album” icon, and a user registration message will show up. Use the displayed serial number to register a cloud account, and gain 20GB free cloud storage instantly.

Remote Control Operation

The Sungale CD1900WV+ is operated by remote control, open the included remote control battery compartment, find a USB receiver, plug in the receiver to your cloud frame, and point to the frame to operate.

Send Photos Any Way You Want

You can send photos from your mobile phone or computer, no matter when and where you are, you can be away from your parents thousands of miles, and send your latest photo to them instantly. Not only sending your photos, you can also manage your Cloud Frame slide show styles remotely.

The brand new Sungale cloud app

Sungale Cloud Web Portal

Friends and Familes Can Send to You

The Brand New Sungale Cloud App

Search and install the “Sungale Cloud” free app. You can create free cloud account, activate your cloud frame, link to friends and families frame, send photos to cloud frame, manage your cloud frame settings, and manage your account.

The Sungale Cloud Web Portal

Use any web browser to open the Sungale Cloud Web Portal, you can activate your cloud product, upload and send photos from your PC or Mac to cloud frame, manage your cloud albums, and manage frame settings from anytime anywhere.

NOTE: for iMac, please use Google Chrome web browser to open the web portal.

Invite Family and Friend Send to Your Cloud Frame

Your family and friend can register a free cloud account on the Sungale cloud app, link to your cloud frame by providing your serial number and account email, and send their photos directly to your cloud frame.

You can send to their frames too

Weather Panel

HD slide show

You Can Send to Their Frames Too

You can send connect to multiple cloud frames from your cloud account too. Simple link to others frames by providing the owner’s cloud account email and serial number, and you can send your cloud albums to their cloud frame. Perfect for keep in touch with parents and grandparents.

Weather Panel & Aspects

You can enable weather panel to show with on your cloud frame, simply turn on the setting with the Sungale Cloud app or web portal. The weather panel shows current date, time and weather, with photos displaying next to it.

Displaying Hi-definition Photos in Various Slide Show Styles

The Sungale cloud frame shows photos in hi-definition resolution. And you can adjust slide show styles using the Sungale Cloud app or web portal, set transition type in fade, scale, slide, or rotate, adjust slide show interval, or enable random display….

external storage

Wall hanging VESA Mount

Best Gift Idea

Mass Storage for Plug and Play

On top of the 20GB free Cloud Storage, 8GB on-board internal storage is available to you, you can also expand the memory up to 32GB via SD/SDHC. Easily plug and play your favorite photo, music and video files.

Wall Hanging Kit Included

The CD1900WV+ includes a VESA Mount free wall hanging kit, very easy installation, you can mount or un-mount the cloud frame on the wall. Decorate your wall with dynamic photo of your precious memories.

Perfect Gift Idea

A perfect gift for parents and grandparents, families separated by distance, friends, newlyweds, college kids…

Great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, wedding day and especially for Christmas. Let’s share photos instantly with your loved ones around the world.

Sungale cloud frame CD1900WV+


Display size: 19 inch LCD screen

Display resolution: 1366×768 pixels

Memory: RAM 1GB; Flash 8GB

Built-in Wireless: 802.11b/g/n

Remote: Motion Sensor remote control

Multimedia support: Photo / Video / Audio

Earphone: 3.5mm stereo phone jack

Speakers: 2 x 2W

Memory card: SD/SDHC

USB type: 1 x Mini USB OTG,


Power adaptor: Input: 110~240V;

Output: 12V

What’s-In-The Box?

  • 1 x 19-inch Cloud Frame
  • 1 x Motion sensor remote control
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x VESA mount
  • 1x Stand

Additional information

Weight 5.14 kg
Dimensions 20 × 1.3 × 11.1 cm
Product Dimensions

20 x 1.3 x 11.1 inches

Item Weight

5.14 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

June 15, 2017


9SCTP KDP Vendor 70951758

9 reviews for 19″ True Cloud Frame with Editable Cloud Albums, 20GB Free Cloud Storage, Computer or APP Remote Manage, Easy Setup, Full

  1. David E. Bratton

    Looks greatThe first one I received was a dude. The replacement is great, amazing how it can display the photo at an increased size. I had the 14″ model for years, this one the 19″ is a step up. Am really enjoying it and so are the many visitors we have.

  2. J. Bennett

    nice idea in theory, execution on the other hand…not so much.Where to begin? I’ve been toying with a project for about four years now as a Christmas gift for my parents. I wanted a digital photo frame that would sync with some manner of cloud storage – i’m not picky: google photos or drive, flickr, whatever…just need somewhere my siblings and myself can upload pictures to a central location and have it automagically sync with the frame set up in our parents home. I had planned to go a step further and have ifttt watch our respective instagram accounts for a designated hashtag to then pull the photos over to whatever cloud service as an aggregator that would then in turn sync to the picture frame. Up to this point I had found the available technology lacking or GROSSLY overpriced for the size/quality. I dove down the rabbit hole again this year and found this frame, which I thought might actually meet my requirements; and it does, in theory. It promises cloud storage – and it fulfills that much, albeit in their own proprietary cloud with no ability to push from outside sources other than through their smartphone apps or web portal. Even that process leaves quite a bit to be desired, user interface is lacking. Ah, but there’s still hope – it supports flickr and dropbox. Or its supposed to. I found in my experience attempting (strong emphasis here) to set it up before gifting it to my parents, that neither of these apps worked. Well in fairness I can’t say dropbox didn’t work as it wasn’t on the device, requiring a download (not a bad idea as there is a limited amount of onboard storage); except the download would never complete successfully. Flickr on the other hand just straight up refuses to acknowledge the network connection (wifi) that worked fine on every other aspect of the system. I was impressed with the ‘air-remote’ that is an RF ‘mouse’ so to speak for navigating the menu and interface. The overall picture quality was pretty decent, albeit slightly washed out at the native viewing angle when resting on the provided ‘kick-stand’ foot. May be different if wall-mounted (VESA mount included in package, nice touch). When using their provided ‘cloud’ storage, I loaded a few test photos and played with the transition animation settings, finding ‘fade’ to be about the only option that didn’t induce motion sickness. The zoom feature looks like a very rough attempt to mimic the Ken Burns effect, or ‘pan and scan’ seen in software like iMovie…I found it to be best to turn that feature off. The weather display option started out moderately strong – creates a panel on the left side of the screen with the current date/time, and weather overview – temp, sky conditions… However despite having both time zone, and location set to auto in the settings – I had to manually override the time zone and no matter what I did in location I was stuck somewhere in California (I’m from the Bluegrass state). Also in this mode there is a thin white frame around the weather panel and the picture panel to the right that I personally found distracting and would have preferred to just turn off, except there’s no option to do so anywhere I could find.All that said, if you’re a singular user and don’t mind the limitations of having to go through the manufacturers ‘cloud’ portal, put up with spotty app support/functionality, and overall kludginess – this might work fine for you. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy and I fought tooth and nail to get any aspect of this to perform, at all, really. I certainly didn’t get warm fuzzies about gifting this to my parents, knowing I’d likely have to be constantly troubleshooting why it wasn’t doing the ONE thing I bought it for them to have.TLDR: Overall decent attempt that is close…but still not quite there. Might pass for users with very modest expectations, power users – look elsewhere.

  3. LN B

    My grandma loves it now but had some issuesFor the price this is a wonderful frame! The image quality is great and it was fairly easy to teach my grandma how to use.Main issue: the first frame we received had obviously been opened before (finger prints all over it, batteries already in the remote, and random empty sandwich bag in it) and it did not turn on. It was like someone returned it for not working and they just mailed it out to us.The one we have now was new and no issues. The cloud software could be a little more user friendly but does the job! If we wouldn’t have had the issues with the first frame I would have given it 5 stars.

  4. Rachel Qin

    Stay more close to the familyI just bought this Cloud Frame, and so far I love it. I have a lot of family that live in China that I rarely get to see or visit. I wanted something to feel more close and see their photos, so I looked around and found this Cloud Frame. It was easy for me to setup and get some of my own photos on it. I gave my family the log into and explained how to send photos to my frame. It wasn’t difficult at all, and now my family in the US feels more close to everyone back in China. I am thinking about sending my parents a Cloud Frame back home, so that I can easily share photos of my daughter with them as she grows up. Definitely a great family gift and recommend it.

  5. ajones

    Bluetooth feature not compatible with IPhonesLove this but only downfall is I would have like to have known it doesn’t work on Bluetooth with iPhones. 🙁 it took quite the effort to get photos on it but after a few hours and a little help I got it going. Only problem now is figuring out how to change the weather and time/clock feature.

  6. Edgar M

    Obviously, functionality as promised, but then customer support.Service is everything!The frame (when working) is very nice and displays photos very well. The cloud aspect works nicely also. HOWEVER, the frame randomly cuts off and the only way to restart it is to push the button on the back of the frame. (I have it set to NEVER sleep.) It is wall mounted so I have to remove it from the wall to push the power button. The remote is SUPPOSED to “wake up” or turn on the frame but it doesn’t.I tried to call customer support at the given number and all I get is $10 answer machine saying “Leave a message at the tone – beep”. I then e-mailed technical support at the address given stating my problem. No response yet!!I understand things happen but with lousy, or better yet non-existant support, I will probably just send it back and look for another brand.The frame was a gift to my 92 year old mother who cannot remove the frame from the wall each time it stops.I will update my review if I get any response from Sungale before I return the frame.

  7. Ziyue Jin

    Perfect for my homeI love my new Cloud frame. The screen is the perfect size for our home. I got this, so that I can stay connected to all my friends and family scattered in different states and cities. I love seeing the new photos arrive on my frame. Setup was simple. I had a couple questions about the features, so I called the customer service support line and got all my questions answered. There are a lot of features available on this after talking with the customer service rep, so I plan to go deeper into the features in the next couple days.

  8. Jose Cueva

    Do not buyProduct is very slow, apps in interface such as dropbox etc do not work, so only way to put pics is a VERY slow upload. I bought as card to add pics but when I try to do a slideshow it always stops and crashes or goes to a black screen after a few minutes. Very expensive for a product that doesnt work well. Buy a kindle, its about the same size and prize but will work better and do much more. I regret this purchase

  9. sholmes

    Unless you want to use their cloud option do not buyCannot change slide show options unless you use the cloud. Local photos can only be viewed using a predefined setting that is too fast and unappealing. Sending it back.

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