Projection Mapping at Events

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    Timothy Myres

    Projection mapping, also known as spatial augmented reality, projects videos onto a 3D object instead of a traditional flat screen. Essentially the projection simply enhances your object, so people watching the projection see the video content as part of the object. Without realizing it, you may have already encountered this technology at a theater, concert, sports games, or in advertising.

    So, why should you bring projection mapping to your events?

    Roshni Rathore

    Projection mapping is an increasingly popular and effective way to transform spaces and create awe-inspiring moving image displays. In its simplest form projection mapping involves blending images from multiple projectors to display 2D images onto a flat object that may not traditionally be used as a screen – anything from the walls to the floor of your venue. This helps you create immersive experiences and display content in exciting ways.

    3D projection mapping takes this to the next level – converting any surface, regardless of shape, into a video screen – so you can use buildings, cars, bridges and just about any surface you can think of as a canvas for your presentations – providing limitless opportunities for creativity.
    What’s involved in the process of 3D projection mapping?
    Step 1 : Laser scan the building.
    Step 2 : Apply the audience perspective.
    Step 3 : Create the content.
    Step 4 : Preview.
    Step 5 : Adjust for real life.
    We’re still discovering the for 3D projection mapping applications and, as the technology develops, so the possibilities multiply – from printing 3D models of buildings and using desktop projectors to provide clients with miniature real-life previews of their 3D projection mapping projects, to creating interactive 3D projection mapping displays that change based on the audience’s actions, to projecting onto human faces – the possibilities, it seems, are endless.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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