Several businesses all around the world are finding success with QR codes as a marketing tool. They are used by British Airlines to reduce line wait times. Diesel, an Italian fashion label, utilises them to stamp clothing. And in Shanghai, the video game developer Cygames replicated a huge QR code in the sky that visitors could scan to enter a game using 1,500 drones.

The purpose? By using QR codes, you may remove obstacles and showcase your inventiveness. The use of QR codes at trade exhibitions and other professional gatherings can expedite and enhance the experience for participants.

The simplicity with which QR codes can be used makes them ideal for events. The majority of recent smartphones have cameras that can read QR codes. Just moving the camera over the QR code triggers an automatic link, such as an online form or landing page, to be presented to the user. It moves quickly, simply, and logically.

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