In recent years, the world has seen significant change. Thoughts on what we ought to have done are not always useful, Will and Brandt today do just that. The IT team from Event Tech reflects on 2020 and 2021 in this episode of the podcast and thinks about how they would handle situations differently if they had to deal with the pandemic again.

The events industry was forced to reassign its work to other members of the industry to make up for the loss of those services when an entire division of the sector closed its doors. Brandt starts off the conversation today by lamenting his unhappiness in that. The number of production businesses that closed their doors at a time when event planners most required event tech staff was my biggest regret in the sector. So many tech workers were furloughed or fired, he says. “Remembering lockdown, I think it’s extremely awful that planners were basically left with the burden of responsibility. What could we have done to influence the technical and production staff to act as the partners in technology that the planners required?

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