At meetings and events, holograms command attention.

Have you actually witnessed a holographic presentation? Few people would inquire about a big-screen live stream of a remote speaker, but there is where a 2D representation and a 3D illusion diverge. An immersive experience with a lifelike impression is created when seeing a hologram speaker, and it may even be more stunning than seeing a speaker in person.

Holographic presentations, once the stuff of science fiction, are becoming increasingly widespread and affordable.

The technology might soon make an appearance at an event near you, if Skift CEO Rafat Ali’s experience is any indicator. Ali had the chance to converse with and speak to a hologram twice in less than two months: He gave two presentations in 2022: the first was a holographic presentation at the ICCA Conference in Krakow in early November, and the second was a hologram fireside conversation with Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta at the Skift Global Forum East (SGFE) in Dubai in mid-December.

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