Validating Participants in Online Meeting

Providing access to the right people for a virtual event is sometimes of pivotal importance. Creating authentication processes that are safe as well as convenient to participants remains a big challenge – especially when you need to provide legal and audit-proof attendance records.

Zoom has a waiting room, and now you can finally do direct chats with individuals there (you still can’t do 1-to-1 video). You can also leverage the authentication via the zoom account of a participant – if you would know the zoom account… Other platforms are honestly even worse in regards to the technical capabilities around validation. Even working with proprietary video platforms like DaCast or Agora does not ensure that API keys are not visible and streams can be accessed directly.

Intelligent wrappers have grown in maturity over the last 5 years. Authentication wrappers provide multiple ways to configure access and security concepts, which are passed through into the video conferencing engine itself. Using secure tokens, created in the authentication wrapper and then validated in the video-conference holding space (e.g. waiting room) has become a new standard concept of increasing the security of online meetings and conferences.

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