Zoom Q4 Handy Video Recorder

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  • HD video resolutions up to 1080p (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
  • Capture more with 130-degree wide angle lens
  • Live-streaming function with HD video
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The Zoom Q4 The Camera for Creators The world needs listeners and viewers, but it belongs to the creators. The Zoom Q4 is all about bringing a new dimension to your music. It combines high-definition video with high-resolution audio, providing everything you need to shoot amazing videos with incredible sound. That means you’ll never have to compromise on creativity.

From the manufacturer

In the box

The Q4 comes with everything you need to create superb video with incredible audio.

  • Removable LCD Panel
  • USB cable
  • Rechargable lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery (BT-02)
  • Hairy windscreen
  • Hairy windscreen attachment screw
  • User guide

The Zoom Q4 Handy Video Recorder

Create The Best Video You’ve Ever Heard

Imagine being able to combine high-definition video with high-resolution audio, all in a portable camera that can go anywhere the pros go. That’s the Zoom Q4—the perfect tool for producing high-quality music videos, streaming live performances, and capturing the sight and sound of concerts, auditions, and band rehearsals.

Whatever your creative goal, the Q4 can help you achieve it.

  • Detachable full-color LCD
  • High-quality wide angle lens with selectable viewing angles and image auto-sensing
  • WVGA and HD (high-definition) video up to 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Built-in stereo X/Y microphone, plus Line-level/headphone output with dedicated volume control
  • AAC and WAV audio recording up to 24-bit/96k
  • USB interface for live streaming and data transfer to and from computer editing software
  • Tripod mounting and compatibility with all three-prong action camera mounts

No Compromise

Capture the total experience with the Q4. Its unique blend of high-resolution 24-bit/96k audio with high-definition 1080p / 30 fps video means you’ll never have to compromise on quality.

Stunning Stereo Wherever You Go

The Q4’s wide angle X/Y microphone incorporates two matched unidirectional elements – mics that are especially sensitive to signal coming from directly in front, and less sensitive to signal coming from behind or from the sides. Advanced features such as the automatic/manual gain control and built-in low-cut filter, and the supplied windscreen allow you to capture great stereo sound both indoors and outdoors.

Bring Your Audience Onstage

Musicians know that the best view is front stage, center. The Q4 allows you to bring your audience right onstage with you, turning spectators into virtual participants. Craft music videos with startling realism and relive great performances over and over again: with the Q4, you can do it all.

A Fresh Perspective

The Q4’s compact size, detachable LCD and compatibility with three-prong action camera mounts make it the perfect spot-to-content camera. Selectable viewing angles and sensing options that automatically adapt to various lighting situations give you the flexibility you need to shoot content you couldn”t otherwise access.

Be Seen. Be Heard.

Use your Q4 as a live web camera or USB microphone. Report breaking news in the field, conduct video interviews, or create a personal blog on the spot. Connect it to your computer, select your favorite streaming software, and change the world.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 2.8 × 6.3 cm
Item Weight

1.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

7.7 x 2.8 x 6.3 inches



Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

December 10, 2013

Battery type

Lithium Ion


4.2 Volts



10 reviews for Zoom Q4 Handy Video Recorder

  1. Bill Brown

    Zoom can do betterZoom is known for their digital audio recorders. They’re good, really good. I’ve never had the pleasure, but I’ve heard many in the industry swear by them. I will probably pick one up one of these days since I do a lot of public speaking.However…Their camera is a whole different story.Note: If you want the shorter version of this review, look below at the star synopsis.ConsIt’s quirky, flimsy and not at all worthy of the hype their intro video or description give it. The button controls are difficult to use, but it’s pretty clear in the description this doesn’t have touch-screen, so I can’t complain. However, the overall feel of the plastic housing leaves much to be desired. The video quality is dull, with no pizzaz. No matter what setting I use, the video is so dark in standard lighting it becomes almost useless. I have to do massive editing with video software (or really light things up) just to make it look right. I almost wonder if the unit isn’t functioning properly, but I’ve noticed others complaining about the same thing in the comments. I compared it side-by-side with my $25 720p webcam, and my webcam picture beat its ability to use the room lighting hands-down. I don’t have the time to put into editing video just so it looks presentable. I’d rather let the camera do that work for me.The barrel distortion is over the top with the edges of the picture bent and blurry. I know this is a wide-angle lens, but the fisheye is too much. I own a speed pro action camera, and the distortion is comparable to that when filming in tight spaces. And don’t try to walk around holding it in your hand. Any bump or jostle is picked up by the mics, and the video will jump around. It’s like an action cam without the benefit of any kind of decent stabilization.When it is the least bit jostled, even when attached to a solid tripod, the lights on the unit that should stay lit flicker. Although this is minor and doesn’t affect the functioning of the unit itself, I expect a little more, especially when the camera is attached to a solid tripod.On top of all this, the USB cord that came with it wouldn’t charge the unit. No matter what I did, the battery refused to charge with it. When I attached the cam to my computer in “webcam” mode, the picture was grainy and flickered, making the video stream worthless. Fortunately, I had other USB cords like it which all worked fine, charging and streaming, so, ultimately, the unit performed as it should have.ProsThe redeeming value is the in-house mics. As I said before, Zoom knows audio, and this unit certainly doesn’t disappoint. It also has a 3.5 mm mic input which is a nice feature. However, the best sound in the world doesn’t make up for the poor video quality. This is a video recorder, not just an audio recorder and should give up better video than a $100 camcorder.Also, there are other interesting features, like recording upside down and being able to turn the display screen toward you while recording. But again none of these make up for the poor video quality.At two-hundred dollars, there are a lot better options out there. This isn’t a matter of wanting $1000 quality out of a $200 camera. The video quality just doesn’t stack up to the price tag.Here’s how I rated it:Out of five stars –* – 2 stars for bad video quality.* – 1/2 star for flimsy design and button controls rather than touch screen.* – 1/2 star for peripherals that didn’t work (aka. USB cord)Note: The +2 stars are for the solid sound quality as compared to other video recorders and the 3.5 mm mic input as well as for interesting perks like being able to record while the unit is upside down.Long story short, there was little about this camera I liked.If you want good audio quality and don’t care about video, go with Zoom, otherwise, look elsewhere.

  2. sunburntcurt

    Great camera for one thing, not so much for the otherI found this camera to be fantastic for recording solo drum performances in a small, well-lit room. The video and audio quality were superb. I was particularly pleased with the audio – no distortion or clipping on the audio regardless of how loud the drums were, the stereo separation was great, and the little mics picked up a surprising amount of bottom end. The drum room is only 10′ x 10′, but even in that small space, with the camera up close, the wide angle lens let me capture most of the kit. Or, I was able to hang the camera above the kit and capture most of it, even thought ceiling is only 8′ high.However, that wide-angle lens is a detriment in larger rooms or venues. When recording bands in clubs and bars, I found the only safe places to put the camera were so far back that the resulting image was as if from the cheap seats at an arena show. In order to get any quality shots of bands closer up, you pretty much need to set the camera up front and center, a few feet from the stage. Not really handy at show with a rowdy crowd. Some zoom capability would make a huge improvement to this camera.But still, even in a loud bar, recording deafeningly loud metal bands, the audio was excellent.Unfortunately, the deal killer for me, and what resulted in me returning the camera, was the poor video quality in lower-light situations. By that, I don’t mean in near darkness. For that, the “night” mode on the camera works really well, although with the grainy, Zapruderesque video quality you’d expect. My disappointment was in using any of the other settings to capture high-quality video of bands on stage in a club in light that is more than enough for my iPhone, but apparently not enough for the Zoom Q4.Bottom line:An excellent camera I can highly recommend for intimate settings, well-lit settings, and audio recording of any volume level. But I would search elsewhere (which I’m now doing) for something if you need to shoot video in lower-light environments or expect to shoot video from a distance.BTW: Amazon has been fantastic throughout the return process. Customer service has exceeded my expectations.

  3. Kelli M.

    The Q4 doesn’t disappoint.I bought this used at a discounted price from Amazon Prime. It arrived mostly as advertised, with the exception of the left side of the Action Cam mount being cracked, which was not in the description. However, I used a small amount of epoxy and repaired this and it’s like new so I have no qualms. Had I paid full price for a new cam I would have exchanged for another. Everything else about the camera was absolutely mint, and nothing was missing from the box.I am very particular about audio and as expected, this camera delivers great audio with good response and the spectacular spacial stereo effect that Zoom XY microphones are well-known for. The input level controls and bypassable limiter circuit ensures good audio levels with no distortion from overdriving or digital flat-topping. There is no wind noise at all under normal, breezy conditions that cause noise problems in other cameras, when the supplied furry noise filter is properly mounted. I am very pleased with the video, and the battery life as well. I bought a spare battery but after three days of shoots already, I have not had to use it as of yet.The only drawbacks I see so far is the battery and SD card compartment being located in front of the main mount, which means that to change the battery or SD card, you have to unmount the camera, which can be a PITA if you’re using a balanced gimbal type mount as I do most of the time now. The other is LCD brightness and size, but I can live with these. There is a slight fish-eye effect to the video, but the quality is very good, even in lower light conditions.Overall, I am very happy with this camera. My plan is to eventually upgrade to the Q8 (or newer model if one becomes available) when this one pays its dues and I have the money to do so. But for now, this more than meets my needs.** Please note that this camera does not have a zoom function (despite the name). Cinema shots don’t typically use a mechanical zoom, and that is what I use this for. If I want to zoom in on something I do a “dolly” zoom or use one of my other camera’s for that particular special shot. Just something to note so that if you’re looking for a camera that has all the consumer-grade features like an optical/mechanical zoom, you won’t be disappointed. **

  4. Oro Valley Dude

    Zoom Q4I bought this camera because of its compact size and superior audio quality. I also bought it because of its claim to be able to do good low light/night shooting. The size is a plus; and the audio quality is excellent. However, the Canon HF R400 is far superior to the Q4 in its low light/ night shooting quality. In our low light setting, the Q4 was not any better than my Canon SX 1s. Also, I don’t generally like cameras that use proprietary batteries, unless they offer some other substantial benefit. In the case of the Zoom Q4, I was hoping that the low light capability would outweigh the down side of the proprietary battery. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Having said all of that, the camera is easy to use, the interface is a bit odd, but easy to get used to. The audio levels as part of the interface is definitely a benefit. The GoPro mount and the ability to remove the LED screen are a plus for those wishing to use the camera in certain types of settings. It is a very light camera, easy to cary around. I think it is an excellent camera for those interested in what you could call “action applications,” but don’t expect very good low light/night capabilities.

  5. Richie

    Love it! I used to play with a Q3Love it! I used to play with a Q3, and eventually got around o toying with a Q2. Finally bought a Q4, and am pleased with my first purchase. I use it for personal drum cam recording (so far), and it does exactly what I need it to do. Even when it clips, the compressor keeps it from sounding too much like an explosion when uploaded. The highest possible setting would require a converter (you can download Bigasoft Total Video Converter for free [converted most of mine to mp4]) to play on your computer (.wav/1080p), but my conversions are some of the best audio/video I’ve ever heard/seen from a handheld. The X/Y mics are perfect for that. Also, the “fish-eye” style of the lens gets a WIDE shot. You can still put it up close to you, and get a great distance around you in the shot. Very convenient for someone like me who likes to mount it close (to a cymbal stand). Very pleased with the outcome, so far.P.S. There IS a zoom option. Although it’s only 1x, it’s still a zoom, if you need it. A lot of reviews say there isn’t one at all. Well… there is.Here’s one of my .wav conversions. Outside (even without the windscreen [wish I had used it, though]), at a festival, mounted on a tripod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOTo-rFiVxc

  6. Michael Pluznick

    works well for my uses, but why no lens cap?I have the the Sony HDR-MV1 which has no windscreen making it completely useless if you film out side,(sensitive/noisy) and the screen is on the side so you can only aim and hope for the best. SOny does not even offer one! It has great sound as does this camcorder. Both cameras need additional lighting, they do not shoot well in dark rooms. If you are going to shoot in the dark you need an external light.This camcorder has a wonderful removable screen that swivels out as well as pop up mic, great features. But, why no lens cap? This means immediate damage/scratching/dust. Who is designing these products and why are they leaving essential items? The Zoom does come with a hairy style (not cheaper foam) windscreen that is quite effective.

  7. SideR

    I bet their newer models are better!Video image was way to grainy compared to other cameras in the dark, even with adjustments. Great in well lit areas.Files were often corrupted using best recommended SD car.GREAT concept, I can only image it’s been refined in newer models.Would love to own again, but NOT for the original price I bought it for.Windows Media Player sucks, but most people will use it. If you only get Audio in Windows Media player, try VLC. It’s free and trusted.

  8. M. T. Swihart

    It’s a funny little unit.This unit is limited in its usefulness. It has a better video quality than my Zoom H3, and similar sound quality. It has only two settings for zooming in.That’s VERY limiting. Getting video that’s the right size and appropriate microphone proximity is tricky. It also has an automatic function that splits long clips into separate, 20 minute clips. That may be a problem in settings that I haven’t figured out. It’s a funny little unit. But it’s very portable, and I’ve occasionally gotten good footage with high quality audio out of it.

  9. MC

    great handy recorderFirst of all, it’s smaller and lighter than I thought, which I am fully satisfied with.The sound quality is the best among ones I have ever used.However, in terms of the video quality, a bit disappointed. Lots of vagueness. even 4 year-old sony digital camera has better quality. And it’s not a touch screen.Well, I’m using this for my self-rehearsal. so far so good.The only one little flaw is that there is neither pouch nor case included.Plus, the seller, J-made, is very great. Fast answer right away, fast shipping it took only 4 days from Japan.

  10. Andrew Kim

    Good performance for the money (both sound and low light movie taking).Good resolution (HDTV) and relatively good low light capability for the price. The sound recorded israther good for such small couple of microphone. It does record stereo sound very well andits small size enable the recording the video easy and a small tripod can be used for recording.Overall very good device for recording casual family events.

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