XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector, 2200 ANSI Lumens, Android TV 10.0 Movie Projector with Integrated Harman Kardon Speakers, Auto

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True 4K Technology: 3840 x 2160 Pixels Standard Resolution with 8.29 million pixels and ultra-bright 2200 ANSI lumens Room-Filling Sound: Dual 8W built-in Harman Kardon speakers, DTS-HD & DTS Studio Sound, Dolby Digital compatibility Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology: ±40 Degrees Auto Keystone Correction (Horizontal & Vertical), Auto Screen Alignment, Auto Focus, and Obstacle Avoidance. Super-fast setup and incredible ease of use Advanced Image Engine: X-VUE 2.0 Image Engine, 60Hz MEMC super-smooth motion compensation. Also packed with HDR10 x HLG lifelike color format and AI Brightness Adjustment Android TV 10.0: 5000+ Google Play apps. Wirelessly cast entertainment from any Apple/Android device via Chromecast built-in. Google Assistant also provides intuitive voice control. Please note that our product does not stream the native Netflix app

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 21.6 × 13.5 cm



‎Horizon Pro

Model Name

‎Horizon Pro

Part Number

‎Horizon Pro

Hardware Interface


Special Features

‎Built-In Speaker, Auto Obstacle Avoidance, Auto Screen Alignment, Auto Focus, Built-In 3d

Remote Control Description

‎Remote Control Included

Display Technology


Display Type


Image brightness

‎2200 ANSI

Aspect Ratio


Display Resolution

‎3840 x 2160


‎3840 x 2160 Pixels


‎8 Watts

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Connector Type


Mounting Type

‎Tabletop Mount

Item model number

‎Horizon Pro

Product Dimensions

‎20.6 x 21.6 x 13.5 cm; 5 Kilograms



Date First Available

31 May 2021



10 reviews for XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector, 2200 ANSI Lumens, Android TV 10.0 Movie Projector with Integrated Harman Kardon Speakers, Auto

  1. Lucas

    Great mid-priced projector! (XGIMI HORIZON PRO)
    I was skeptical at first. I purchased this projector for its portability for my garage golf simulator. The quick setup and picture correction is what drew me towards it since I will be setting up and taking down my golf sim due to the competing space in my garage. First time turning it on I was blown away as a first time projector owner. The picture quality and vibrancy of color really stood out. Even in a well lit room with lots of windows, the picture still retained much of its quality and that was even projecting on a white wall without a profesionall screen. I did hours of research before making the purchase and I can honestly say there are no regrets. The only issue I have had was with the built in media streaming. Many of the apps would be slow to load or the picture color was off when streaming from the built in Android TV. But I had an Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max on hand and plugged it and I am happy to say I have had no issues. The Xgimi remote even controls the fire stick so no need to have the 2 remotes. Although I purchased specifically for my golf sim, I will be using this to hold future movie nights in the back yard. The sound quality indoors is not bad, turned up half way is plenty loud for my space. Unsure how it will sound outdoors, but overall a good edition to the projector. If you’re on the fence, try it out. If you’re like me and want something affordable for a golf simulator then I say go for it.

  2. LSKN

    Superb picture quality. Awesome sound quality.
    After massive research, landed onto my first projector XGIMI horizon pro. I didn’t go for laser version due to small kids at home.I’m just using walls and didn’t buy proper screen yet but believe me, its very exciting to see first visuals from this projector. They are amazing with great clarity especaily at night – it looked like 4KHarmon speakers delivers excellent DTS sound enough for my 140 sqft room.The most important aspect of this projector is HANDY. YOu could move any where within home and projector where ever you want. Also you don’t need to keep projector at center of the rooom but any where and xgimi adjusts keystone accordingly.Seller is providing excellent support as well :)Excellent picture quality. aamzing sound quality. what else you need?

  3. Gunny Singh

    2 YEAR UPDATE (purchased 2021) (4k version)
    I have to say after purchasing and returning 4 projectors I landed on this one. All I can say is WOW! This projector really delivers! The image quality, the sound, the brightness, the colors, the software, it’s all there in this projector! You’re probably wondering why I gave it 4 stars, the only reason is that this projector does not upscale 1080p content. Other than that I highly recommend this projector!

  4. Robert E. Hoffman

    It delivers
    Update 2:XGimi has continued to improve the picture with each update. However, my unit had a 19″ fall (the stand tipped over) and stopped focusing. The fall was not covered under warranty. XGIMI offered to replace it at a very reasonable price with a refurbished unit. Their commucation was a little off but less than two weeks later, the replacement has arrived and was at the latest firmware version. I have since purchsed their recommended stand for the projector as the tripod I used was a little unstable.Update:I’ve since upgraded my screen to en Elite Screens 120″ Yard Master 2 and WOW! The picture is substantially improved. The picture is from that screen, I do recomment you add a Firestick if you are wanting Netflix. Thats one service not available on their Android TV App. The 3D works well after the Firmware update. It reads MKS files from a USB flash drive formated NTFS.Original Review:Wow!I bought this as an upgrade to an Optoma HD70 projector i bought in 2006 which has a dimming bulb. I started doing neighborhood movie nights and it just wasn’t quite up to the task. I decided if I was going to upgrade, I might as well go with 4K and LED so I won’t have bulb problems in the future. My screen is a cheap outdoor 100″ diagonal screen.Set up was a snap. I upgraded the firmware and then started playing. I didn’t notice the “green” or “blue” balance others complained about so maybe the new firmware compensated for it. I also didn’t notice a low contrast problem but I did tweak my settings to my liking.Pros* The Sound is excellent but a little bass deficient. It’ll be fine though for a Garage movie night.* It looks and feels like a quality built product. At 6 pounds, it has a little weight to it,* It mounted easily on my inexpensive camera tripod making it a simple set up for movie night.* BlueTooth audio OUT, works great and I tested with my BlueTooth receiver so I can use it outside without connecting any wires. (tripping hazards)* Streaming is simple, just like my smart tv.* Its quiet, at least to my 56 year old ears.* Autofocus is excellentCons:* HDMI BluRay is grainy unless you feed it UHD then its perfect. The upscaling needs tweaking by XGIMi, hopefully in the next update. Streaming even 480p doesn’t have this issue. – Greatly improved with latest firmware.* The overall image, while excellent does suffer from a sharpness that makes it feel a little harsh but not much different from my 4K Samsung television.* Auto-keystone over compensates on my screen and I need to fine tune it. Although, it does give a nice proportioned image to start with. This may be my cheap Walmart screen causing the issue.* I’m not a Netflix subscriber but I do have Britbox which is not natively supported. – Britbox is now native.* Rainbow effect. If you leave motion compensation ON, you may experience them. Off, they’re just an occassional fleeting thing and not really any different from my old Optoma DLP.If you don’t mind the HDMI graininess/noise, then this is an excellent choice especially if you mostly stream your content and want a portable/semi-permanent solution. If you primarily use HDMI 1080p and below sources, you might want to look at the Horizon which is a 1080p projector.I gave it a 4 star for picture quality because of the graininess of HDMI input and 4 star for value because a speakerless 4K projector may be a better choice for you.

  5. madan

    Buffering issue ?
    Clarity is good in the darkness. I see movie is buffering and breaks in the video and audio even with 250mbps speed.

  6. Zheng Gao

    What a wonderful product!
    I seldom wrote any reviews for any products due to my busy schedule. But this projector impressed me and it helped my kids’ eyes so much, I really want to share my experience with you guys.The Pandemic forced our kids to study from home, which made their screen time to be way much more than before. Doctors warned us about kids’ eyes for the long on-line study time and said that projectors are better than iPad/computer screen, as their screen are farther away. And the doctors also mentioned that if the room ambient brightness is closer to the screen brightness, it may make eyes less stressful. Then we spent a lot of time to search for the right projectors for our kids to try to save their eyes. After so much searching and trying on more than 10 different projectors, we finally found this one that is so good!The best part of the projector is the brightness. We want to keep the curtain open and let some sunlight shining into kids’ rooms to keep them healthy. But for most of the projectors, if there are sunlight directly into the room, the pictures became not clear. The XGIMI Horizontal Pro is the only one that even with some direct sunlight into the same room(as long as it does not directly shining not the same wall), the picture quality is still very good. Before we got this projector, typically kids complained that their eyes are tired after a full afternoon on-line classes, but they never complain again after we use this one. Even when we asked them if they were tired, they sometime answered that their shoulder or arm were tired, but never said their eyes were tired any more. Our recent eye doctor visit also confirmed that their eyes are still good. Still wish the Pandemic will go away very soon, so kids can be back to school. But we don’t worry about kids’ eye that much anymore after we got this wonderful projector. Thanks a lot, XGIMI company, for producing this wonderful product to help my kids’ eyes!!The projector also have excellent video quality. Now every weekend, our whole family get together to watch a new movie together. The video quality made us feel we are watching it from a movie theater. The Pandemic blocked us from going to any movie theaters for over one year already. But we did not miss it that much, as we found a good way to watch the movies already. The audio quality is also good. We did not bother to plug the projector into our expensive home stereo system, as the audio quality is fine and we are a little lazy-;)Another good feature worthy mentioning is the easy set up and convenience. We primarily use the projector for kids on-line classes, but its easy to move the projector around and everything setting and tuning are automatic. The auto-focusing is fast and accurate.I have been leading a couple of core product design engineering teams in Apple and then in Tesla for more than 10 years. Most products from other companies in my eyes can only be rated around 2 to 3. But I really like this XGIMI projector, as its core functionality and overall quality are so impressive. As a matter of fact, I asked our recruiters to pay attention to engineers from this XGIMI company, as they did a fantastic job on this projector.Highly recommend this wonderful projector. And thanks a lot for this projector for helping my kids’ eyes!

  7. LuisLugoC

    Una maravilla!
    He dejado de usar la TV, la extraño muy poco, debí cómpralo hace tiempo, quizás una de mis mejores inversiones en los últimos años…

  8. Mottack

    Amazing projector
    My initial feelings about this projector were a bit worrying at first, the box was damaged and taped back together by the shipping company. However the way XGIMI packaged it is outstanding, inside the damaged box were thick air cushioning fitted very well to the box and around the interior box that also had soft foam padding around the actual projector, so there was no damage at all to the unit.The next troubling aspect was the initial setup, it was impossible to read what the screen was trying to instruct me to do for the steps so i had to muddle through, however once i was prompted to use my phone for the setup it got a lot easier.Once it was setup it was looking quite good, but i HIGHLY recommended going through the various calibration options as that will help with everything from the auto-focus to the keystone adjustment and detection. Once that was done, i gotta admit that it is on par and even better in some ways compared to my LG 55″ 4k TV.As for sound, audio quality is suprisingly Great!… and fan noise is nearly unnoticeable when its quiet, so you don’t hear anything when audio is playingOverall i would say this projector is a 5 out of 5 mostly, however it is a tad too bright for the room i have it in and the brightness can only be adjusted and lowered so much for my specific use.

  9. Wayne S. Kimura

    Exceptional customer service
    Purchased this projector 18 months ago. Just recently the projector would not turn on. Contacted customer service and they offered an exchange even though the one year warranty had expired. Their customer service is the most efficient group of people that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I highly recommend this product brand.

  10. Bakman

    Almost perfect
    Of the dozen or so projectors I’ve tested, the XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K is one of the best. The picture quality, black levels, and 3D capabilities are impressive. It’s small, lightweight, and portable with built in apps and ability to add a working Netflix app despite what other users say (follow the simple instructions on the included black pamphlet). It has by far the best smart feature ability to auto size, auto focus, and auto keystones that just work like magic. It also has one of the nicest remote control although a side button like that of the Emotn projector would be nice when fumbling around the buttons in the dark. This brings up the one negative aspect of the projector. In a light controlled room, the projector is awesome. But the picture quality is unacceptable for daytime viewing. My fingers are crossed hoping that XGIMI will come out with a laser version outputting more than 3000 ANSI lumens with a faster response time for gaming in the near future while keeping the price around $1,500.(The photos are of the 2200 lumens LED XGIMI superimposed on the 3800 lumens laser OPTOMA during the day with the shades lowered to show how much brighter the OPTOMA is. But most 4K TVs will look much better during the day than most any projector).

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