VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with iPhone/Android New Goggles for 3D VR Movies Universal VR Gear Compatible 5-7



Steps for usage:
1. You need to download and install VR-related APP on your mobile phone. You can search for VR games or VR movies. There are a lot of resources on the Internet.
2. Open the APP of VR game or VR movie on your mobile phone, and fix the mobile phone into the VR glasses. Make sure that the left and right center lines of the phone screen are aligned with the VR center line, wear and adjust the headband, adjust the viewing distance and interpupillary distance for the best viewing experience.
3. Put the VR glasses on your head, and adjust the length of the VR headset strap to fit your head.
4. First rotate the gear in the middle of the top of the VR glasses to adjust the distance between the two lenses to suit your pupil distance. Then adjust the two gears at the bottom of the VR goggles to make the two lenses adapt to the vision of your left and right eyes respectively. Adjust slowly and carefully until the eyes are comfortable and the picture is clear.
5. Please note that after a few minutes of adjustment, the eyes will adapt automatically and the picture will be clearer.

【Note】:The remote control is a freebie and can be used to control mobile phones. It can also control a small number of simple small games, but may not be used for more professional games. If you need to play large VR games, you need to purchase additional professional gamepads to use with VR headsets. When using a large-screen mobile phone, you can directly unplug the guard plate embedded in the VR glasses, and the effect will be better.

Suitable for mobile phones: 5-7 inches
Compatible system: Android and IOS
Product size: 18cmX13.5cmX10cm

Package contains:
1 * VR glasses
1 * Remote controller
1 * Cleaning cloth
1 * Instruction manual for VR glasses
1 * Instruction manual for Remote controller

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

7″ / 18 cm

Additional information

Weight 408 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 10 cm


Compatible Devices


Special Features

‎Support mobile phone with 5-7 inch screen

Mounting Hardware


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Wireless Type


Product Dimensions

‎18 x 13.5 x 10 cm; 408 Grams



Date First Available

9 April 2022



1 review for VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with iPhone/Android New Goggles for 3D VR Movies Universal VR Gear Compatible 5-7

  1. Ndl

    Cheaply made
    The head strap for the glasses broke immediately. it’s very poorly put together with very cheap material. the whole VR part of it is decent but it basically just makes it seem like you’re really close to what you looking at doesn’t seem like virtual reality does it not feel like you’re immersed in it but it’s kinda cool but this is my only reference point …im sure there’s better ones on the market.

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