Universal Speaker Stands with Cable Management, Stands for Satellite Speakers & Bookshelf Speakers Holds to 22lbs, 33.6 Inch

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Two Steps to Confirm Will Your Speakers Fit this Speaker Stands?

1: Check the weight of your speakers. This surround speaker stands holds most bookshelf speakers up to 22lbs.

2: Check the size of your speakers. The min size of the speaker bracket is 5.9 inch and the max is 10 inch.

If your speakers can fit it, then you can purchase it with confidence.

Some information about this bluetooth speaker stands:

Stable tempered glass: With a trapezoidal tempered glass, it can avoid the shaking of the speaker stands so we can put our speaker on it with confidence.

Cable management: We provide wire holes (1.18”×0.78”) for your speakers to make the messy cables keep and organized.

No need to drill holes: You can install your speakers on this speaker stands directly and no need to drill holes on your wall, which can save the mounting fees and avoid wall damage.

Save space: We can hide the base of this speaker stands in sofa, cabinet or other furniture, it can save space and improve the utilization of space.

Package contents:
2x Speaker stand
1x Standard mounting hardware
1x User manual


Additional information

Weight 7.47 kg
Dimensions 33.78 × 8.1 cm




Part Number


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Material Type

Alloy Steel

Mounting Type

‎Floor Standing

Item model number


Package Dimensions

‎44.5 x 33.78 x 8.1 cm; 7.47 Kilograms



Date First Available

25 September 2020



10 reviews for Universal Speaker Stands with Cable Management, Stands for Satellite Speakers & Bookshelf Speakers Holds to 22lbs, 33.6 Inch

  1. rjv

    Affordable and good looking solution for smaller and lighter speakers in protected areas.
    Not super strong or sturdy but very well made and good looking. I’m using these for my SONY SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers and I am very happy. Also I don’t mind that the construction is a little bit less hurricane proof than some of the alternatives, as it makes them lighter and easier to move around. I like the black glass bottom plate because it looks elegant. It also shows dust and pet hair like nothing else but that’s easily wiped/hoovered off. If you want to put these out in the open (v.s. in a corner or against a wall or furniture) or have very large or heavy speakers and/or have medium-large pet or kids running around you may want to look at stronger and more stable alternatives. And those will be heavier and more expensive, as you might expect. For my situation, these are perfect!

  2. rkruz

    Good Stability, Perfect Height for Surround Speakers
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     We used the stands to place surround speakers in a home theater system. Our primary concern with speaker stands was their stability from tipping. We found these Perlegear stands to be very stable and were pleased. Watch our video and read on for our impressions. — VERY STABLE: We mounted a 12lb speaker (Polk RTI-A1) and the stand was very stable. We tilted it approximately 20 degrees and the stand would not fall over. See the attached video — CONVENIENT THUMB SCREW: The thumb screws to tightend the base clamps are very convenient vs having to use an allen wrench. — TWIST TO AIM: Even after put together, the speaker will twist to aim it properly but there is no down or up adjustment. — GOOD HEIGHT: While its a fixed height, it turns out it was a perfect height to match the other surround speakers which were set on top of SVS PC2000 cylinder subwoofers. — EASY ASSEMBLY: Very easy to assemble with only 2 screws and a plastic insert for 2 metal tubes.

  3. njambd

    Gets the job done
    These were some of the cheapest speaker stands I could find and they work fine. Super easy to put together and sturdy. Cable management is nice. Not much else to say

  4. Mr. Perez

    Super easy & great quality
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     Set up it looks so sick! I love the stands. So much nicer in person and perfectly fits any modern style, whether modern, post-modern, industrial, contemporary. The base is glass. I wish it were black transparent glass but it’s solid in color. Still, looks awesome!

  5. BigDog

    Nice looking, but very difficult to assemble
    First, the product gets 3 stars because, if you can get it assembled, it’s pretty decent looking. Certainly, it lives up to the photographs on the web page. The black glass base is a nice touch and quite attractive. It has an adjustable, U-shaped speaker bracket that allows the speaker to be clamped in place, something that most other universal stands on Amazon don’t seem to have.It gets only 3 stars because assembly is a nightmare. I spent 4-5 hours over a two day period doing what should have taken 30 minutes at most. The problem lies in the support post for each stand, which comes in two pieces that have to be joined together. Joining them involves using a metal tube that is encased in a ribbed rubber sheath. You push/twist this connector halfway into one post then push/twist to join the other post. The problem I encountered is that I couldn’t get the posts to go all the way to the center point of the connector no matter what I tried. I tried pushing, twisting, hitting the connector end with a block of wood and a hammer. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t go the last 1/8″ (3 mm) to the raised midpoint rib.I finally gave up and sent an email to Perlegear support. It appears to be located in China, so as I expected, I didn’t get a response until the next day. Even though my email gave a very detailed explanation of the problem, the canned reply I received asked me to provide details! It also came with a warning from Google that the source of the email could not be verified. So, at that point, I gave up on the idea of support.With a new day (and a feeling that I was on my own), I tackled the job fresh. I modified the connector and with effort (and rough, sore hands) I managed to assemble the two stands after several more hours. The result is as described above, although I will add that the two-piece posts do not feel as rigid as I would like, especially with heavy speakers sitting on them.If you decide to go ahead and order these stands, here is some advice:1. As someone else suggested, do not follow the steps in the instructions. Assemble the two post pieces first and attach the base and thread the wire through the posts afterwards.2. You can attempt to insert the connector per the instructions; maybe it will work for you. However, what I had to do is trim about 3/8 – 1/2 inch (1.0 – 1.3 cm) of the rubber sheath from each end of the connector. That allowed me to get it all the way in (although it still required substantial effort).3. A pair of vise grips (locking pliers) capable of gripping a 1.5 inch (4 cm) pipe come in very handy, especially if you have to pull the connector out to start over. Do not use the grips on the post itself–you’ll ruin the finish. Only use them on the connector.4. Gloves, preferably with a treatment for gripping objects.As a final point, a word to the company: this would be a much better product if the post was a single piece. Yes, it would mean different packaging, but the total post length (33 1/4 inches, 84.5 cm) isn’t unusually long. If it must be two pieces, I would suggest something like a steel connector welded into one piece that’s then inserted into the other piece and secured with a countersunk screw placed on the backside where the wire holes are located.

  6. Miranda

    They’re decent enough…
    I’m kinda torn on these stands. Super easy to assemble and they have a clean look when paired with my Edifier 1280DBs, but I’m a little worried about the stability. First off, I wish the glass bottoms came with the rubber feet already attached. It can make a HUGE difference in stability if they’re slightly uneven when sticking them on yourself. I stuck each one about an inch inward from the edge as per the instruction illustration but I wish I had put them more outward to lessen tipping risk if pressure is put on the edge of the tempered glass (I have pets).Aside from that, the top and bottom tubes connect with sort of a rubber stopper that you just jam between them and then push together, and there’s quite a bit of wobbling from that middle joint. I don’t think I’d use anything bigger than bookshelf speakers on these.Finally, I think the bottom hole that you thread cords through could be a bit bigger. It was QUITE the mission trying to fish the power plug to my speakers out. I couldn’t thread it through the bottom while assembling because it’s hard wired into my speaker.With that said, it took about 30 min to assemble both by myself. I also really liked the adjustable clamps on this model, and the clamping mechanism is sturdy. I have cats so my #1 concern was tipping over and, while I think they’d definitely come down if my cat jumped on top of them, a slight bump won’t send the speaker flying off the top thanks to the clamp. The size of the platform is PERFECT for the Edifiers and I can fit all 4 feet of the speaker on them.I’ll keep this solution for now until I probably upgrade my speakers altogether.

  7. Shane

    Sturdy and well made
    Love the stands.Brackets hold speaker firmly and they look great in my living room

  8. Michael Cassano

    I like these….
    Giving it 4 stars as i haven’t yet received my Klipsch speakers i intend to put on these. But assembly was easy, they seem solid, and the temepered glass on the base was an unexpected but very nice looking feature.

  9. Nathan Perez

    Works fine. Solid buy
    Works great haven’t tipped over once, and I have cats… That knock over everything.I’m not saying they’re super sturdy or anything. They stand on their own fine. But don’t bump in to them. They do the job for me though. And work great 👌

  10. Slides

    Perfect for the Airmotiv B1+ (or any other similar bookshelf speakers) as Front L/R speakers
    Easy to assemble as long as you assemble the rods first and then put them into the vase despite what the instructions say. To the person who said they are difficult to assemble, they either got a defective product or they need to hit the gym. Yes, you need a little strength to push the two rods together, but it’s not that bad at all and they loosen up enough right after to enable you to remove the rods as needed (to pass speaker wire through).Stability is okay for the price. I would go for something more expensive and more stable if you have little kids or pets that might bump into them. But otherwise, if you leave them alone, they should last a long time.

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