Soundcraft Signature 22MTK Analog 22-channel Multi-track Mixer with Onboard Lexicon Effects

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Brand Soundcraft
Number of Channels 22
Item Dimensions LxWxH 24.8 x 29.52 x 8.27 inches
Item Weight 30.9 Pounds
Connectivity Technology USB

  • Iconic Soundcraft Ghost mic preamps with ultra-low noise performance
  • Renowned Soundcraft sapphire British EQ with sweepable mid-bands per channel
  • Dual-engine Lexicon effects for studio grade reverbs, delays, Choruses and Modulations
  • Dbx Limiters (High-ratio Compressors) on input channels
  • Robust metal construction for tour-grade build quality and reliability
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The Soundcraft signature 22MTK incorporate Soundcraft’s iconic Ghost mic preamps, directly drawn from the company top-of-the-line professional consoles, to deliver extraordinary audio quality with high headroom, wide dynamic range and exceptional resolution and clarity with a superb signal to noise Ratio. They employ Soundcraft’s Sapphyre Asymmetric EQ for perfectly equalizing every vocal and instrumental element in a mix with the unmistakable musicality inherent in every Soundcraft console, Plus the GB series audio routing technology famous in thousands of live venues worldwide. it includes a wide variety of built-in Lexicon studio-grade reverb, chorus, modulation and other effects and dbx limiters on the input channels. In addition, the consoles multi-track USB Audio Interface allows any VST/AU/AAX/TDM/RTAS plug-ins to be inserted on any input channel, enabling studio plug-ins to be seamlessly integrated with live performances. Accompanying the consoles are free downloads of the Lexicon mpx-i native plug-in and Ableton Live 9 Lite. the console is designed to deliver pristine recordings. Both have an ultra-low-latency USB interface that flawlessly captures every channel, which can then be mixed or transferred to a DAW for further mix down and production. The consoles offer XLR and switchable Hi-Z inputs that enable guitars, basses and other instruments to be directly connected. the Soundcraft signature 22MTK features smooth, premium-quality faders with GB series audio routing with flexible pre/post switching on each aux, and subgroups with powerful routing and switching options as well as dedicated outputs. the Soundcraft signature 22MTK is built using tour-grade robust metal construction and top-quality components, and includes an internal universal power supply.

From the manufacturer

Soundcraft Signature 22MTK

Soundcraft Professional

Soundcraft is a British designer and importer (formerly a manufacturer) of mixing consoles and other professional audio equipment. It is a subsidiary of Harman International Industries, which is owned by South Samsung Electronics. It was founded by sound engineer Phil Dudderidge and electronics designer Graham Blyth in 1973.

Soundcraft Signature 22MTK

Analog 22-Channel Multi-Track Mixer with Onboard Lexicon Effects

All Soundcraft Signature Series consoles incorporate our iconic Ghost mic preamps and employ Sapphyre Asymmetric EQ to deliver extraordinary, professional audio quality.

  • High-performance 12-input small format analog mixers with onboard effects + Multi-Track capability
  • Iconic Soundcraft Ghost mic preamps with ultra-low noise performance
  • 24-in/22-out ultra-low latency USB playback and recording interface
  • Hi-Pass Filters (low-cut) and 48V Phantom Power on all mic channels
  • Comprehensive Soundcraft GB Series audio routing
  • Smooth premium-quality faders
  • Robust metal construction for tour-grade build quality and reliability
  • Internal universal power supply

Key Features

The Legendary British Sound

From humble beginnings in London more than 40 years ago and still designed and engineered in the UK, Soundcraft defines the term ‘British Sound’ in live sound mixing consoles. Acclaimed Ghost mic preamps and our Sapphyre ‘British’ equalizer ensure the Signature range carries the Soundcraft signature sound today.

Iconic Ghost Mic Preamps

It’s no secret that great sound starts with a great microphone preamp. Inheriting technology from our top-of-the-line professional consoles, our acclaimed Ghost mic preamp delivers stunning audio fidelity, with high headroom, wide dynamic range and superb signal to noise ratio.

Soundcraft Sapphyre British EQ

To get every element sounding great in your mix, from the kick drum to the lead vocal, you need a great EQ. Famed for its musical sound and unmistakable ‘British’ quality, Signature Series mixers feature our highly regarded Sapphyre EQ. Signature 10 & 12 feature a 3-band EQ with sweepable mid.

Switchable Hi-Z instrument Inputs

Eliminate fuss by connecting instruments directly to your mixer. Removing the need for DI boxes or additional hardware, Signature Series mixers make it simple to get a great instrument channel sound using the switchable Hi-Z inputs, optimized for acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses.

Flexible Soundcraft GB Audio Routing

Giving you maximum flexibility, the Signature Series mixers feature comprehensive Soundcraft GB Series audio routing with flexible pre/post switching on each Aux and subgroups with powerful routing and switching options as well as dedicated outputs.

Built Tough for the Long Haul

We understand the importance of reliability. Every night, Soundcraft consoles run the biggest shows in the world. With a robust metal construction and premium-quality components, Signature Series mixers are built to withstand the rigors of extensive use and deliver years of maintenance-free operation.

Easy Playback and Recording via USB

Enabling simple playback and recording, Signature Series mixers are loaded with a 2-channel USB audio interface, ideal for playing music from a computer and capturing a stereo mix of a live performance or rehearsal. Signature Series mixers also include Ableton Live 9 Lite DAW software. MTK models feature multi-channel, ultra-low latency USB audio interface.

Soundcraft Pro Lexicon Effects

Need effects? You’ve got Lexicon. With the Signature Series you don’t just get generic, dull processing algorithms. The Lexicon Effects Engine (Dual Effects Engines on Signature 22 and 22MTK) powers your mix with studio grade Reverbs, Delays, Choruses and Modulations, designed to add a truly professional edge to your productions.

Additional information

Weight 30.9 kg
Dimensions 24.8 × 29.52 × 8.27 cm
Item Weight

30.9 pounds

Product Dimensions

24.8 x 29.52 x 8.27 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number

Signature 22MTK

Date First Available

February 17, 2015

Color Name




Power Source

Corded Electric


110 Volts



10 reviews for Soundcraft Signature 22MTK Analog 22-channel Multi-track Mixer with Onboard Lexicon Effects

  1. JJF

    Good sound; design flaws & fragileThe board is handsome, has a small footprint, is fairly light, and sounds good, has good input pre-amps, as SC boards have been known to for many decades, and the two bands of mid-range eq are great to have. It’s sweet sounding, nicer and less grainy and harsh than a Behringer X32, for example, and the onboard effects are really good to have, and sound good. No need to bring a separate echo/delay unit anymore.However, the cons are two and really significant:1.) The channel input gain ratio makes no sense, and creates a very fragile situation as the gain gets increasingly sensitive as the knob moves clockwise past the 3 o’clock position, and with the gain on any given input going from completely inadequate to WAY too hot and overloaded in the difference between about 4 and 5 o’clock on the knob, less than that actually.The gain sweep knob/pot should have been reversed and become less and less sensitive as it turns clockwise, to allow for fine control of the gain in the usable range, not more sensitive with exponential jumps in gain from the tiniest move once the gain finally gets in the usable range.Makes no sense. Hard to find (and repeat precisely) the sweet spot, and very unforgiving as blown channels can be the result of overshooting the mark, as I learned the hard way (having to send the board in recently for the repair of three input channels and two group channels, all of which failed about the same time after very light use over the course of less than a year). I’ve never seen an analog board with a gain ratio like this, nor one as fragile to input gain.2.) No on/off switch, and the power plug is underneath the unit. One has to stand up or turn over the unit to plug it in. Also dangerous to the board’s electronics, as if there should be a high level input while the board powers up, that could also blow things up.Counter-intuitive gain with delicate circuitry. This is not a hardy board, and these design choices aren’t user-friendly. Would be best used in a fixed location/fixed input (same stuff just left plugged in) situation where the dials could be set and be unlikely to get accidentally moved.I did receive good service from Harman when sending for repair, they picking up the cost of inbound shipping, which they were not obliged to do, and the unit getting repaired at no cost quickly under warranty. Hoping I don’t blow any more channels up, but doubt I’ll be able to avoid it.

  2. Skywalker

    buyer beware of the inconsistent manufacturing quality by HarmanI received the original shipment of my order and tested some of the channels to be very noisy. Basically, all channel except channel-6 have a clearly noticeable internal hess white noise at 0 db with no input connected. Amazon was quick to send me a replacement unit in 2 days. Tested again, all channels except the stereo channel 11/12 and the FX Return channel are very quiet. Those 2 channels still has internal noise, but it’s lower than the previous unit and livable. Given the inconsistent in manufacturing quality, I would accept this unit at face-value, worrying a next replace could be worse. At the very least, my money for the value of the “Iconic Soundcraft Ghost Mic Pre-amps with ultra low noise performance” should be reflected.A few comment on the Soundcraft 12 MTK: overall solid body and materials used are OK, not the “industrial” type feel, more like a SOHO studio type. Some basic features could easily be on it but missing: on/off power switch, Combo XLR jacks for input 1-8 that most other manufacturers offers, instead of 3-pin XLR only, solo buttons (AFL/PFL in Soundcraft notion) should have a light associated, or lit-buttons.Pros: layout and use is extremely intuitive, one can figure out how to use it without looking at the manual at all. The only confusion was the AFL/PFL, simply “solo” would be easier. Of course , those legendary Mic Pre-amps sound really clean with lots of headroom, when you get the right quality of product.An update: noticed the headphones output is weak, and when turn up to max volume, it’s somewhat distorted with weaker base. The unit I returned has much better headphone output, another inconsistency in AKG production quality.

  3. Portia Scott.

    Wow! Barely had it and channel one now hums and the channel is very quiet.First, the pros.1. It is heavy. I had to use both hands to carry it to my desk, lol.2. Even though mic gain with my particular microphones was low in general, sound quality was fantastic!Now, the cons.1. I barely even used the mixer, really. I didn’t even do much, and now channel 1 barely has any gain. What’s more, I hear a hum, when I have the gain up, a. And not only that, this noise, hum, buzzing, whatever, appars in my podcasts. So now, this channel is pretty much useless.As far as value for money? I rated that 4 stars as well, because overall, it could be sturdier. All in all, other than the issues I listed, the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK works fantastic.Oh. And con number 2, which I almsost forgot, is that yes, even though I got this unit used like new, the knobs are very stiff. So just be aware, if you do get one, that everything is in great condition. I love how crystal clear the preamps are overall, however. They are not noisy to me at all, except the channel that I mentioned above, probably due to it dying on me. I also like that it is multitrack, as well. But if you want sturdiness as well as multitrack, I would look for something better.

  4. eric holterhoff

    Great mixing boardThis board is great for home studio. The EQ’s sounds sweet. I would’ve called it perfect if there was insert points so a little work around was needed.

  5. Docdaddy

    Updated: Will be great for musical instruments, but USB output for vocals is too low.I was very happy with this when we first got it: Very clean sound, very good functionality. But the entire reason that we upgraded to this over the Mackie we had previously was the USB output of 12 channels, allowing us to record directly into a DAW on a laptop.We are using this for a podcast, with multiple hosts and occasional call in guests via Skype (thus the need for the Aux out for Mix-Minus.) We had been recording into a digital recorder and then transferring the files into a program on the computer for editing. We use high quality mics and overall good equipment. We bought this so we could use the USB output to directly record on a DAW (basically an editing program) on the computer, with each mic having their own channel. However, as we tried this, we discovered the USB output is VERY low – so low that the maximum output we can get into the computer is about -32db. That’s really too low to be of use.After reading numerous forums, I’m seeing the same complaint by a lot of people, so it’s not just my board. People have said Soundcraft tech support has had no solution to the problem. So we will probably end up selling this and trying to find something else. However, after more research I find that this board is ideal for mixing musical instruments and the USB output is just not designed for a vocal recording (such as a podcast.) The main outs are fine, just not the USB outputs.

  6. Keith Griffin

    This mixer is phenomenal!I’m very early in the ownership of my 22MTK coming in at just 2 months, but here are a few things I like thus far. First I will say that with the 4 Groups and 5 AUX outs (3 if you’re using on-board effects), it makes the routing to outboard gear easy. Another routing plus is that after tracking you can send channels of your DAW into the board, apply EQ processing (2 sweepable mids), and send right back to the DAW on the same channel, and it sounds amazing.Some other nice attributes are: HI-Z inputs for guitar, High Pass filters, dbx limiters, and you can use DAW plug-ins during live play. Also, the on-board Lexicon effects are not too shabby either.The only shortcomings I see with this mixer at this time is that there’s no on/off switch, and there are no inserts at all. I guess during design Soundcraft decided that with being able to use DAW plug-ins such is not needed?Over all, a phenomenal mixer/ interface, and there’s no other like it in its price range!

  7. KBA

    Did not workThis mixer did not work. It was obvious this was originally a return by the way it was packaged -and then resent to me. Possibly the buyer before me could not get it to work – sent it back – then it was sent to me.I asked for an even exchange but amazon refused for whatever reason. Explained all they could to do was refund me. So – I will buy it at another retailer.

  8. Jeffrey Meglio

    Great sounding mixer, but?Great sounding mixer and effects, but call me old school, it is missing:: insert points on each channel, on off switch, power cord, and a hard copy manual.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Number one in its rangeVery very happy with this machine , it s even better than expected … i work in sound engineering since more than 20 years , and it s the best prosumer product i saw since the Akai DPS 16 …Very nice preamps equa and routing , very usable effects even if i dont use them , very good converters for the price , nice and easy workflow , direct recognized by a OS 10.7.5 mac … i can record and play many tracks at once with only 4 gb of ram on a mac book pro from 2012 !!! and the latency is much shorter than on an mbox pro , without any setting yet … so i think this Signature 22 mtk is a really nice gear !!!! Thanks a lot to the developper team from SOUNDCRAFT , They ve done a very great great job

  10. Amazon Customer

    No Support from Soundcraft. Power Supply will failBroke down after 2 1/2 years. No Support from Soundcraft.This seems to be a common problem with this model

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