rolls Stereo Direct Interface (DB24)

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rolls Stereo Direct Interface (DB24)

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Weight 476.27 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 12.7 cm
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‎476 g

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‎12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm; 476.27 Grams

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‎DVD Player





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24 November 2014



10 reviews for rolls Stereo Direct Interface (DB24)

  1. Ian Shaw

    Highly versatile problem solver
    This is a nice totally passive DI solution. While intended primarily for unbalanced source to balanced output applications, I’ve had no problems using it reversed to feed balanced mic signals (with long cords) into unbalanced AV inputs. The useful variety of unbalanced connectors provided on the unit minimizes the need for other unwieldy in-line adapters. Theses units are reasonably ‘color free’ and non-noisy. About the only issue I have encountered at all with this design is purely cosmetic. Some of the lettering on some of my boxes seems to chip off fairly easily.

  2. JeffLearman

    Perfect for gigging stereo keyboards esp if you already have a separate monitor feed. RMAA specs.
    Sue me but I love stereo. I take a lot of care getting my keyboards to sound as good as possible, and I want to be sure that I’m delivering that quality signal to the mixer at gigs. This inexpensive item does the job perfectly.I tested it using Rightmark Audio Analyzer (RMAA) and here are the resulting specifications (tested using a Focusrite 3rd gen 2i2, and subtracting the 2i2). The pad was set at the minimum 20dB level.Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB: +0.08, -0.03 ExcellentNoise level, dB (A) -105.6 ExcellentDynamic range, dB (A) 105.6 ExcellentTHD, % 0.00434 Very goodTHD + Noise, dB (A) -84.7 GoodIMD + Noise, % 0.00503 ExcellentStereo crosstalk, dB -88.2 ExcellentIMD at 10 kHz, % 0.00787 ExcellentThe above only shows frequency response from 40Hz to 15KHz, but the graph shows +/- 0.1dB from 20 to 20K. It does NOT roll off at 15 KHz as stated in one review. The biggest weakness above is THD+noise, rated as “good” but that’s “good for an audio interface”. It’s really very good for a direct box, and for live use or even recording you’ll never hear the difference. You’d need expensive Jensen transformers to improve on it, and golden ears to hear any difference (if at all.)This is a great bit of kit to keep in your gig bag because venues often don’t have enough direct boxes, plus you know it’ll be a good one.This box is the best device is your setup has separate monitor feeds, or if you’re OK with 1/8″ or RCA monitor feeds (which in general I would avoid for live use but would probably be fine for DJ.) If you have powered speakers with “thru” XLR jacks, you could send to those and connect this to the THRU jacks, but that’s not the most convenient cabling.

  3. mr_sauce

    Rolls does what the top-of-the-line stereo DIs can do for half the cost.
    I got this because my board would ONLY accept mono inputs on the main channels (1-8), and my band needed stereo input from the DI whenever we would audition new songs from a laptop or phone. Our previous DI may have been sending unbalanced stereo to the board, but the board wouldn’t output stereo. We only got the left channel, so we were missing out on the right channel. Not so after getting this DI! It feels very solid and does exactly what was needed. Best of all, it can take 1/8″ TRS so I don’t have to use a Y cable to split the signal into 2xTS before the DI. Just be sure to pan the resultant two input channels fully left and fully right to hear the true stereo separation.

  4. Kamel

    This DI box is great. It works for a number of things, and the POT style attenuators per channel really make getting just the right levels a breeze. Audio doesn’t seem to be modified EQ-wise when using this unit, and there are mono and ground lift options of course.I use this unit in conjunction with my Zoom H4N in order to record line-level (without it, the levels are way too high). If you’re wanting to do the same, put the microphone level on the zoom to 1, then use the 2 knobs on this guy to set your levels, works great!I also have used this to run the sound out of a PC to the soundboard, and it worked great in that application too.It’s very solid, and extremely well constructed. I couldn’t think of anything more I would expect out of this unit. It was a bit expensive, but a good DI box is expensive even if not stereo.

  5. Donald Berube

    Swiss Army Knife versatility – VERY satisfied
    I use this box for so many different things it has paid for itself many times. I use the 1/8″ stereo mini-plug input for consumer-grade devices (headphone outputs) and like how it has adjustable gain control for each channel. I have even used it for two separate audio channels (two separate mono sources). This is the only stereo DI that I know of that has a stereo mini-plug input, stereo RCA inputs and 1/4″ stereo inputs all in one box. It is robust and well constructed. Very satisfied and highly recommended!

  6. John H.

    This goes everywhere with me
    Super happy with this. When A/Bed against a radial I felt this developed a warmer tone and provide a more accurate freq response. I’d buy this again.

  7. Robert J.

    Value and all the necessary functions. Great Buy.
    So far this has been a great investment. I generally use this with my Roland Fantom, and it does a great job at converting the signal to something a little more “recording volume” friendly. This also works great with Bass Guitar. Volume control through gain knobs. 1/8″ aux, RCA, and 1/4″, all to XLR. Mono and Stereo modes. Built in Ground Lift. Passive power (don’t have to use another one of your precious power outlets). I’ve read that people use it for professional DJ setups, etc. but my experience is only in the recording studio. Great price, built like a tank, all the connections you’d need, and a simple design to bring it all together.

  8. N Venti

    Versatile, solid construction, great value
    Very happy with this so far. Sounds great (as in, you can’t even tell it’s there). Lots of options. Seems to be very solid construction and build quality. Only thing it seems to be missing is a 1/4” Thru for using it as an instrument DI, but in Mono mode both L & R XLR outs are passing signal, so I suppose in a pinch, with the right adapters or an amp that takes XLR, you could make it work for instruments and send signal to the board.

  9. VL Chip Meador

    Glad this also has Audio HiFi inputs
    The original cable, 3.5 mm to 1/4′ Y-split, did not work, e.g. the left side was dead.Scrounged my miscellaneous audio cabled and found 3.5 mm to HiFi audio Y-split cable that met my needs.So glad this device has 1/4′, HiFi audio AND 3.5 mm inputs.

  10. tp

    Rolls Audio rocks
    This little bugger saved my project. It’s really tough to find a quality DI at this price range. Just kidding–it’s impossible! But then here comes the DB24! No poor-quality active electronics dumping noise on my precious signal. Good quality transformer and a ground lift built in! And it’s TWO channels. And the construction is all business in a metal chassis.

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