Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

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Brand Rode
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Supported Software RØDE software
Connectivity Technology USB
Number of Channels 4

  • Integrated Podcast Production Studio with 4 Class A Mic Preamps
  • 8 Programmable Pads
  • Bluetooth – Mac/PC
  • USB to Host
  • 8 Faders
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The RODECaster Pro is designed to simplify podcast production whilst delivering superb audio quality. It supports up to four presenters, as well as offering easy connection to phone, USB and Bluetooth sources. Eight programmable pads offer instant playback of sound effects and jingles. Podcasts can be recorded directly to microSD card, or to a computer via USB. Ease of use is assured, with intuitive controls and large full-color touch screen.

From the manufacturer

RØDECaster Pro

RØDECaster Pro

The RØDECaster Pro is the perfect all-in-one podcasting solution for beginners and professionals alike. It has four studio-quality microphone inputs and four headphone outputs for you and your guests. Setting up takes second, with an easy-to-use touchscreen, automatic settings, and one-touch recording, so you can start making professional podcasts right out of the box.

RØDECaster Pro

Add personality and flair to your podcasts with sound effects, music, jingles and more using the RØDECaster Pro’s fully programmable sound pads. There are 8 large pads accessible on the console with 8 banks available – 64 sounds in total!

RØDECaster Pro

Broadcast-Pure Audio – Class A mic preamps, Headphone monitoring, Powerful onboard audio processing, compressor, noise gate, HPF, APHEX Aural Exciter, Big Bottom

RØDECaster Pro

You don’t need to be an audio expert to record incredible audio with the RØDECaster Pro! The high-quality ‘Class A’ preamps, easy-to-use voice and microphone presets and powerful one-click audio processing will have you sounding like a seasoned professional in no time.

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 5 cm
Item Weight

4.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

17 x 14 x 5 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number

RØDECaster Pro

Date First Available

February 11, 2019

Color Name


Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Supported Software

RØDE software

RAM Size

512 GB



10 reviews for Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

  1. Jared Dryer

    Best soundboard for podcasting!!I am a professional podcaster (A Dryer Dose of Disney) and I use this rodecaster pro for my mixing. I love it!! Super easy to use and sound quality is great! I’ve even started my own company consulting and helping others with their podcasts using my rodecaster. It’s an essential product if you want to sound professional. Just listen to my podcasts to see how it sounds!

  2. Porterhouse

    Great Value Great UnitUse it nearly every day at home and at work. Easy set up and amazing sound.

  3. dotjenna

    Great Product!Great for podcasts. I now have a studio in my house.

  4. R. Cronise

    I wanted it to be a one stop solution and it has that potential. (UPDATE 4-15-20)I had high hopes for the the RODECaster Pro. It seemed like the Tricaster of audio. What I love: multi track w/polyewav files, one button Bluetooth, presets, USB in/out w/mixminus, 4x headphone amplifier, onboard SD record, soundFX banks…And while it clearly has the onboard ability to process audio, it falls short on a critical function that would take it to the next level: EQ. I assume in an attempt to make it very user friendly, deep, medium, high voice or soft, medium, strong tone/strength settings are a good first start, but not having the basic three frequency (12kHz, 2.5kHz, 80Hz), even as an advanced menu, is disappointing. They have such a beautiful touch screen to implement it on.I don’t use a rode mic (had an existing supply of heil PR40s that sound phenomenal with a mackie mixer) and so I’ll be forced to address it in post. Most might do that anyway, but this could be a great on the run solution and good enough with some simple advanced tweaks. I’d like to try a Rode mic at some point as I assume their presets are fine tuned. I suspect the voice strength relates to initial level or perhaps noise gate, but not sure. The noise gate is a little harsh, but I can understand why they don’t have a release setting. I hope they add it.Would I recommend getting this? Yes. I think it has an amazing potential and I’m not sure why this feature set isn’t built into more entry level mixers. They nailed it and sold me. I just need to figure out how to navigate the mic and it may mean more time in Logic/post, which I hoped I could skip most of the time. As budget and time allows, I may test with Rode microphone and report an update and give more stars. I’m hoping some of these features are added the way they added multitrack before I purchased. It was the higher priority and at least gives a workaround.UPDATE: 4-15-20 – 5 starsAfter 7 months using the Rodecaster Pro I am updating to 5 stars with the release of Version 2.1 Public Beta. We have produced 26 episodes of Science and Saucery podcast now along with many other audio programs and I kept an open mind the entire time. It’s really been easy to use and post processing in logic has be easy once the show template project was tweaked and finished. We’ve used all the channels and from phone integration to multitrack input, this thing has been a workhorse with no downtime.After just an hour on the new software, which addressed all the issues I had by adding controls for the onboard compressor, noise gate, de-esser, aphex processors (aural exciter/Big bottom), and low pass filter. They also added reverb, which I don’t need, but perhaps they will continue to add other audio features in the future. The new dBFS with peak hold monitors are also really nice. There is an overdub mode for existing recordings, but this isn’t something I need. I expect some will like it. The record now allows select pre/post fader record. I wish it would record both of these at the same time as all my workflow is set up for pre fader record.Hope to update again after some solid working time. It’s beta, so I expect some bugs, but I am willing to accept that and extremely happy that Rode has continued to improve this product.

  5. Ken Everson

    The best in the biz!With the latest software updates, this little device is a POWERHOUSE. Pro sound and ultra portable. Great little money maker for podcast producers and engineers.

  6. Ol Skool

    Great product!I love the quality and features of the RODE. I use it for my internet radio station WJVS and suggest it for anyone looking for a mixer/podcaster all in one. I also use RODE mics but it works just fine with other brands I tried. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Loving the RODECaster Pro!Over the years I’ve purchased a few mixing boards, which have all either stopped working, shorted out or added noise to my system no matter how many noice gates and etc., I’ve added. But, the RODECaster is my new best friend! It has made my recordings so much better and convenient that I only wish it was available several years ago! Setup is fairly simple, even if you’re not technical. Support is great and the tools available continue to grow. I have my macPro connected for video production and audio capturing on the USB channel, an iPad pro for conference line listeners, my live callers on the noice cancelling phone channel, and my iPhone hooked up to the Bluetooth channel for playing live music. A Heil PR-40 mic on channel 1, Sure SM58 on channel 2, Sony headphones on headphone out 1 & 2. The single press to record is fantastic and produces flawless recordings on the microSD, which is an easy download to the macPro using the RODECaster Pro desktop interface. This is a little beast! If you want to decrease your audio ad spend and improve your audio quality I highly suggest you get this device. It will save you time, trouble and $$! Thanks RODE! You’ve done it again with another great device. Keep it coming.

  8. Antuan Lobley

    Great, but….I never used this product, but I’ve hear nothing but good things about it. My reason for returning it was I found out that they had a newer version of this out, so I purchased that and it’s great.

  9. Charles Hyatt

    Really well made.The RodeCaster Pro is set above anything else I have seen on the market. I can’t seem to get enough I’m of it. Whether it’s the fact that the sample squares are never ending or the smooth integration of Bluetooth or the easy usb interface, everything about this product is clean, seamless and works better than I expected. Other than firmware updates, I can’t see how they can improve on this product.

  10. Eduardo Munoz

    Great productI have used this for a month now and it is great for what I need.

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